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Famosos & Celebridades
Real People

Real People Issue 32 2019

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

United Kingdom
Hearst Magazines UK
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1 minutos
this week in your fab value

Cats have a bad rep. I’m often gleefully told that if I passed out cold on the kitchen floor, my two, Marco and Maya, would cheerfully eat me whole. Charming! But I disagree. I’ve every confidence that one of them would have the nous to plunge its tail into my handbag, fish out my phone and start pawing 999 (they’ll know my PIN, cats are clever like that). Right? It certainly wouldn’t be beyond adorable Monty on p16. His owner, Olivia, has written a heartbreaking letter to him, thanking him for rescuing the last months of her husband’s life. With cuddles and licks and playfulness, Monty was a ball of sunshine who lit up a painfully dark time. Who said cats weren’t the more empathetic and affectionate pet? They’ve got my vote…

3 minutos
our mad world!

WE ALL SCREAM FOR… This ice cream sundae made the week for my two kids, Louisa and Evan. They were bouncing off the walls afterwards! Sophia Pegg, Scampton, Lincolnshire BELGIUM Jimmy De Frenne hopes he’ll still be crowned king of the throne. The Ostend bus driver planned to set a record for sitting on a toilet seat for 165 hours, but only managed 116 hours (almost five days). Let’s hope it’s enough to leave him flushed with success. I’M WATCHING YOU! Looking in this jeweller’s window, I did a double-take. In among the displays was this little Jack Russell. Perhaps he’s a watch dog! Jane Whittaker, Birchington, Kent YUCK! Brits name their most-hated foods… • 1. Olives • 2. Gherkins • 3. Prawns • 4. Brussels sprouts • 5. Tuna • 6. Mushrooms • 7. Raisins • 8. Fish • 9. Chicken on bone • 10. Red meat Source: HelloFresh USA A…

3 minutos
soap on a rope

East Enders Playing happy families at the Ahmeds’ Eid celebrations proves quite a challenge for some. Iqra, Habiba and Adam can barely manage to be civil to one another and Bobby soon regrets joining them, as he continues to explore his interest in Islam. Suffice to say, things are said, feet are stamped, shouting occurs and secrets are revealed, with repercussions leading to Iqra moving out, Bobby clashing with Ian and Honey whisking Adam off for a romantic getaway – or does she? Elsewhere… Callum receives news of the death of Chris, a very close friend of his from the Army. Affecting him deeply, Callum attends a special memorial service, which he finds overwhelming. Opening up to Chris’s mum later, is there more to this than meets the eye? Oh! And Bex gets…

8 minutos
in deep water!

The resort looked gorgeous. Bronzed bodies lying prone on a white sandy beach... children’s faces twisted in silent screams, cannoning down a water slide… ‘The one with the water park!’ I grinned to my mate, Natasha Gander, 32. Looking at her phone, I saw the same Turkish five-star resort I’d spent weeks lusting over. This was where she’d booked to take her brood for holiday and, by coincidence, I wanted to take my lot there, too! Living in Seaford, East Sussex, we were on the coast already, but the Channel was only warm enough for a couple of dips every summer for my two girls – Mia*, eight, and Jasmine*, five. Turkey, though. Now, that had year-round sun, and this place, the Liberty Lykia World in Oludeniz, had flumes galore – Chessington-by-the-sea! Me and my girls…

2 minutos
all a flutter

Despite the lack of Eiffel Tower, back in the ’20s Le Touquet was known as ‘Parison-Sea’, and nowhere was as chic to be seen. With golf courses, tennis courts, casinos and a racecourse, it was once the international playground of the rich and famous. And it’s still a great way to get a taste of France. As well as being a swanky and stylish destination, there are also miles and miles of sandy beaches – so it’s perfect for walkers. There’s great shopping opportunities, too, and tons of lovely bars and restaurants. And the best thing? It’s close! A short hop over (or under) the Channel, and then an hour’s drive south of Calais. INSIDER’S GUIDE Start with a stroll around the town, among the pretty pastel-coloured houses. Then head to the beach to feast upon fries or crepes,…

8 minutos
i say a little prayer

Opening the fridge, I expected to see the chocolate cupcakes I’d baked and iced the day before. But as I peered at them, I gasped. It was daylight robbery! Someone had gouged my white icing off with their fingers! And the culprit responsible for the Great Cake Heist of 1996... ‘Aja!’ I yelled. ‘Did you do this?’ My five-year-old daughter Aja – pronounced ‘Asia’ – appeared beside the fridge, eyes wide. I couldn’t help but laugh. It had been a midnight raid, she’d sneaked out of bed to get her icing fix. But Aja remained slim even though she had the appetite of a gannet. She was known as ‘Bony Macaroni’ after her love of cheesy pasta. But she could easily have been Old Mother Hubbard. She doted on her older brother, Aaron, nine, who had autism, playing…