Petersen's Hunting April/May 2019

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remembering dwight schuh

Fresh out of college and on my first job as a catalog copywriter, I borrowed a copy of Hunting Open-Country Mule Deer from the Cabela’s sample room for “research purposes.” That was more than 20 years ago, and the statute of limitations has long run out, so I can admit I still have Dwight Schuh’s seminal hunting bible on my bookshelf. It’s now dog-eared and well-worn from years of use, and each fall I flip through it to hone my skills against one of my favorite big-game animals: those big mule-eared bucks that spend their days slipping through the prairies around my home. A few months after first reading Schuh’s wisdom, I bought a bow and shot arrows at a haybale for hours and hours, all while visualizing a big muley…

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ticked off!

Like most hunters who spend time in the spring woods, Jack Boyd never gave much thought to the ticks embedded in his skin at the end of the day. They were just part of the hunt. Boyd pulled them out, flushed them down the sink, and went about his day. That changed in 2014. A college student at the time, Boyd threw a steak on the grill one evening as he studied for exams. A few hours later, he awoke to some of the most intense itching he had ever experienced. “It started in my scalp,” he recalled. “Then it worked its way down my body. I got a rash all along my major veins and arteries, all the way down to my feet and hands. It felt like a severe sunburn…

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bullet board

BULLET BASICS Designed to provide best-in-class controlled expansion coupled with deep penetration on massive-boned dangerous game, the TBBC is built with an indestructible solid copper rear half and a lead frontal core firmly bonded to a heavy tapered jacket. Engineered to reliably kill heavy-bodied game with bad attitudes and gnarly teeth, tusks, horns, or claws, it’s not a streamlined bullet, nor is it elegantly accurate. Close shots are the rule when hunting dangerous game, and those characteristics fall subordinate to bullet toughness and reliability. TESTING GROUND Custom gunsmith Joe Smithson used the bullet pictured to kill a western savannah buffalo in Cameroon. Exiting the muzzle of his .416 Rigby at an estimated muzzle velocity of 2,300 fps, it struck the slightly quartering buffalo at 70 yards, taking out both lungs. FIELD PERFORMANCE Impacting at an…

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My friend—let’s call him “Justin Schaaf ” —isn’t a radical, but every hunting season he contemplates commiting civil disobedience. He longs to get ticketed for trespassing in order to test what he considers one of the central injustices of the West. Legion of sportsmen cannot access hundreds of thousands of acres of public land due to both history and geometry. By platting private and public land in a checkerboard pattern, states hoped to attract industry and settlement. The private land could be homesteaded, founders reasoned, but the other would be used for public purposes, such as railroad rights-of-way or funding schools through leases or logging. These public sections reverted back to the Bureau of Land Management or state school administrators but ever since statehood have been only accessed through adjacent private…

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plotting for success

The SHADOW MICRO CAM may be small, but it delivers big time with 16-megapixel images and 720p video. High-intensity LEDs automatically adjust to the ambient lighting for picture-perfect captures day or night. Quick, half-second trigger time catches cruising bucks in the act. And don’t forget the cool magnetic ball mount for quick and easy placement exactly where you want it. $100; To flip the adage: You’ve got to sow what you intend to reap. And the ATV SPREADER from Moose Utility makes quick work of the biggest food plots. Under the oversized hopper, a six-blade stainless-steel fan throws seed from 5 to 45 feet, for a cast as narrow or wide as you might need. Its quiet, 12-volt motor has variable speed adjustment to broadcast seed and fertilizer at the…

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paloma paraíso

THERE ARE MANY options when it comes to wingshooting in Argentina, but few offer the entire experience at the level Guayascate operates. From the moment of arrival, guests immediately realize they’re in for an extraordinary trip. The Argentinian resort rises from the surrounding hills studded with mesquite and ceibo trees as a quiet oasis with an understated focus of energy that ensures wingshooters have the type of experience rarely associated with a hunting lodge. Everything is executed with style, from the accommodating staff to the luxurious rooms to the stunning evening meals. The first-class service begins at Guayascate’s entrance, where experienced and friendly hosts await to shuttle hunters to the nearby fields just a few minutes away. Cordoba province is the epicenter of Argentina’s dove population. Millions of birds nest in…