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again, half as long

THE MOVIE A River Runs Through It, which came out while I was an English undergrad at the University of Nebraska, exerted a strong influence on me. No, I didn’t buy a flyrod and move to Montana (though sometimes I wish I had). It wasn’t the epic scenes of fish rising to elegantly presented flies on beautifully lit rivers that struck me. Instead, it was a scene about writing that really hit home. Early in the movie, adolescent Norman Maclean struggles through the “School of the Reverend Maclean,” while learning to “write the American language.” Maybe it was my Scots-Irish upbringing, but I fully understood the idea that the “art of writing lay in thrift.” Young Norman is visibly dispirited when Reverend Maclean hands back his writing with the instruction, “Again, half…

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they don’t shoot horses, do they?

Dan Harrison has seen it more times than he cares to detail. “A family moves out to the country, buys a place with some acres, and decides they need a horse” said Harrison. “Now, I agree with that. Everybody needs a horse” Harrison speaks with an easy drawl and wears a felt cowboy hat, except in the hottest months, when he switches to a straw lid. “But horses are expensive. Hell, hay is expensive. It costs $18 a square bale by the time it gets to the local feedstore. When these folks realize they can’t afford to feed a horse, they’re in a bind. They can’t sell it for anywhere near what they bought it for, so they turn it loose because they don’t know what else to do” Harrison, who lives…

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bullet board

BULLET BASICS Norma’s Bondstrike bullet is Europe’s first step into the world of long-range hunting projectiles. Designed with a composite tip, a boattail, and sleek profile, it’s engineered for maximum aerodynamics. The 180-grain, .30 caliber boasts an outstanding G1 ballistic coefficient of 0.615. A lead core is bonded to a beautifully formed jacket, which tapers thin at the nose to enable expansion even at low-impact velocities to thick at the base to keep the bullet together during close, high-velocity impacts. TESTING GROUND Tim Brandt used Bondstrike in his .300 Win. Mag. for an aoudad hunt in Texas. These wild sheep are known for toughness and provide a challenging test for a bullet. FIELD PERFORMANCE Brandt shot a big ram at 32 yards, anchoring it in its tracks. The bullet impacted at an estimated speed of 3,000…

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cartridge corner

HISTORY Introduced in 2008, the .416 Ruger was designed to perform akin to that of the bigger-cased, longer .416 Rigby and .416 Remington Mag, yet fit into .30-06-length rifle actions. Utilizing the non-belted .375 Ruger as its parent case, it is the most efficient .416-caliber big-bore. Since the cartridge case’s body is as big in diameter as the belt on traditional magnums, it has greater internal capacity than a similar-length belted version. APPLICATION Only Hornady loads factory ammo, offering a 400-grain DGX (Dangerous Game eXpanding) bonded-core bullet and a like-weight DGS (Dangerous Game Solid). The softnose is suited for use on big, thin-skinned game, from giant northern bears to Cape buffalo, and the solid works wonderfully on pachyderms and for follow-up shots on buffalo, hippo, and the like when full-length stem-to-stern penetration may…

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moving on

Americans are used to thinking of parcels of property as two-dimensional blocks. We have carved landscapes into counties, townships, sections, and acres, and especially in the West, our public lands conform to the same rectangular geometry. But a growing field of research indicates that, at least to the wildlife we love to hunt, land might be better described in the shape of snaking lines or, at least, irregular polygons. The research is looking at big-game migrations, and early results indicate that when it comes to routes that best benefit migrating wildlife, we should be thinking of landscapes in at least two additional dimensions, adding elevation and time to our squarish view of the map. Big-game migrations are getting a lot of attention lately, thanks in part to technology. The ability of biologists…

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skin in the game

In the backcountry, you want a knife that can field dress an elk as easily as cut a length of rope, which is why fixed blades like the Damascus Skinner from BEAR & SON are so beneficial. Replaceable blades are fine for a few specialized tasks, but they aren’t as versatile, and Lord help you if that old folder Grandpa gave you loses its edge at spike camp. The India Stag Bone handle leads into a 2 3/8-inch blade that fits into a leather sheath. The knife is backed by a lifetime warranty. $208; Riflelike accuracy from a muzzleloader at 300 yards and beyond? That’s what the CVA Paramount was built for. And although you may never have to take a shot that long, this bolt gun (coupled with plenty…