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Practical Photography: LitePractical Photography: Lite

Practical Photography: Lite August 2018

Every issue of Practical Photography is packed with expert advice and tips that will help YOU improve your photography. Each issue contains: - Inspirational and award-winning photographs - The best ‘Technique Guides’ in the industry - FREE feedback on your images - Jargon-free, 100% independent reviews Whatever brand you use (Canon EOS, Nikon, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic Lumix and so on), our easy-to-follow technique guides will help you get the most from your digital SLR, interchangeable lens camera (CSC), or compact. Note: This 'Lite' digital version of Practical Photography does not contain any interactivity.

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(BLUE ORANGE STUDIO) DESPITE FIRST picking up a camera sometime in the early 1980s, it wasn’t until my son was born a few years ago that photography really started to make sense to me. I understood apertures and shutter speeds before I could ride a bike, but nothing had ever captured my imagination in such an obsessive way before, something I just couldn’t stop taking pictures of (he’ll thank me for it when he’s older). I improved so much as a result, and learned to be more flexible and adaptive as a photographer. This month’s main feature, starting on page 34, is all about capturing amazing summer portraits, but it’s also about finding something you’re truly passionate about and letting it fuel your creativity. You won’t look back. ■…

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Choose from print, digital & combo deals and get Practical Photography for less. greatmagazines.co.uk/pp facebook.com/PracticalPhotographyMagazine youtube.com/ppmagazine instagram.com/practicalphotography twitter.com/practphoto ■…

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Alexa Loy Alexa has turned her love of photography into a successful career shooting thoughtful, relaxed family portraits. Chill out with her on p34 Tony Wu Calling the oceans his office and the whales his friends, Tony’s day job is very different than most. Explore the mysteries of the deep on p110 Billie Fletcher From enduro mountain biking to wheelchair fencing, Billie’s love of sport has seen her focus on a wide variety of amazing events. Warm up on p162 ■…

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Expert tuition Pro hints & tips Shooting advice Camera skills Indulge your passion for photography! The Practical Photography team up the creative ante this month with a trio of top videos looking at new cameras, new skills and new editing techniques...• Kirk puts Sony’s α 7 III mirrorless camera through its paces and pushes its high-speed action credentials to the limits with a spot of wakeboarding. As you do.• Mirror, mirror, on the... beach? If you love landscape photography, you’ll find bags of inspiration in Louise’s radical new technique. All you need is an old bathroom mirror!• Dan takes a parked car, a country lane and a sprinkling of Photoshop magic and creates a dramatic ‘motor in the landscape’ composite. Top Gear eat your…

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Camera Buying Guide Unsure about which camera is best for your needs? Our ebook includes reviews, spec and prices for every camera available right now. The latest additions include Fujifilm’s X-T100 and Panasonic’s GX9. Summer Effects Pack From light leaks and lens flare to warm tones and filmic grains, our exclusive download includes 15 effects that can be mixed and matched. See page 96. Photoshop video lessons Take a closer look at Lightroom’s Toolbox, create custom borders for your images, and get the most from your exclusive Summer Effects Pack. DOWNLOAD THE DISC CONTENT AT bit.ly/ppdisc1809 ■…

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Dolomites at sunset by Daniel Fleischhacker I was on my way to the famous peaks, Tre Cime di Lavaredo, but I was too late to arrive for sunset as I’d been easily distracted on my journey. Rather than getting frustrated, I decided to stop and take some shots of these amazing peaks instead. They’re easy to reach, as you can drive up to a huge car park, which makes them a popular photo destination. It was really cloudy at first, but the skies opened up just before sunset. Nikon D810 | 70mm | 1/30sec | f/11 | ISO 64 Daniel Fleischhacker is a landscape photographer from Bavaria, Germany. He enjoys capturing the beauty of landscapes worldwide. daniel-photography.eu Pula’s cub by Neil Aldridge I…