Petersen's Hunting December/January 2018-19

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the end is just the beginning

THE CLOCK is ticking on the 2018 hunting season, with just a few weeks, or maybe even days, remaining for some readers. Others are lucky enough to have a month or more before it’s time to clean guns, organize gear, and dream of Opening Day 2019. As long and painful as the off-season wait seemed to be, hunting season has flown by. But it’s not over yet. To help you get the most from the end of the year, we’ve packed this issue full of tips focused on pulling out a win in the fourth-quarter of the year. Whether you’ve still got a deer license in your pocket or are looking to find that late-season bull of your dreams, our staff of hunters has compiled a winning playbook to help you…

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roaring back

In June of 2018, three Land Cruisers rushed through the sand forest of Mozambique at a rapid clip. I was in the back of the second Cruiser, bracing myself against the side rails, when the vehicle hit a low spot in the two-track road and very nearly threw me facedown into the bed. I managed to stay upright, and that was a good thing. Two lionesses were sleeping at my feet. Our frantic rush through the forests with the lions was the final step in an ambitious relocation project that had taken five years to complete. It was the largest international wild lion transfer in Africa’s history and involved bringing 24 free-ranging adult cats from game reserves in South Africa to two million acres of the most intact wild country in…

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bullet board

BULLET BASICS Of cutting-edge design, this bullet features an aggressive boattail and long, fine-entry nose to maximize aerodynamics. A heat-resistant composite tip shrugs off BC-degrading, in-flight erosion. Thin at the nose to enable dramatic, immediate expansion, the jacket is thicker at the rear to arrest expansion. Hornady’s trademark InterLock ring helps mechanically lock the alloy lead core into the copper jacket. TESTING GROUND Known for excellent accuracy and fast, dramatic kills, the ELD-X has a reputation for bullet/jacket separation, which is concerning to some hunters. However, separation almost always occurs after the bullet comes to rest against the offside hide, making it a non-issue.The expanded bullet pictured was recovered from a giant free-range nyala bull hunted with Crusader Safaris in South Africa. FIELD PERFORMANCE Nothing stress-tests a bullet like a close-range impact on a heavy-boned…

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rack • room

WHERE: Ontario WHEN: October 2017 RIFLE: Remington Model 7600 HUNTER: Mike Cook That’s thanks almost entirely to Haldane’s efforts, which focused on habitat restoration, anti-poaching efforts, limited hunting, and supporting villagers. He spent a great deal of personal money on the recovery projects. As hunters returned to the area, the income they generated provided funding for him to hire local people, and today more than 90 full-time and 50 seasonal workers receive income from his company: Zambeze Delta Safaris. In the 1990s, Haldane pieced together a small anti-poaching team that has since become a formidable anti-poaching task force everywhere on the continent. A fast-reaction team uses motorcycles to quickly apprehend criminals, and a Robinson helicopter, funded by the Dallas Safari Club, now patrols the area daily looking for signs of illegal hunting. Haldane also provides meat…

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cartridge corner

HISTORY When introduced in 1925, the .300 Holland & Holland was the only factory magnum .30 in existence, and many early rifles were simply stamped “30 Magnum.” Holland & Holland dubbed the cartridge the “Super-Thirty.” Ben Comfort won Camp Perrys prestigious 1,000-yard Wimbledon Cup with it during the 1935 National Matches, and for almost 40 years—until the 1963 introduction of the .300 Win. Mag.—the cartridge reigned as the preeminent magnum. Made somewhat obsolete today by its long, shallow shoulder (designed to provide reliable, easy extraction in tropical climes) and belted case, the .300 H&H lives on among sportsmen with a taste for panache. APPLICATION Like any other powerful 30-caliber magnum, with the appropriate bullet choice the .300 H&H is suitable for any North American big game and is an outstanding option for plains…

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bound for adventur

The GOAL ZERO Venture 30 Power Bank + Nomad 7 Solar Kit keeps you at full charge when you’re off the grid. The Venture 30 has two high-speed USB ports and one Micro-USB cable to power your GPS, headlamp, phone, and other electronics. The rugged weatherproof design lets users focus on the hunt rather than unexpected rainstorms, and at 8.8 ounces it doesn’t weigh down your pack. When low on juice, plug the Venture 30 into the foldable Nomad 7 Solar Panel and set it in a sunny spot to charge. $180; The KLYMIT 0° Sleeping Bag was designed for warmth in extreme conditions and comfort even if you’re shorter than the Average Joe. Stuffed with 650 fill power white duck down, the KSB doesn’t sacrifice weight for warmth. Flexible…