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RiDE November 2019

RiDE helps you get more from your motorcycle. Put together by a team of enthusiastic experts, with help from thousands of committed readers, every issue of RiDE is full of recommendations on bikes, kit, routes, destinations and technique. We speak directly to our readers about their biking lives & use our expertise to steer them towards the good-value option in bikes, trips and kits. We’re famed for our regular Product Tests and eery month provide a comprehensive used-bike buying guide, helping potential owners find the right bike at the right price. Finally... every issue features touring guides and riding advice to help readers explore the world on their bike.

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welcome... to the all-new ride

FLICK THROUGH THIS issue of RiDE and you’ll see that it has had a bit more than just a lick of paint. You’ll see a load of new features, a broader range of bikes and a bit of a redesign. However, the core of the magazine remains exactly what it was when I fell in love with it 24 years ago: RiDE is dedicated to helping you get more from biking. Our pledge is to help you stay informed as a biker, and to help give the info you need to make the best biking decisions — whether that’s working out which is the best new- bike PCP deal (I reckon it’s a Triumph Street Triple R for £95 a month, p48), finding somewhere new to ride this weekend (try Towton…

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this month

Martin Fitz-Gibbons Contributor They say; ‘Buy the best helmet you can afford’ but does ‘best’ always mean ‘dearest’? I’m fascinated by RiDE’s Head-to-Head test of a top- of-the-range lid and its half-price range- mate (p77). But I’d never wear the £90 fake Arai I bought online... Jim Blackstock Product editor Having spent family holidays in the New Forest and enjoyed the infamous traffic jams, I’m keen to know what the roads are like on two wheels. Tim Thompson knows; he rode from the Wessex Downs, through the Forest and ended at the seaside. Simon Hargreaves Contributor We’ve been waiting for Yamaha’s Ténéré for nearly three years and there has been loads of hype, but does it actually deliver? The Big Questions Answered road test looks to find out. The verdict? Like me, you’ll have to…

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your rides

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star picture

Passo Rombo, Italy I recently organised a trip for Les Snare, my friend and ex-colleague. Les used to be my motorcycle sergeant but we have both been retired for several years now. He recently turned 70 years old and has always wanted to ride the Stelvio Pass, so I organised a trip for him with four other friends. We all have big tourers but Les has a Burgman 400, not that it stopped him having a great time! We travelled over 2000 miles in a week, taking in eight countries and several passes, including the Flüella, Umbrail, Timmelsjoch and Route des Crêtes in France. Les would be made up to see himself in RiDE. Rhys Reynolds…

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ice creams, mates & hairpins

‘I rode my SS50 to Bilbao after I came up with the idea of building a travel bike out of my two SS50s. One was £5, without an engine!’ Phil Ranson 'After taking a 70-mile ride with two friends, we stopped at Blithfield Reservoir in Staffordshire for a giant ice cream.' lucy Biswell ‘Is there a better way to spend a Sunday than blasting round a Barcelona MotoGP circuit on a Panigale?’ John Jess ‘I’ve been riding in the Pamir Mountains in Kyrgyzstan — it’s stunning. The views completely blew my mind.’ Roksana Kielkowska ‘Joined by my lovely pillion Ania Murawska and the rest of the ‘Polish Motorbike Squadron’, we covered a total of 1433 miles to Cornwall.’ Pawel Murawski Sign up now!…

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‘you’ve got to be on your game’

ANDY IS THE kind of rider you can instantly tell knows one end of a bike from the other. Fast and smooth, it turns out the policeman has a bit of previous with the road from Towton to Helmsley: “I work in detective training at the moment — I’ve spent the bulk of my career in CID, but I was in traffic once,” Andy says. “One morning I turned up to work on my bike and the traffic sergeant said, ‘Oh, you’re a motorcyclist. Do you want to do an advanced course?’ So over four weeks I got to know all the roads around here pretty well — and this is one of my favourites.” Andy’s 50-mile ride runs from south of York up to Helmsley on the edge of the…