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let’s play horseshoe theory

THIS SUMMER, AMAZON founder Jeff Bezos went to the edge of space on a ship he built with his own earnings. A bunch of people saw the billionaire blast off and thought: “Screw that guy and his dumb rocket—the government should take his money because I have a much better idea of how to spend it.” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.) tweeted, “Here on Earth, in the richest country on the planet, half our people live paycheck to paycheck, people are struggling to feed themselves, struggling to see a doctor—but hey, the richest guys in the world are off in outer space! Yes. It’s time to tax the billionaires.” Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D–Ore.) said he’ll introduce legislation that would tax wealthy space tourists in order to “support the public good.” And Sen.…

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WHEN HONG KONG passed its controversial national security law in June 2020, opponents warned that it would lead to censorship of voices critical of China’s Communist government, which sought to bring the semi-autonomous city back under its control. Those fears were vindicated in mid-June, when police stormed the offices of Apple Daily, one of the last pro-democracy newspapers and an unapologetic defender of Hong Kong’s autonomy. Hundreds of Hong Kong police officers raided the paper’s offices, arresting the editor in chief, opinion writers, and executives, along with employees of Apple Daily’s parent company, Next Digital. When the publication announced that it was closing due to staff safety concerns and an inability to pay salaries after the government froze its bank accounts, Hongkongers lined up at newsstands early on June 24 to…

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america on the dole

AFTER CONGRESS PASSED the American Recovery Plan, Joe Biden’s $2 trillion economic relief legislation, the president proposed roughly $4 trillion in further spending. The American Jobs Plan, also known as the president’s infrastructure proposal, accounted for about half of that money. The rest was included in the American Families Plan, a $1.8 trillion package that the Biden administration described as a set of “investments and tax credits for American families and children over ten years.” In other words, it was a welfare bill, and quite an ambitious one. The plan would put most working-age American households on the dole, even when the economy is strong and the country is not in crisis. The American Families Plan proposes spending on various new and newly expanded programs, including an extension of the American Recovery…

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supreme court dodges another religious liberty fight

THE SUPREME COURT once again sidestepped a conflict between religious freedom and anti-discrimination laws when it ruled in June that Philadelphia officials violated the First Amendment by requiring a Catholic charity to certify same-sex couples as foster parents. Philadelphia refused to renew a contract with Catholic Social Services because the organization would not comply with the city’s anti-discrimination laws by serving same-sex couples. That decision, six justices concluded in Fulton v. Philadelphia, amounted to an unconstitutional burden on the free exercise of religion. The ruling hinged on the fact that the city’s foster care contracts gave the commissioner of the Department of Human Services “sole discretion” to grant exceptions to the city’s nondiscrimination rules. In the 1990 case Employment Division v. Smith, the Court held that the First Amendment’s Free Exercise Clause…

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britney is not the only one who needs freeing

#FREEBRITNEY HAS BECOME a rallying cry of people who support Britney Spears’ efforts to end a court-appointed conservatorship that had imposed nearly absolute control over the pop singer’s life for 13 years. A court granted Spears’ father control over her personal affairs and her considerable assets in 2008, after an apparent mental break. This year Spears asked a judge to release her from the conservatorship, complaining that her conservators would not let her have a birth-control device removed, that she had no say over her grueling tour schedule, and that she was not even allowed to choose her own attorney. “It makes no sense whatsoever for the state of California to sit back and literally watch me with their own two eyes, making a living for so many people and paying so…

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leaving afghanistan

THIS SUMMER, THE U.S. government finally set an official end date for America’s two-decade military misadventure in Afghanistan. After announcing a drawdown of the U.S. troop presence there in April, President Joe Biden declared at a July 8 press briefing that the U.S. “military mission in Afghanistan will conclude on August 31.” Fulfilling a campaign promise, Biden admitted what the U.S. should have admitted more than a decade ago: “The United States did what we went to do in Afghanistan,” he said. The goal, he explained, was “to get the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11 and to deliver justice to Osama bin Laden and to degrade the terrorist threat to keep Afghanistan from becoming a base from which attacks could be continued against the United States.” He added that “we…