Petersen's Hunting March 2017

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a case for coyotes

“Why do you do it? Since you don’t eat them, why do you hunt coyotes?” I have been asked this question more times than I care to recall. There once was a time when the answer was easy and simple: to control their population and to save game animals. However, some recent studies indicate that hunting coyotes has little effect in either regard. Some biologists contend that killing a few coyotes allows the prey base to expand with the remaining coyotes biologically adapting and having larger litters in subsequent years. Essentially, not only replacing the coyotes shot, but also adding more to the region. I don’t know if I completely buy the theory on a large scale, but then again, I don’t know if I completely discount it, either. In any case…

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LESS GEAR, MORE HUNTING The October 2016 issue was the first Petersen’s Hunting magazine that I’ve ever read, and when I opened it I was appalled. The emphasis in ads and articles on gadgets, devices, and guns/ammunition to make horribly long shots and to make taking game easier added to my depression about modern hunting. Hunting is supposed to be a challenge, as Aldo Leopold so accurately stated it. Hunters need to learn about the animals they hunt so they can get close and make well-placed shots. Hunters need to know game behavior, field sign, food habits, breeding behavior, and much more, but it appears the modern hunter skips over these needs and outfits himself with whatever it takes to make the experience easier. I suppose the trophy mania has quite a…

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the sportsmen’s vote: did hunters elect donald trump?

Last year, behind closed doors at the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s annual SHOT Show, Donald Trump made a pitch. A collection of 50 chief executives and industry leaders stood around him in a semicircle. The Iowa Caucuses were days away, and Donald Trump, the only primary candidate to attend the outdoor industry’s biggest event, seemed to care. “We’re leading every single place, but bad things happen if I lose Iowa,” the future President of the United States said. “Then I have to really go out and fight. We’re leading by a lot, but bad things happen with this dishonest press, people who don’t like you by the way.” The room laughed. “You can imagine what happens if I lose by a vote in Iowa. I think if I could focus on…

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bullet board

BULLET BASICS Incorporating innovative design elements that are a hybrid between a Power Belt and the Minie Ball of the 1860s, Federal’s new 350-grain B.O.R Lock is a lead projectile featuring a bore-riding nose portion and a“fiber”cup that encapsulates the base but leaves space between the base of the bullet and the inside base of the cup. When the bullet is fired, the cup bumps forward over a driving band, accomplishing a very tight fit that promotes consistent propellant burn and accuracy. TESTING GROUND The B.O.R. Lock bullet pictured was recovered after passing through both shoulders of a 340-class bull elk. Fired over four Hodgdon Triple Seven pellets, the bullet impacted the bull at 407 yards. FIELD PERFORMANCE The 350-grain B.O.R. Lock bullet penetrated several inches of dense muscle, shattered a rib as it passed…

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rack • room

WHERE: South Dakota WHEN: Fall 2016 OUTFITTER: Jim River Guide Service RIFLE: McMillan Custom 6.5/284 HUNTER: Mike Dubes HUNTERS VOTE Prior to election night, all the political pundits and both campaigns thought Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio would swing the election. Trump won them all decisively. Few foresaw what happened in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin —states that had voted for Democrats in every presidential election since 1988 (Wisconsin) and 1992 (Michigan and Pennsylvania). They turned red for Trump, as did Iowa, a state where voters backed Barack Obama in two elections. The caricature of Trump supporters in the media in the run-up to November 8, and the coverage shortly thereafter, was less than flattering. The typical Trump voter, it was assumed, was poor, dumb, and white. Trump won, many said, thanks to low-income white men without a…

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cartridge corner

HISTORY Nosler’s new .22-caliber AR-15 round is built on a freshly spawned, never-before-seen case with a rebated rim. In essence, it feeds from 6.8 SPC magazines, uses a standard .223/5.56 bolt, looks like a miniaturized 6.5-284 cartridge, and offers .22-250-esque performance. APPLICATION Engineered with a 1:8 rifling twist, the .22 Nosler shoots projectiles ranging from 50 to 85 grains beautifully. Its main claim to fame is that it almost matches .22-250 velocities but is better suited for long-distance uses. In AR-15 rifles with varmint-length barrels of 22 or 24 inches it will perform superbly on prairie dogs, coyotes, and other varmints with bullets in the 55-grain range. Handloaded with 60-grain Partition bullets or 70-grain Barnes TTSX bullets, it’s as good as a .22-caliber deer cartridge gets. BALLISTICS Initial factory loads include a 55-grain Ballistic Tip…