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taylor swift opens up

“That’s why I call myself the ‘Grim Reaper.’ I’m killing their socialist agenda.”—MITCH MCCONNELL, Senate majority leader WHEN TAYLOR SWIFT first appeared on the cover of ROLLING STONE, in 2009, she was a self-assured teenager with a vision bigger than the confines of country music. Over the next five years — and two more cover stories — she developed into a global superstar and one of the most gifted songwriters of her generation, while very publicly navigating fame and love, battling insecurities, defending against critics, and defining what it means to be a star in the internet age. She did a lot of growing up in the pages of ROLLING STONE. In 2009, she made mocha-chocolate-chip cookies with writer Vanessa Grigoriadis and explained why she’d never tried alcohol. Five years later, she…

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+ love letters & advice

“Harry’s story teaches us to live our damn lives. You’ll get heartbroken, you might experiment in psychedelics, and you might be lonely while the world has no idea.”—Emily G., via the internet Everyone Loves Harry The last time Harry Styles appeared on our cover [RS 1286, in 2017], the boy-band star was in the midst of his coming-of-age moment. Two years later, Styles returned to the pages of ROLLING STONE [“The Eternal Sunshine of Harry Styles,” RS 1331] as a fully realized rock star. From California to London, there was no better guide for the Fleetwood Mac-fueled journey than writer Rob Sheffield. “When you’re about to read an RS cover story, you know it won’t be just another interview,” says Twitter user “BeeBee.” “But this went further. Every reader could sit in…

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green day’s soul survival

‘I KNEW I WANTED to do something different,” says Billie Joe Armstrong. He’s talking about his search for a new sound after 2016’s Revolution Radio, the album where Green Day got back on their feet after the messiest period of their career. Armstrong wanted to find a way to incorporate the soul-music phase he was going through, which ranged from Smokey Robinson to Amy Winehouse. “I’d always loved British mod music from the Sixties, but I wanted to go to where the source was and see if I could put [soul] through the Green Day filter,” says Armstrong. “It was a lot of trial and error, a lot of pulling my fucking hair out.” Then it happened: Armstrong was at his home in Newport Beach, California, jamming with drummer Tre Cool,…

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rare shots from a photo legend

JIM MARSHALL had a backstage pass for rock’s golden age, shooting the Beatles’ final gig, Johnny Cash at San Quentin, and more. There’s still plenty to uncover in his archive, like this shot of Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin in 1968, from Show Me the Picture, a collection of Marshall’s rarest images. “Nobody knows what happened to Hendrix’s footage,” says Amelia Davis, who runs Marshall’s estate. “Can you imagine what’s on it?” THIS PAGE, FROM TOP: © JIM MARSHALL PHOTOGRAPHY LLC/COURTESY OF CHRONICLE BOOKS; GRIFFIN LOTZ.…

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elton john’s final goodbye

HIGHEST-GROSSING TOURS 2018-2019 Time Elton has spent singing “Bennie and the Jets”: 11 hours Value of his actual private jet: $52 million Value of the Saturn V rocket the “Rocket Man” would have used to reach space in 1972: $6.4 billion Number of costume changes per show: 3 Each night features a rotating trio of sequined tuxes, silk robes, and tracksuits. Number of years ago that drummer Nigel Olsson, Elton’s longest-serving bandmate, first played with him: 50 Total songs played: 2,625 Number of songs in his set list recorded since 1985: 1, “Believe” Times he’s sung the word “Saturday” during “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting”: 4,796 Number of shows that have taken place on Saturdays: 30 Heel height of the platform boots worn on his 1976 tour: 4 inches Heel height of the farewell-tour custom Gucci shoes: 1.2 inches CLOCKWISE FROM TOP CENTER: JAVIER BRAGADO/REDFERNS; HENNEQUIN PIERRE/GETTY IMAGES; COURTESY…

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1. Lana Del Rey “The Next Best American Record” Del Rey‘s Norman Fucking Rockwell! is one of the year’s best albums. Right now, our favorite song is this elegantly emulsified ode to sharing a doom-drenched dream with a boy who’s “Seventies in spirit, Nineties in his frame of mind.” Crushing. 2. Michael Kiwanuka “You Ain’t the Problem” Many were introduced to British singer Kiwanuka via “Cold Little Heart,” the theme song to Big Little Lies. Later this month, he’s releasing Kiwanuka, a fantastic album full of radiant psychedelic soul like “You Ain’t the Problem.” 3. Big Thief “Not” No indie-folk band brings the delicately punishing realness quite like Big Thief; here, singer Adrianne Lenker builds tension before the fragile song explodes into Crazy Horse-noise glory. 4. Tegan and Sara “Hey, I’m Just Like You” The twin-sister duo just released an ace…