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RasPi Magazine No. 40

From the team behind Linux User & Developer magazine, RasPi is the essential guide to getting the most out of the Raspberry Pi credit-card sized computer. Packed with expert tutorials on how to design, build and code with the Raspberry Pi, this digital magazine will educate and inspire a new generation of coders and makers. What you’ll find in every issue: • Get hands-on with your Raspberry Pi – we show you the best way to code, build and create with this awesome educational computer. • Awesome RasPi projects in each issue – get inspired to create something amazing with projects big and small. • Our easy to follow step-by-step tutorials and designed for all abilities and age groups. • Need to know more about anything Raspberry Pi? You can chat with the team and get your questions answered.

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“Who you gonna call? Enviro pHat!” Would Ghostbusters have been such a huge hit in the 80s with this tagline? Probably not. It’s doubtful Ray Parker Jnr would have had such a huge hit on his hands either… With Halloween disappearing into the ether we’ve decided to prolong the spookiness in this issue of RasPi by offering up some supernatural content of our own, kind of... With the help of our main tutorial you can learn to deploy the Pi, Enviro pHAT and an infrared camera to capture evidence of anything up to a Class 5 Full-Roaming Vapor. Alternatively you could just use it to monitor your home remotely, it’s up to you. It’s a lot more affordable and far less dangerous than proton packs and ghost traps anyway. Enjoy…

6 minutos
a pi owner’s guide to ghosts and how to catch them

As a child, your author distinctly remembers learning that if a ghost or spectre is present, there are several environmental changes that can occur. First, the room may feel colder due to a sudden drop in temperature. Second, objects may mysteriously move by themselves to a new location. Third, you may observe a strange coloured light or a bright white light close to where the supernatural entity is. Pimoroni’s Enviro pHAT is the perfect hardware suite to catch ghosts. It packs four different sensors, letting you measure temperature, pressure, light level, colour, 3-axis motion, compass heading and analogue inputs. They state that “It’s ideal for monitoring conditions in your house, garage or galleon. Set up a web server with Flask and remotely monitor everything from anywhere.” What they failed to mention…

5 minutos
steampunk laptop

Where did the idea for the steampunk laptop come from? I hear it was gift for your girlfriend. For our first ever Christmas I made her an ornate mirror with the magic mirror platform (https:// magicmirror.builders). Super-cool. I was wandering through this thrift store and found this giant ornate frame for 20 bucks and I thought that’s it, I’m going to make it for her […] Immediately after comes her birthday. Mid last year she’d spilled coffee on her MacBook so we talked about a back-up computer. That was my mentality around putting together some kind of laptop. I don’t really know where the idea of making it steampunk came from. If I could tell you how my head works, I’d probably freak out a lot of people. Aesthetically, it just seemed…

9 minutos
raspberry pi doomsday switch

Any evil genius worth their salt knows that a key part of their arsenal, besides a secret base inside a volcano, is a doomsday device which when triggered will release nuclear launch codes. Not all of us have aspirations of world domination, but we can appreciate the usefulness of a doomsday device which can execute commands at a moment’s notice. In this project, we’ll be using the versatile Pibrella add-on board (available for just £10 from bit.ly/Pibrella) to build your very own device. Aside from having the requisite big red button, the board also comes with a handy buzzer which can be programmed to signal a countdown when you activate the doomsday switch. The Pibrella also has three built-in LEDs (green, yellow and red), which we’ll also use. Once the switch is…

5 minutos
getting started with the pimoroni speaker phat

The Raspberry Pi Zero is awesome. However, it lacks an ‘on the go’ audio solution. Worry no longer, as Pimoroni has created an ’80s-style boombox speaker known as the Speaker pHAT. It crams an I2S DAC and mono amplifier, a tiny 8 2W speaker and a 10 LED bar graph onto one teeny little pHAT. A simple solution to add audio to your Pi, it is compatible with all models. Now you can integrate music, notifications, speech and sound into all your projects. It comes as a complete kit, and this tutorial walks you through how to set up and prepare the hardware; the installation of the software; how to alter and adjust the volume setting; and finally, for those who want to, how to customise and control the LED indicator. Because…

10 minutos
make musical passwords

The Pimoroni Piano HAT is an extraordinarily useful board that can turn your Raspberry Pi into an electronic keyboard. The keys are responsive to touch and each one has an LED which can light up as you play. Pimoroni has thoughtfully compiled an excellent library of coding samples for your Pi which enable you to crank out tunes within minutes of receiving your Piano HAT. In this project we will talk you through the basics of attaching the Piano HAT to your Pi, as well as how to use it to generate 8-bit tones and play back piano and drum sounds. You will then learn to use the custom ‘pianohatpassword’ Python scripts to encode a secret message using musical notes. The first script, piano-password.py, allows you to record a musical password…