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RECOIL Presents: Carnivore

RECOIL Presents: Carnivore

Carnivore #4 2020

RECOIL Presents: Carnivore is a new publication dedicated to the modern outdoor sportsman with an emphasis on field-to-table hunting and traditions. Every issue focuses on respecting natural food and its origins through features on the latest guns, personality profiles, culinary tips, and gear reviews.

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vantage point

It seems that no matter how much time we’ve spent in the field, there’s an inescapable air of excitement as we leave the dog days of summer behind. The level of anticipation ratchets higher as we gear up for another hunting season, secure in the knowledge that even a bad day in the woods or on the hill is better than a good day at the coal face. To say that this year has been a little different would be a massive understatement. Like so many of my friends, I’ve had to alter plans that have been in progress for months or years and adapt to the new environment in which we now find ourselves. Overseas trips have been pushed back or canceled, visitors curtailed, and horizons shrunk. Just like finding…

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old-world charm

At Antler, we use the whole animal, head to tail. This recipe is a great way to use those tougher cuts, which are full of flavor. If you aren’t hunting or buying whole animals, these cuts are typically more affordable from your butcher too. A gentle, long braise really breaks down the meat into fork tender pieces that’s great with any pasta or to simply eat on its own. Chef Michael Hunter treats us to some winter fare from his restaurant Antler Kitchen and Bar in Toronto, Canada. Read the full article on Michael elsewhere in this issue. VENISON RAGU: + 2 pounds deboned venison meat (neck, shoulder, or leg)+ 1 large Spanish onion+ 1 carrot+ 2 stalks celery+ 6 Roma tomatoes+ 1 cup wild mushrooms+ 4 cloves garlic+ 1 cup red wine+…

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fresh meat

1 HAWK TREESTANDS 20-FOOT BIG DENALI 1.5-MAN SLS LADDERSTAND MSRP: $250 URL: shop.hawkhunting.com NOTES: Whether it’s warfare or big-game hunting, having the higher ground is a tactical advantage. The Big Denali can give you that edge. Using Hawk’s patented Stacking Ladder System, it provides a 20-foot-high tree stand that uses large oval tubing and a ratcheting tree strap with a crossing strap tensioner. You’ll be able to sit up there comfortably thanks to the patio-chair-sized MeshComfort Lounger Seat and the padded flip-back shooting rail with integrated bow and rifle holder. Sure, using it kinda makes you look like a camo infant stuck in a backcountry high chair, but there’s no denying the elevated perspective improves your line of sight. Comes with a full-body safety harness. 2 MUSTANG SURVIVAL REV (CAMO) SIZES: Child, Youth, and Young Adult MSRP: Starting…

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defender 6x6

When it comes to real-world performance, raw numbers rarely tell the full story. So in order to dig a little deeper we spent two months using and abusing Can-Am’s Defender 6x6 for everything from high-country camping trips, to moving material, to hucking it over jumps, and thrashing it through off-road obstacles that make lifted-and-locked Rubicons shudder. And despite its homely looks and lack of 37-inch tires, it performs way better than you’d imagine. Powered by a 976cc Rotax twin-cylinder mill, producing 82 ponies and 69 lb-ft of torque, this utility machine has plenty of low-geared power to climb the steepest terrain, and climb it does. We nicknamed it “the goat,” due to its performance on a particularly steep and loose test climb that has bested several of its competitors — about…

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white tails & white claws

We all know the typical song and dance when it comes to eating venison-deer chili, deer tacos, deer spaghetti, deer roast, and deer steaks. Blah, blah, blah — boring. A few months ago, I had a hankering (that’s a craving for non-Southern humans) for a Philly cheesesteak. Living in a very rural area, there just isn’t anywhere around here that I can get a good, quality sandwich like that, so I decided to concoct my own from ingredients I already had on hand. And the result? Well, let’s just say it’s not really a Philly, but after tasting it I was fully prepared to marry myself. In the hot summer months, there’s nothing quite like a good sandwich and a cold beverage, and like many basic bitches before me, I too…

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Perhaps more than any other word, “cleaver” most strongly evokes images of a butcher chopping at pork loin or beef ribs. Why? It’s essentially a kitchen hatchet. This tool lets you split large pieces of meat into smaller, more manageable ones by hacking through not only skin and muscle but also bone and sinew. How? With its heft, length, and strength. A razor-sharp edge isn’t needed — nor desired — because it could buckle or crack. Instead, a cleaver blade is usually thicker than other knives and made of softer metal that won’t fracture. And depending on your culture or cooking style, you could also use it to slice, mince, or do other tasks (such as flatten garlic bulbs). It certainly is an iconic piece of cutlery, and that’s why we’re taking…