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RasPi Magazine No. 20

From the team behind Linux User & Developer magazine, RasPi is the essential guide to getting the most out of the Raspberry Pi credit-card sized computer. Packed with expert tutorials on how to design, build and code with the Raspberry Pi, this digital magazine will educate and inspire a new generation of coders and makers. What you’ll find in every issue: • Get hands-on with your Raspberry Pi – we show you the best way to code, build and create with this awesome educational computer. • Awesome RasPi projects in each issue – get inspired to create something amazing with projects big and small. • Our easy to follow step-by-step tutorials and designed for all abilities and age groups. • Need to know more about anything Raspberry Pi? You can chat with the team and get your questions answered.

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Grab your digital pickaxe because we have a lot of material to get through this month! Our big Minecraft feature will show you how to turn your Raspberry Pi into a dedicated console for the game, and we’ve also made a cool case for it that you can 3D-print. Once you’re set up, get ready to hack – starting with a simple hide-and-seek game, we’ll teach you how to write Python scripts that can extend the possibilities of your Minecraft world. Then, we’ll make a few more mods and assign them to physical buttons that you can stitch into the fingers of a spare glove, so you can deploy power moves in an exciting chase game – TNT walls and lava pits will be right at your fingertips. Enjoy yourself! Editor Get…

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build a raspberry pi minecraft console

“Using a Raspberry Pi is also the cheapest way to get a fully-functional version ofMinecraft up onto your TV” Minecraft means many things to many people, and to Raspberry Pi users it’s supposed to mean education. Not everyone knows, though, that you can still have fun and play Minecraft as you normally would. Using a Raspberry Pi is also the cheapest way to get a fully-functional version of Minecraft up onto your TV. However, in its normal state, just being on a TV screen isn’t the end of it. Using all the features and functions of the Pi, we can take it to a state more fitting of a TV by making it into a hackable, moddable Minecraft console. Over the next few pages, we will show you how to set it up…

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mod your minecraft

We can make Minecraft react custom Python scripts by using the API that comes with Minecraft: Pi Edition – it’s what we moved to the home folder earlier on. Now’s a good time to test it – we can do this remotely via SSH. Just cd into the Minecraft folder in the home directory we made, and use nano test.py to create our test file. Add the following: Save it, and then run it with: In-game, “Hello, Minecraft!” should pop up on-screen. The code imports the Minecraft function from the files we moved earlier, which allows us to actually use Python to interact with Minecraft, along with the various other functions and modules imported. We then create the mc instance that will allow us to actually post to Minecraft using the postToChat…

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pi glove 2

What physical modifications have you made since we last spoke? The glove is more portable – previously, the Raspberry Pi was in the wearer’s pocket and you had the long CAT5 cables attached the glove. This has all been stripped back and several steps enabled this. Firstly, was the use of fabric clothes poppers to replace the tactile switches. These are metal and when one makes contact with a ground popper on the thumb, it creates the circuit. It has meant that the same functionality is achieved with five wires as opposed to the previous ten wires. Secondly, I have moved from a B+ model to the A+ model, which has meant that the Raspberry Pi is now small enough to be mounted onto the glove itself. Now the wires only…

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make a minecraft power move glove

Many of you will be avid fans of the game Minecraft. In schools it is fast becoming a motivational teaching and learning tool, useful in areas such as programming, creating logic gates and setting up a network. This project is framed around creating a simple networked Minecraft game where one player chases the other and tries to hit the block they are standing on. The real hack is programming a ‘power glove’ that enables you to assign power moves to each finger button. These powers can then be deployed and used to slow down the other player and get yourself out of sticky situations – see the video at http://bit.ly/1CQSmHS! The real beauty of this hack is that you can then create and customise your own power moves. The possibilities…

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monitor your local network with nagiospi

Is your PC offline? Has your Linux box stopped serving Minecraft or Counter-Strike? If you’re out of the house, or even the country, there is no real way of knowing without trying to log in – something you probably won’t be able to do without being on the premises (unless you’re using remote desktop software). A far better way would be to simply receive notifications when your network devices are knocked offline, and this is why we turn to NagiosPi, a Raspberry Pi-built version of the popular open source network monitoring tool. NagiosPi is available as a full image ready to be written to SD card, with the real configuration taking place once it’s up and running. Let’s get started. THE PROJECT ESSENTIALS NagiosPihttp://bit.ly/1KY38XF Win32 Disk Imagerhttp://bit.ly/L8JdYG Disk Utilityhttp://bit.ly/1Lec9r5 Internet connection 4GB+ SD card 01 Download and write NagiosPi…