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PT Today

PT Today

April/May 2020

PT Today is a monthly magazine filled with experts and news from the fitness industry. Including personal trainer, nutritional and training advice.

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Hi and Welcome to the Spring issue of PT Today Well what can I say, who would have thought we would go from wo rking in coffee shops to working in my conservatory in such a short time. How quickly the working day has changed since I last spoke to all you lovely readers. People are saying this situation we are facing is unprecedented, disastrous, and is changing the face of business as we know it. All of those people are right, it is a total right hook across the jaw of society that no one could have expected. It has shown weakness, it has shown strength, and it has changed the face of our industry beyond recognition. However, it has, I would like to think, brought everyone closer together (metaphorically speaking). I…

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STEVE HOYLES Steve Hoyles has been a Personal Trainer since graduating with his degree in Sports Science from Swansea University in 2004. Alongside his successful Personal Training business, he has contributed to various fitness industry magazines and has featured on BBC Radio. Read Steve’s Story on Page 7 BETH ALLCOCK A BCP Matwork Pilates teacher and founder of PilatesbyBeth. PilatesbyBeth offers Matwork Pilates sessions, based on Joseph Pilates’ founding principles, of strength, alignment and core work, with a smile throughout. She has permanent classes in London and Essex. She also takes clients on a 1:1 basis. Read Beth’s Article on Pages 8-9 RUSS HOWE Russ Howe will teach you how to get in & out of the gym in enough time to have people wondering what you are doing or what you are talking. He is with…

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why personal trainers could up-skill by qualifying as a weightlifting coach

When I started my fitness career in 2004, you’d have to go to a weightlifting club to find bumper plates and weightlifting barbells. They just didn’t feature in commercial gyms. Weightlifting was a minority sport. When CrossFit reached our shores it dragged weightlifting kicking and screaming into the fitness limelight. Weightlifting started to be seen as something we could all benefit from. Fast forward a while and now commercial gyms nationwide have bumper plates, lifting platforms and specialist barbells. Just like kettlebells a few years before, weightlifting has made the jump from fitness niche to mainstream. Unfortunately, few personal trainers know how to effectively use this equipment and teach correct weightlifting technique, missing a huge opportunity. Improving Your Training Tool Kit There is an old saying… If you only have a hammer, every problem looks…

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why pilates home workouts can support our mental health amid the coronavirus pandemic

No Longer The Underdog: Pilates home workouts help to provide a sanctuary for mental health support amid the Coronavirus pandemic. “PILATES is complete coordination of mind, body, and spirit,” claimed Joseph Pilates, in a 1950s musing, which stuck mental health right up there with the physical. Initially, his exercise method was dubbed Contrology, pinpointing the mental focus needed for correct physical alignment and mobility, yet the rather sexier-sounding surname of Pilates stuck. Back in the Fifties era, when the physical exercise method was drummed up, I’ll bet Joe never envisioned it being taught on screen, living room trinkets on full view, while talking clients through an online session done in the comfort of their own pad. Beans and water bottles for weights are now pretty much mandatory, unless you’re of the daring sort and…

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get to know pt russ howe

Tell us a bit about yourself? I’m 39 years old, I’ve got three young boys (Junior, Jaxon & Arnie), and I’ve wanted to work in fitness since I was a little kid from watching Stallone films. How did you get into the industry? Funny story! I had crippling shyness growing up, and even though I knew I wanted to be a trainer, I never told anyone because I was scared they’d laugh! I wound up hating my job in a call centre, until one day I bit the bullet. It was the scariest thing I’d ever done up until that point, I approached the lad on the gym desk and squeaked, “Hi… Err.. How do I become a gym instructor like you?” and then cringed uncontrollably. Thankfully, he laid it all out and…

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inspiring your clients to achieve their goals

KNOWLEDGE If you already have a client base then by proxy, people trust in your knowledge (and ability) to deliver their aspirations. You’ll then need to nail down the following 3 attributes in order to continue working with those amazing people. People that have parted with their hard earned cash in the belief that, together, you’ll achieve their goals. When it comes to new clientele, the demonstration of ‘knowledge’ is by far the best option for attracting attention. Whether that’s through detailed content on your social media channels or exposure of your incredible client transformations, both showcase how well you know your craft and why they should be working with you! COMMUNICATION Chatting with your clients is incredibly important. It doesn’t have to be daily, nor does it have to be about anything in…