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Carros & Motos

RiDE December 2019

RiDE helps you get more from your motorcycle. Put together by a team of enthusiastic experts, with help from thousands of committed readers, every issue of RiDE is full of recommendations on bikes, kit, routes, destinations and technique. We speak directly to our readers about their biking lives & use our expertise to steer them towards the good-value option in bikes, trips and kits. We’re famed for our regular Product Tests and eery month provide a comprehensive used-bike buying guide, helping potential owners find the right bike at the right price. Finally... every issue features touring guides and riding advice to help readers explore the world on their bike.

United Kingdom
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‘no other type of motorcycle offers the same feeling’

We’ve had a great time putting together our naked-bike special in this issue — simply because when it comes to riding, no other motorcycle offers the same wind-in-your-face, bugs-in-your-teeth experience. Of course, there are bikes that go further, go faster and are more comfortable over distance — but the sense of fun on a fairing-free bike is second to none and the diverse mix of bikes is astounding. Right now, I don’t know whether to sign up for an MT-10 SP with a big dealer discount or plump for something lovely from our used guide. You’ll feel the same — and the feature starts on p52. Talking of used bikes, in the refreshed RiDE magazine you’ll find more than ever before. Buying a machine — new or used — is one of…

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ride magazine

EDITORIAL RiDE, Media House, Lynchwood, Peterborough PE2 6EA Editor Matt Wildee 01733 468086 matt.wildee@ride.co.uk Head of publishing, motorcycling/acting art editor Steve Herbert 01733 468639 steve.herbert@ bauermedia.co.uk Product editor Jim Blackstock 01733 468015 jim.blackstock@ride.co.uk Editorial assistant Colleen Moore 01733 468099 colleen.moore @bauermedia.co.uk Contributors Stuart Collins, Jason Critchell, Martin Fitz-Gibbons, Simon Hargreaves, Simon Lee, Jim Moore, Michael Neeves, Kev Raymond, Jon Urry ADVERTISING Commercial director Gareth Ashman 01733 366444 Head of key accounts Shaun Collin 01766 366453 Classified Claire Spalding 01733 366424 MARKETING Marketing manager Sarah Norman 01733 468845 Marketing executive Perri Boyton MANAGEMENT Managing director, motorcycling Rob Aherne Editorial director June Smith-Sheppard Finance Director Lisa Hayden CEO, Bauer Publishing UK Rob Munro-Hall…

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star picture

British Columbia, Canada This is me and my son Edward about to depart Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada for a north-to-south traverse of the Continental Divide from Canada through the USA down to Mexico. We made it 2500 miles, as far as Steamboat Springs in Colorado, before my son’s KTM 1190 Adventure developed electrical gremlins which led to an early bath. The Husky 701 was reliable (apart from three punctures and a leaking auxiliary fuel tank). Still, we now have an excuse to go back to finish it! We were supposed to do this ride last year but Edward crashed my KTM 1290 Super Adventure in the UK.…

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your rides

Rhodes, Greece I hired an XT660 (with dodgy brakes!) in Rhodes, Greece, for just €48. It was such a blast I did it twice during a ten-day holiday. Don’t forget to pack your swim gear and towel though, because riding right onto a beach, jumping off the bike and taking a plunge into the sea to wash off the road dust is a fantastic bonus! James Dickson Ardennes, Belgium This picture was taken at La Rocheen-Ardennes, during a short tour to eastern Belgium. My mate Dave was on a CB1000 and I was on my R nine T. Fabulous scenery and roads. The best bit is that you can ride right into the middle of town and park up for a coffee. If I’d been in a car, I’d still be looking for…

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sharing the r5k experience

‘We’ve done 5000 miles this year on our R1200GSA, exploring the roads around our home in Basel and a 10-day European tour.’ Sean and Emily Denton ‘I’ve done 8000 miles two-up with girlfriend Sarah this year. We spend most of our time on the bike. I couldn’t ask for a better passenger.’ Lee Parsons ‘My gorgeous fiancée, Kim Wilson, is the best pillion ever. We have done thousands of miles together all over the UK and Europe.' Ian Speight ‘I enjoyed a two-up ride with Lisa Carmichael to Elan Valley Reservoirs. I’ve done 5000 miles this year, alone and with a pillion.’ Andrew Beale ‘We rode across southern India from Bangalore to Fort Kochi, via Munnar, aboard a Royal Enfield Bullet 500.’ Nicky and Neil Sinclair Sign up now! www.facebook.com/#ride5000miles…

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‘if you only ride one bit, make it the b6047’

RIDE READER ANDY Woolley has a long biking history, stretching way back to the lairy two-strokes of his hooligan youth in the late seventies. But it’s offroaders that have taken precedence for the past decade or so. His current XT660 is a new addition, after a break from riding — in fact he’s only had it a couple of days and this will be his first proper ride on it. “It wants some things doing, but it’s in amazing condition for a 13-year-old bike. Smooth too, for a big single.” It’s the ideal bike for tight, twisty roads with variable surfaces, and Andy’s about to show me a nice selection of those. “I’ve only recently started exploring all the backroads out this way, but there are some belters if you…