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Prevention Magazine Australia Aug/Sep-19

Packed with inspiration and motivation, Prevention magazine makes living a healthier lifestyle easier than you ever thought possible. Its unrivalled credentials make it your go-to for breakthrough health news and views you can trust. You’ll find the best expert advice, stories from inspiring real women, and easy, actionable tips on weight loss, fitness, nutrition, health, your mind and anti-ageing beauty. It’s also the destination for nutritious and delicious recipes.

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here’s the challenge…

What if fitness as we’ve always thought of it is actually not so? In this issue, biomechanist Katy Bowman argues that the idea of doing a daily workout, then sitting down for the next eight hours or so, is like eating an apple a day and congratulating yourself that you’ve got a healthy diet. It’s a challenging thought! Her point is that, without ongoing incremental movements throughout the day, your body doesn’t get the muscle nourishment you need to be the kind of person who springs effortlessly out of a chair, or can sit cross-legged on the floor with ease. Her solution to this dilemma is intriguing. And it may challenge you to rethink your notion of how you move each day. Find her story on page 96. Recently I had…

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what we’re loving…

SIPPING ON WINTER WELLNESS A steaming cup of refreshing herbal Immunity tea, from new wellness brand, Stone & Grove, is a bit of a daily addiction at my desk. RRP $9.95, DREAMING OF A WINTER GETAWAY …to somewhere like the intimate Provincial Hotel in Ballarat, an hour out of Melbourne, that’s run by our cover star, Gorgi Coghlan, and husband Simon. INSPIRING READS “Moment of Lift” by Melinda Gates, wife of Microsoft’s Bill Gates, is an uplifting story of women’s power to create change – an absorbing wet weekend read. Macmillan, RRP $32.99.…

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over to you

MY TIMELY WAKE-UP CALL I can’t really pick specifically what got me so engrossed in your inspiring June/July issue, but as a 57-year-old woman, this magazine addressed every concern I have. I loved reading about boosting your mood with gut health, banishing stretch marks, feeling happier from the inside and the weekend wellness escapes. I was also inspired by Kate Ritchie and the ladies who spoke about wake-up calls that changed their lives. I’ve kind of now had my wake-up call! Thank you for inspiring me to subscribe so I don’t miss any further issues. Lindy Arnold, Vic SIMPLE ACTS OF KINDNESS I was especially drawn to the article, “Be kind to yourself”, (April/May). I know I spend a lot of time comparing myself to others and criticising myself for not being perfect. This article…

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the healing power of nostalgia

Remember that great night you were rocking your flares and dancing to disco music till dawn? Turns out that feeling of nostalgia can boost your health. As well as lifting your mood, reminiscing about the past can make you feel more youthful, motivated and inspired, research shows. Happy memories also spike your sense of optimism about the future and help you feel cherished and closer to people you love. If you’re chilly, nostalgic thoughts can also help you feel instantly warmer, according to a study from the University of Southampton in the UK. So start wistful thinking: flick through photo albums, watch old movies and play music you once loved… and enjoy the warm and fuzzies as you stroll down memory lane. Teddy talk Research shows that more than a third of…

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myth Your nose grows with age. In truth, gravity and the natural breakdown of collagen can cause the tip to droop SMELLS WE LOVE MOST ORANGE, CINNAMON, VANILLA, BISCUITS THE NUMBER OF SCENTS YOUR NOSE CAN DETECT one trillion About 1 litre of mucous IS PRODUCED BY YOUR NOSE AND SINUSES EACH DAY SURPRISING ACHOO TRIGGERS Not just allergies, but also sunlight, perfume, bubbly drinks, plucking eyebrows 40,000 THAT’S HOW MANY DROPLETS ONE SNEEZE CAN SHOOT OUT, TRAVELLING AT 32KM PER HOUR NOSE JOB To warm and filter the air we breathe, and help us taste. Once we chew food, the odour reaches the smell receptors in the nose, which allow the brain to recognise flavours…

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Tickle your laughter spot Scientists have found a spot in the brain that instantly triggers the giggles. It’s location? The “cingulum bundle” – which gives a whole new meaning to the term “a bundle of laughs”. Tickling this area with mild electronic stimulation led to instant smiling and laughter in patients with epilepsy who needed to be kept calm while awake for brain surgery. After their laugh-fest, they not only felt more relaxed, but also reported happy memories of the operation. The discovery could do more than help patients chill out during brain surgery! It could lead to future non-invasive treatments that tickle the LOL (laughing out loud) spot to blitz depression, anxiety and chronic pain. CHANGE OF HEART In an astonishing breakthrough, scientists have printed the world’s first 3D heart. It was…