Real Simple A Season of Calm

Real Simple A Season of Calm

Real Simple A Season of Calm

Let's face it, the concepts of holiday and calm usually seem worlds apart. So, while the holidays should be a time of joy and gratitude, they often become full of chaos with so much to do and so many people to see in such a short, precious amount of time. Now, this special edition is set to help you create a more peaceful, genuine holiday season. Consider a simpler approach, shed some to-dos, and clarify your holiday priorities. Focus on your family with five questions to bring you closer, or how to handle being far apart. Whether you're hosting or a guest, learn some party protocol, deal with dress-code chaos, and make every guest room ready. Prep your best pies, decide to de-stress, and even consider some gifts to give yourself as you moderate the mayhem and enjoy the profound magic of the holidays.

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be a style sleuth

FORMALITY OF THE INVITATION If you receive a letterpress or embossed envelope in the mail, chances are a skirt or suit is required. A Facebook message, unless it specifies otherwise, likely calls for a much more casual look. LOCATION The venue imparts plenty of info. A wedding at a country club has a much different vibe than one on a beach or in a warehouse. If the event is at an unfamiliar spot, try searching online for photos ahead of time. TIME OF DAY The start time of a party sets the tone for the celebration. Typically, the earlier an event, the less formal it is. Remember to take into account seasonal changes: Sunset comes sooner in late fall than in the summer. DURATION Do what you can to suss out the cadence of the event. A…

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how do i choose a charity?

What’s the biggest mistake givers make? They donate impulsively. Charity scams rely on you doing no background check and making a hurried gift. Spend 10 or 15 minutes doing proper research to make sure that a charity is legitimate. What sort of research? Reputable charities will have an online presence—at the very least, a Facebook page. If a charity does not have a site, that should raise questions. [Go to to confirm that a charity is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions.] On an organization’s website, look for information on its programs and how it uses funds. Then search the local media to see what kind of coverage the charity or members of its board have received. How should you deal with unexpected donation requests? Whether it’s a coworker or a stranger asking for a…

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hosting and guesting

Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day…even Festivus. Hardly a week goes by this time of year without something big and fun to celebrate. Chances are good that at some point between now and 2020 you’ll be both going to someone’s party and having people over to your place. In fact, even those of us who don’t usually entertain may feel that seasonal pull to light a fire, sip something bubbly, and break bread with friends and family. While multi-course menus and complex cocktails are the definition of holiday fun for some party hosts, there’s also nothing wrong with keeping it simple. And we also appreciate simplicity when we stay with relatives for the holidays. As the guest, you want to feel…

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pies for the homesick

Lemon Meringue NO MATTER HOW MANY EXQUISITE and exotic pies I have been lucky enough to try, none invoke nostalgia as much as the lemon meringue pie that my mother made. A great cook and baker who was also adept at apple, peach, and plum pies, she considered this lemon meringue her signature. It was present at every special occasion and expected of her at the home dinner parties she was invited to. It was based on a recipe from the label on cans of Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk, but she added more lemon zest and made her crisp, buttery, short piecrust for the base. My father was proud of the golden peaks she always maintained on the meringue. It was these memories that inspired me to include it in my book…

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bonus points for guests

Be helpful, but not obsessively or insistently so. It’s nice to ask, “What can I do to help?” But it’s also nice to take your glass of Chardonnay into the living room when your host says, “Honestly, nothing right now. Go relax!” Bring a small tote bag to corral your stuff in the living space. Especially if multiple guests are visiting, your hosts will appreciate it if your phone, book, reading glasses, and wallet aren’t strewn confusingly around the house with everyone else’s. BONUS POINTS FOR HOSTS Sleep in your own guest bed. Look out for a lumpy mattress; unmitigated heat; and streetlamps shining through the curtains or lights blazing from electronics, like routers and cable boxes (consider darker shades, a square of electrical tape, or a clean eye mask). Listen for household sounds (such as…

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when your family is far away

If you want to go but money is tight Traveling is expensive. Traveling during peak holiday season? Even worse. Add in the costs of buying gifts and sparkly reindeer sweaters for the traditional family singalong, and your holiday debt can last well into the new year. Use these strategies to cut down on expenses without cutting out the family fun. MAKE YOUR PRESENCE THE PRESENT Last year, Americans said they planned to spend around $1,000 on holiday gifts. Think about it: You can buy two round-trip tickets to many U.S. cities for that amount. Tell your family you’d love to join them, but since you’ll be spending on airfare, it would be great if you could stick with homemade gifts or do a Secret Santa. Or offer to organize a fun event as…