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portable adventure

Hunters, by their very nature, are always looking toward the far horizon for adventure—wondering what is over the next ridge, the next forest, the next mountain range. This makes them curious about all forms of hunting and hearing other’s tales wherever they gather. The act of storytelling around the campfire is probably as old as the hunt itself. As we launch into the fast-paced, ever-changing digital age, some fear that storytelling will come to an end. I feel the exact opposite is true. Technology is just enhancing the art of the tale, and new digital platforms can amplify the message to far more people around the world than ever before. Take My Outdoor TV (MOTV), for example. This new app from The Outdoor Channel and The Sportsman Channel allows anyone with…

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the gatekeepers

It’s no secret. Finding quality hunting land is more difficult every year. It’s why so many hunters drop out of the sport. A National Shooting Sports Foundation survey showed that “not enough access” and “not enough places to hunt” were the leading factors influencing participation. Considering 84 percent of all hunters rely on private land to some extent, finding a solution is more critical than ever. Much of the blame is placed on urbanization and sprawl. While both do contribute to the decline in available land, other, subtler, factors are playing an increasing role in the availability of huntable land. New research is shedding light on what land is being hunted and what factors contribute to a landowner’s decision to give or deny permission. “A lot of social factors are at play,”…

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bullet board

BULLET BASICS Made for maximum penetration on large, often dangerous game, the DGS (dangerous game solid) bullet features a hard lead alloy core with a copper-coated steel jacket.This construction keeps it from deforming on contact with excessively large, dense bones, and a flat nose helps it resist deflection and causes more tissue damage than a roundnose design. A heavy cannelure locks the rear-inserted core in place and provides a groove to crimp case mouths against to prevent movement during heavy recoil. TESTING GROUND The bullet shown was recovered from a giraffe shot in Zimbabwe. Giraffes have extraordinarily thick hides that tend to destroy many conventional expanding bullets, and by virtue of their size and build, giraffes also have massive bone structures. FIELD PERFORMANCE Fired from a .375 Ruger, the bullet retained an estimated 2,100 fps…

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rack • room

PETERSENSHUNTING.COM/RR WHERE: South Africa WHEN: August 2016 SCORE: 29 inches RIFLE: Blaser R93 .375 H&H Magnum HUNTER: Ken Anderson “Anecdotally, there does seem to be less willingness among newer landowners to allow any hunting,” says Lewis. “A lot of those newer landowners struggle to get along with the older, longtime residents. They often don’t share the same values.” If private land is becoming more difficult to access, Burke wonders if state agencies should be focusing on that. Adding more hunters into the mix through recruitment and retention programs may create more demand, but with fewer places to put them, those efforts may be pointless. Lewis thinks states first should be looking more at working with private landowners to create access instead of creating more hunters. “I think if we can create better opportunities, hunters will find the sport,”…

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cartridge corner

HISTORY Born six decades ago into a world dominated by double-barreled rifles, the bolt-action-specific.458 Win. Mag. offered blue-collar shooters an elephant-capable cartridge in a rifle type they could afford. Performance emulated the more practical of the double-rifle cartridges, and the “Four-Five-Eight”soon proved itself so capable on dangerous game that it became standard issue for most game-control agencies.Without argument, the .458 Win. Mag. is the single most successful big-bore bolt-action cartridge ever designed. APPLICATION Because it heaves a rather ponderous bullet downrange at moderate velocity, the .458 is of limited use past relatively close range. It’s designed for the biggest dangerous game and is most at home inside 100 yards. Of course, it performs well on lion, the bigger bears, and so forth as well, as long as hunters are willing to limit their…

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road warriors

You LOVE YOUR FIREARM as much as you love your firstborn child.... OK, maybe not that much, but it still holds a special place in your heart. The White Wing Label cases treat your shotgun or scoped rifle with respect when you’re traveling. The cases are made of heavyweight duck canvas with leather trim and a shearling inner liner to protect your guns from bumps and scratches. Choose between eight different colors. $230 each; The comforts of home and hygiene don’t have to be left behind on your next overland adventure. Showering, cleaning dishes, and rinsing backstraps are easy, thanks to the Helio Pressure Shower. With a 2.9-gallon capacity, THE HELIO uses a seven-foot hose and is powered by a foot pump for five to seven minutes of water pressure.…