Petersen's Hunting August 2020

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bringing new lambs into the fold

I THINK about hunting a lot. Of course, it is my job. But this summer, I’ve been even more obsessed than normal, spending inordinate amounts of time daydreaming about the coming season. I suppose that’s understandable. Like a lot of hunters, my spring hunting season wasn’t what I had planned. While I did get out a few times for turkey season close to home, several hunting trips were canceled, for obvious reasons. That’s probably why the past few months have found me rereading old hunting books, thumbing through past issues of this magazine and other outdoor magazines, and spending a lot of time living vicariously through hunters who were lucky enough to have bear tags in their pockets this past spring and shared their successes and failures on social media. I’ve…

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valo camouflage

Valo Is Versatile. It’s effective across a variety of terrain and vegetation after seasonal changes or frost burn. Featuring, a complex color palette, Valo takes on the colors of its surroundings, and works at both, long and short range distances. Valo Is Subtle. It’s composed of lighter, low-contrast earth tones with a minimal amount of black. Its subtle tones conceal a hunter’s movements, blending in and adapting while hunting in dormant, uniformed, and muted environments. It’s KUIU. Valo’s large macro pattern with micro details share the same human outline disruption qualities as Verde and Vias. Hunters now have three camouflage options optimized for any distance, environment or season.…

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first blood

I enjoyed the article “First Blood,” written by Jodi Semler, in the June-July issue. I have been hunting large and small game for more than 50 years and still get excited when afield. My husband introduced me to hunting and encourages me on my hunts, which I sometimes even do alone. Even when I don’t harvest any game, it’s always a great day with nature. From harvesting pheasants, grouse, ducks, geese, and turkeys to deer, antelope, and elk, it’s an adventure. At the age of 70, I harvested my first elk in Wyoming on a walk-and-stalk hunt. What an unforgettable hunt. My husband accompanied me and got to share that awesome time! Being able to provide meat for our table has been a wonderful bonus. I would encourage any female to…

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is hunter education failing?

Brian Cheney needed a Hunter Education class. His 15-year-old son was raring to go upland hunting on a trip to South Dakota. If he took a Hunter Education class—the critical first step required by all 50 states to buy a hunting license—he’d join a band of family and friends that chases pheasants every fall. Cheney went online to find a Nebraska Game and Parks Commission Hunter Ed class for his son. There was an Internet-only option, in which students take a class and test online, but it was available only to students at least 16 years old. For those who were 11 to 15 years old, there was an Internet + Field Day option, where after passing the test students had to demonstrate safe handling of firearms at a state-offered range…

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bullet board

BULLET BASICS Comprising a lead core bonded into a copper-clad steel jacket, the DGX (Dangerous Game eXpanding) Bonded is one of the best dangerous-game bullets available. It’s extremely tough; expands reliably but not excessively; and provides deep, straight penetration even when massive bone is impacted. It has rapidly become a favorite of African Professional Hunters for use on Cape buffalo. TESTING GROUND During a grueling and glorious day hunting the Mozambique swamps with Zambeze Delta Safaris, I shot an old Cape buffalo bull from about 60 yards. Fired from my Ruger M77 Hawkeye African in .416 Ruger, the 400-grain bullet shown impacted the broadside bull on the shoulder. FIELD PERFORMANCE It wasn’t my first shot, but these were buffalo, so I kept shooting. On impact, the bull stumbled, trotted a few paces, and dropped. STATS Penetrating heavy…

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cartridge corner

HISTORY Created by necking down Winchester’s innovative, short-action, rebated-rim .284 case to hold 6.5mm bullets, the 6.5-284 wildcat’s burgeoning popularity quickly put its parent cartridge to shame. Adopted and legitimized by Norma in 1999, it became the darling of the long-range crowd, earning a now socially unacceptable nickname among Army snipers chagrined to find that in terms of minimal wind drift and long-range drop, it easily kept pace with their .300 Win. Mag. rifles issued for distances beyond the standard M24 .308-caliber sniper rifle’s effective range. In short order, the 6.5-284 set new 1,000-yard world records, killed game at unprecedented distances, and became the pet of the arcane-cartridge crowd. To get best performance out of it, however, the cartridge must be chambered in a long action so that long, high-BC bullets can…