Petersen's Hunting April/May 2020

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the off season

I’M WRITING this on February 1. Traditional big-game seasons have long since ended here in Nebraska. The last day of duck season was a week ago. Pheasant season closed yesterday. There are just a few days of dark goose remaining. And then it’s all over until next fall. I’ve cleaned my guns, swabbed their bores, wiped the barrels down with an oily rag, and stashed them away in the safe. Camouflage clothing has all been washed and hung. Even my lucky hunting pants, which don’t see soap suds until the end of the year, are folded and put away. Time to reflect on the tags punched and tags eaten over the last few months and start making plans for September. Oh, I may still pick away at a coyote, but…

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money changes everything

Times were a little different 30 years ago. Whitetails numbers were exploding, dedicated hunters could still find a few coveys of quail, and permission to hunt both was as simple as knocking on a farmhouse door. Not anymore. The quail are mostly gone, and permission to hunt those deer requires more than a polite request. It takes a wad of cash. Once the domain of Texas, paying landowners for exclusive hunting rights is now common throughout the country. Virtually every tract of corporate forest in the Southeast is under some sort of lease. A growing number of duck marshes, deer woods, and pheasant fields are open only to those willing to fork over hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Leasing is big business. But is it playing a role in the slow,…

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bullet board

BULLET BASICS Featuring a soft lead core bonded into a robust, tapered jacket, the InterBond provides dramatic expansion on impact yet maintains much of its weight. The hard-walloping bullet has better-than-average penetration. A polymer tip and boattail design aid aerodynamics, maximizing retained velocity downrange, which in turn delivers maximum energy on impact and minimizes wind drift. TESTING GROUND A friend and I used the 129-grain 6.5mm version, handloaded to 3,030 fps, in my Ruger M77 Hawkeye Africa 6.5x55, to take eight African plains game animals in Mozambique while hunting with Zambezi Delta Safaris. Sizes ranged from 100-pound warthogs up to a 500-pound sable. FIELD PERFORMANCE The bullet shown was used to take a big sable bull from about 240 yards. Impacting just behind the shoulder, it passed through some 20 inches of rib bone, muscle, and…

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cartridge corner

HISTORY Introduced to market in 2017, this powerhouse was engineered to outperform all other popular .338-caliber cartridges and to fit into a standard (.30-06) length action. Like its 26-, 28-, and 30-caliber siblings, it utilizes the .404 Jeffery as its parent case. Although relatively young, it’s gained a stellar reputation among those that have used it and is a personal favorite of John Nosler. Maximum overall length is SAAMIspec’d at 3.340 inches, so it’s an easy adoption into existing standard-length bolt actions with magnum-size boltfaces and feed rails. Of course, Nosler offers its own premium-quality bolt actions factory-chambered for the 33 Nosler. APPLICATION Particularly well suited for heavy-bodied ungulates, such as elk and moose, the 33 Nosler is adequate for all North American game, including big coastal brown bears, assuming correct bullet selection.…

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mapping public-land impacts

YOU HEAR it all the time from the preservationists: We must protect wide swaths of the Western United States lest they become riddled with oil wells, stitched by roads and pipelines, and raped by roughnecks. “Unbridled development” is a favorite bogeyman of environmental groups that would rather see public land in the West managed for pronghorn antelope than antediluvian shale. On the other side of the multiple-use divide, advocates for the industrialization of our public lands claim that actually developing energy resources permitted by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the U.S. Forest Service are so procedurally fraught that it’s easier to negotiate health-care insurance than to drill on public land. So which is it? Trout Unlimited (TU) doesn’t exactly have the answer, but the conservation group does have one of the…

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to the point the editors

Ravin debuted a family of new BROADHEADS at this year’s Archery Trade Show, giving x-bow hunters three new choices—aluminum, steel, or titanium—when tipping their bolts for the season. The rear-deploying design with an internal spring clip offers no-fail dependability. These broadheads won’t open during flight, even at Ravin’s blistering speeds over 450 fps, yet still deploy instantly upon contact with a full two-inch cutting diameter. All three models are available in 100-grain weight. Packed per three. $55–$85; With all the advancements in manufacturing lately, you wouldn’t think companies could make arrows any more consistent. Well, Easton has with its new ultralight 6.5 MATRIX, which employs a seamless design through the Acu-Carbon construction process for exact spine and weight consistency from arrow to arrow. Inserts measure 6.5mm, beefing up impact strength…