Petersen's Hunting September 2019

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if you’re happy and you know it

LIKE MOST solid, hard-working, middle-class Americans, my family rarely showed their emotions. And we certainly didn’t talk about them. Ever. That makes writing this column all the more difficult. But, as a hunter, I certainly go through a wide range of emotions when I kill an animal. I bet you are the same. In milliseconds after the trigger is pulled, my meter swings from relief to happiness to sadness (but never remorse) to elation. And, of course, every situation is unique, and so are the emotions that accompany it. A good example is the mule deer I killed last fall while filming an episode of Petersen’s Hunting Adventures (which I wrote about in last month’s issue). The video camera did a good job of capturing my relief after I realized I…

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the unforgiven

Damn right I was happy. I was downright ecstatic, and the photos showed it. My buddy Mike and I left our spike camp a full hour before sunup, stumbled behind our headlamps through a boulder field up to a low pass and dropped into a hidden basin where we had glassed a pair of heavy mule deer two days earlier from 3,000 feet lower down the mountain. When the sun came up, we dissected east-facing slopes with our binoculars until I found one: a tall, deeply-forked buck with a couple main-beam stickers, bedded on the edge of a stringer of subalpine fir. It took the rest of the day to work in on him, being mindful of capricious winds and stalk-blowing exposures, before I killed him with a good shot. It took another…

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cartridge corner

HISTORY Introduced in 1877 as the .45-90 Sharps, this fine cartridge eventually became better known as a coveted chambering in Winchester’s legendary Model 1886 rifles. Its parent case is the same as the .45-70, but it’s almost a quarter-inch longer. It also fires the same projectiles as the .45-70, but courtesy of the greater internal capacity, it safely pushes them about 200 fps faster. Winchester is currently offering modern iterations of the Model 1886—replete with crescent steel buttplate and 24-inch barrel—chambered in .45-90. Retail is $1,340—and these rifles tend to shoot very well. (I have one.) Brass is available in any quantity from Starline, and reloading dies are available from Lyman. Plus, in a pinch, .45-70 jacketed-bullet ammo is perfectly safe to fire in a .45-90 chamber. APPLICATION Anything that the .45-70 Gov’t…

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after crowing, grousing over a sentinel bird’s management

There is no data to confirm this, but sales of champagne—or maybe top-shelf bourbon—spiked in western states in September 2015 as conservationists toasted a historic agreement that imposed widespread restrictions on activities across sage grouse habitat from Mount Rushmore to the Grand Coulee Dam. There was good reason to cheer. The agreement was the result of an unprecedented collaboration between conservationists, energy companies, state biologists, and federal land managers. It established baseline acreage for sagebrush habitat, curtailed surface activity in core sage grouse areas, and allowed a certain amount of activity in exchange for mitigating impacts elsewhere. Traditional adversaries don’t usually negotiate settlements like this without a motivating threat. In this instance, the threat was the 2010 decision by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) to nominate the sage grouse for…

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door to door

Long the preferred choice of European hunters, MEINDL boots are now available again in the United States. Inside the durable leather uppers of the Comfort Fit Hunters are cork footbeds that mold to your feet for custom-like comfort and fit. Lined with Gore-Tex for waterproof protection and 400-gram Primaloft Gold insulation for all-season warmth. Exclusive Vibram Multigrip outsoles deliver solid grip. $300; Built on the KIFARU’S reputation for versatility and performance, the 44 Mag pack features a big, clamshell opening to access the massive interior, spotter-sized side pockets, as well as multiple lid and interior pockets. Customizable with plenty of add-on pocket options. Total capacity creeps up to 4,400 cubic inches, enough for a week in the woods. Pair it with one of Kifaru’s comfortable suspensions systems . $284; As one of…

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grinding it out

TO KICK OFF turkey season, our deer hunting buddies gather in early spring, while there’s still a nip in the air, to make brats, sausage, and meat sticks, while drinking Busch Light from a can. Everyone has their job: The Butcher, The Stuffer, The Smoker—all with half-ass competency. Thankfully, we no longer have to use our father’s hand-crank grinders to process the pile of venison—there are kick-ass electric grinders to simplify the process. Only problem is they are too fast, so we barely make it through a six-pack anymore. WESTON PRO SERIES #12 A grinder that chews up meat as fast as you can feed it, the Pro Series #12 took care of 30 pounds of venison in minutes with the 7mm blade. It was the quietest of all the models, and…