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RasPi Magazine No. 36

From the team behind Linux User & Developer magazine, RasPi is the essential guide to getting the most out of the Raspberry Pi credit-card sized computer. Packed with expert tutorials on how to design, build and code with the Raspberry Pi, this digital magazine will educate and inspire a new generation of coders and makers. What you’ll find in every issue: • Get hands-on with your Raspberry Pi – we show you the best way to code, build and create with this awesome educational computer. • Awesome RasPi projects in each issue – get inspired to create something amazing with projects big and small. • Our easy to follow step-by-step tutorials and designed for all abilities and age groups. • Need to know more about anything Raspberry Pi? You can chat with the team and get your questions answered.

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“Let there be light!” It’s hard not to feel godlike when issuing such a command and while this issue of Raspi can’t offer you omniscience or infinite wisdom, it will show you how to control your household lighting via your voice, divine or otherwise. Swipe along to our main feature and learn how to combine your Pi with an Amazon Echo to control the Pimoroni home lighting kit, Mote. We’ll show you how to create an unpublished skill that will provide some miraculous utterances for changing the colour of your lig hting and turning it on and off. Hallelujah. Also in this issue you can build a doomsday switch to nuke your precious data in case of a breach and combine Python and Pi to keep an eye an your servers.…

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control lighting with the pi and amazon echo

In 2016, Amazon brought the Echo (£150) and Echo Dot (£50) devices to the UK market, providing a voice assistant for your home. The Alexa service provides lots of built-in features such as radio and music streaming, creating and editing your shopping lists, weather updates and many other custom skills provided by third parties. Skill builders such as Uber and Capital One publish their skills for the general public, which means they go through a vetting process similar to that of the Apple App Store. For this tutorial, we will be creating an unpublished skill for our own Echo or Echo Dot to control the Pimoroni home lighting kit called Mote. Our skill will provide utterances for changing the colour of our LEDs like “Alexa, ask Mote change to blue” and…

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pspi v2

Where did the idea of the PSPi project originally come from? I grew up playing Mario and Zelda, and then finally Pokémon in the late Nineties. Once a year or so I dust off the SNES or Gameboy Color and play one of the games through. This year though has been a busy one for retro gaming. Every few weeks someone is gutting an original Gameboy or DS and modifying it for the Pi Zero or Pi 3. Some are even designing their own cases. These projects have been intriguing, and they inspired me to build one that fits my needs a little better. My focus in all my projects is in keeping the cost low, since I prefer to spend time on a project rather than money. This meant finding…

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make a raspberry pi doomsday switch

If you’re worried about the somewhat Orwellian notion of forced disclosure of passwords, this project posits a rather radical solution to the dilemma by creating a second password for your user account, which, instead of logging you in, will nuke your home folder using special tools. While this is simple to set up, do make sure to back up your personal data to a safe place before going ahead. Also bear in mind that anyone with physical access to your machine may seize it before you have a chance to flip this kill switch. THE PROJECT ESSENTIALS Suitable for all models of Raspberry Pi 01 Create your new user account Although you most likely will already have a user account on the Pi, create a new one for this project by opening Terminal on your…

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turn your pi into a tor proxy with onion pi

In this age of ubiquitous surveillance it’s harder than ever to stop hackers, advertisers and shadowy government organisations from snooping on your browsing habits. However if you choose to connect through Tor, your connection is encrypted and passed through a number of proxies through a process known as ‘onion routing’. While this does slow down your connection, it also increases your privacy, making it extremely difficult to trace your actual current location. Follow the steps in this tutorial to turn your Pi into a wireless AP (Access Point) named Onion_Pi. Any devices connecting to Onion_Pi will do so over the Tor network. When you’re done, use a service like www.whatismyip.com to see that your location has changed. For more information about Tor visit www.torproject.org/about/overview.html.en. THE PROJECT ESSENTIALS USB Bluetooth Low- Energy devicehttp://bit.ly/1MtDbJCAndroid/iOS device Android/iOS beacon…

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encrypt your raspberry pi home folder

With the advent of the dazzling Pixel desktop on the Pi, with its glitzy icons and crisp windows, some readers may be considering using a Pi as their home computer. This however is not especially secure given that the Pi automatically logs in the default user without requiring a password. Even if the password is required, anyone can mount the SD card to view your documents, pictures, videos and other data. THE PROJECT ESSENTIALS This tutorial is compatible with all models of Pi running Raspbian Jessie 01 Back up your data If you have not done so already, log onto your Pi and transfer the contents of your Desktop, Documents, Pictures etc onto an external medium like a USB stick. This will make transferring your data to your encrypted home folder much easier. Use…