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Rolling Stone

November 2020

No one covers the people, politics and issues that matter (now more than ever) like Rolling Stone. Your source for all the breaking news coverage, exclusive interviews with influential people, music trends, hot album and movie reviews, must-read rock star profiles and in-depth national affairs reporting you rely on in the magazine. An annual term to Rolling Stone is currently 12 issues. The number of issues in an annual term is subject to change at any time. Get Rolling Stone digital magazine subscription today for cutting-edge reporting, provocative photos and raw interviews with influential people who shape the scene and rock the world.

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eddie van halen

EVEN IN THEIR days as a local SoCal band, before their classic 1978 debut album, Van Halen were a fully formed heavy-metal party machine — and the band’s biggest star and musical engine was Eddie Van Halen. A self-taught virtuoso, he ushered in a new era for the guitar with “Eruption,” an instrumental experiment that producer Ted Templeman managed to capture on tape, showcasing the musician’s dive-bombing low notes and laser-beam highs. Eddie made it all look and sound effortless, bounding across stages with a guileless grin. “I do whatever I want,” he told Guitar Player in 1978. “Everything is pretty spontaneous.” Van Halen died of throat cancer on October 6th, just as this issue was going to press; ROLLING STONE is celebrating the guitarist’s life and legacy with a special…

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love letters & advice

“This might be the best Springsteen profile I’ve ever read. I can’t wait for this album. I feel lucky to have shared the planet with [him].”—Ellen Clair Lamb, via Twitter Springsteen’s Ghosts For our October issue, Bruce Springsteen appeared on his 16th ROLLING STONE cover. This time, he spoke with senior writer Brian Hiatt about the losses that have shaped his life — from his teenage bandmate George Theiss to E Street Band saxophonist Clarence Clemons — and how their memories informed his new album, Letter to You [“Ghosts, Guitars, and the E Street Shuffle,” RS 1344]. Readers had much to say in response. “It’s hard to find things to be happy about these days,” tweeted Emily Chappell. “This Springsteen article, and his soon-to-be-released album, helped immensely.” Vicki Ann also found comfort…

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amy lee gets back to life

AMY LEE misses Brooklyn. She lived there for 12 years with her husband (and later their son, born in 2015), before they left their apartment for Nashville a year ago. “The perfect year,” she says with an eye roll over Zoom. Lee had hoped to be closer to her family in Arkansas and friends in Nashville when she moved, only to find herself stuck at home like the rest of the world. “We haven’t gotten [to see people] as much as we would have liked to because of Covid, but now we are here, and we will be set up for a better next year,” she adds optimistically. That’s not the only plan she’s had to readjust: Earlier this year, her alt-metal band, Evanescence, returned to the studio with producer Nick…

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rs recommends

SINGLE 1. Blackpink’s “Bet You Wanna” Cardi B’s appearance on Blackpink’s debut album is more flirty than filthy, with the rapper and K-pop girl group trading verses on this seductive come-on track disguised as schoolyard-friendly bop. COMIC COLLECTION 2. ‘SFSX Vol. 1’ Pronounced “safe sex,” this collection by kinkster Tina Horn is set in a dystopia where a strict bureaucracy polices sexual relations. A group of queer sex workers must fight to save their community — and the world. DOCUMENTARY 3. ‘The Art of Protest’ The activist collective behind 2016’s naked Donald Trump statues is back with this 45-minute doc — featuring artists and musicians from Shepard Fairey to Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova — about how art is necessary for social revolution. BOOK 4. ‘The Butterfly Effect’ Music journalist Marcus J. Moore’s detailed study places Kendrick Lamar’s life and music within…

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ask croz

I think my husband is having an affair. I would know for sure if I got his phone and read his texts. Would it be wrong of me to spy on him like that? —Mary, Ohio If you have to feel that you need to do that, you’re in the wrong relationship. It’s a basic truth that you can’t love someone if you can’t trust them. I don’t have to check my wife’s phone. Earning that trust isn’t an overnight thing where you say, “Oh, God. You’re my savior. I trust you!” Bullshit. It takes years to earn my trust. I don’t give it up any other way. From what you’re telling me, I think you’re in a failed relationship already. I’m 18 and looking to go into a career as a musician.…

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flo milli came to flex

If you haven’t heard of Flo Milli, ask the nearest teen to finish the line “I like cash …” They’ll almost certainly respond with a singsong-y “and my hair to my ass!” — the indelible opening line from her signature hit, “Beef FloMix.” Milli, 20, recorded it two years ago out of boredom, freestyling over a minor Playboi Carti hit that now sounds weary and washed-out compared with Milli’s vibrant, convincing remake. Soon her song was blowing up on TikTok and featured in countless fancams (compilation videos that fans use to pay tribute to their favorite celebrities), and racking up more than 54 million Spotify plays. “One day I was at college, and the next day I was in New York at label meetings,” says Milli, who studied business before…