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Practical Motorhome

Practical Motorhome

March 2020

Practical Motorhome is your definitive guide to motorhome holiday lifestyle. Inside you'll find travel features, product reviews, advice and columns to bring essential information to experienced motorhome owners and potential buyers. We have just the right mix of enthusiasm and true authoritative content, delivering an exciting, aspirational and informative approach to motor caravanning.

United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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1 minutos
sarah wakely

When I was a child we often used to stay at campsites relatively close to home. At the time, I couldn’t really understand why we’d swap the comfort of home for a chemical toilet and the irritation of time spent in close confines with my sibling; but as I’ve grown older I’ve come to appreciate the benefits of exploring what’s on your doorstep. There are many wonderful reasons to travel further, of course (such as to Cuba – see p24), but it’s important not to miss what’s right in front of you. This is the thinking behind Marcus Leach’s brilliant article (p46): he ventures a short way down the road, using his motorhome as a base, and discovers a whole series of amazing mini-adventures. It makes for inspiring reading. No…

1 minutos
playa coco, cuba

Coordinates 22°04’00.0”N; 81°02’00.0”W Why tour here? Cuba is a dream destination for many, and it also makes a brilliant place to explore in a motorhome. Gary Blake and Wendy Johnson did just that in a rental ’van for our Grand Tour this month – you’ll find it on p24 – and along the way they discovered stunning vintage cars, welcoming people, glorious beaches, and so much more. Don’t miss… Playa Coco, part of Playa Giron, is on the eastern side of the infamous Bahia de Cochinos (Bay of Pigs); it’s an area renowned for excellent diving and snorkeling. Photographer Gary Blake…

3 minutos

letter of the month We recently purchased a new Swift C402, with a Dometic RMS 8406 fridge/freezer. The Swift will live on our drive, which has a fall of about eight degrees. I was keen to know the working tolerance of the fridge, as we pre-chill overnight on the mains before loading food on the day of departure. The fridge in our previous ’van worked on this slope (powered by the mains), even though its tolerance was six degrees side-to-side and three fore-and-aft. I searched the instructions for the Dometic, but could find no reference to such figures. I couldn’t find them online, either, so I filled in the contact form on the company’s support page, asking for guidance. Three days later, I had a reply, saying this type of fridge would work up…

1 minutos
touring news

1 DFDS, which operates ferry routes from Dover, Newhaven and Newcastle to various Continental destinations, has offered customers a ‘Brexit Guarantee’. Kasper Moos, Vice President and Head of Short Routes & Passengers, explained: “This guarantee means if you book direct, you are able to cancel with no additional cost.” Terms and conditions apply; see www.dfds.com. 2 Old Oaks Touring Park, near Glastonbury in Somerset, has installed five new hedgehog houses for the winter season. The houses are filled with straw to give the endangered animals a dry, warm place to shelter over the colder months. 3 Ladram Bay Holiday Park in Devon has launched an initiative to retrieve a tonne of plastic waste washed up onto its private beach, in the latest of a series of green projects. Visitors to the site…

1 minutos
hotshots the best of your touring photos

1 Our first motorhome holiday to France in September. We found this serene campsite near Mayenne, Le Parc de Vaux, on the banks of the Varenne. An idyllic spot. Colin Western 2 Taken during our tour to Sicily – we visited the town of Cefalù after staying a couple of nights at Camping Sanfilippo. David Johnson 3 Some fantastic items on sale in this shop in Dinan, Brittany. If only it had been open, we would certainly have bought the little yellow ’van! Tony George 4 Even wet days in the camper can provide some photographic inspiration! I always keep my camera ready, just in case. Sophie Dodds Email your pictures and their stories (40 words, plus name, address and contacts) to hotshots@practicalmotorhome.com. The best photo will win these guides: All the Aires Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands;…

2 minutos
new gear

Sungood Solar Cooker Harness natural power with this eco-friendly outdoor cooker. It might take a bit more time, but you can savour the process. Price £69 Web www.solarbrother.com Heat Holders Snuggle Ups Curl up in comfort in your motorhome with this soft and warm blanket - the perfect companion to a cup of tea and a good book. Price £26.99 Web www.heatholders.co.uk VIOFO dash cam The A129 Pro Duo 4k has clear night vision and uses Wi-Fi for quick data transfer, so you can watch live video on your phone. Price £229.99 Web www.amazon.co.uk Stay on charge on tour This clever RFiD wallet has an integrated charger pocket and powerpack to boost your phone’s charge on long journeys. Price £22.99 Web www.lifeventure.com Sophie Allport boot bag No need to muddy your ’van after a winter stroll. Just keep your…