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change must come

EVERY AMERICAN should be outraged by what Derek Chauvin did to George Floyd on a Minneapolis street on May 25th, pressing his knee into the 46-year-old’s neck for nearly nine minutes while ignoring his pleas for breath, killing him in broad daylight. The homicide, a travesty in itself, is a product of the racist rot at the core of American police practice, which devalues black lives even as it subjects them to heightened surveillance and criminal enforcement that white communities would never tolerate. Americans in all 50 states, from the biggest cities to smallest towns, have taken to the streets to demand justice. ROLLING STONE stands in solidarity with protesters. And we support calls for a radical reimagination of policing in America — shifting resources from paramilitary law enforcement into community-led…

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love letters & advice

“This didn’t feel like I was reading an article. It felt like I was actually talking to Bad Bunny. Fabulous job!”—Cristal, via Twitter Bad Bunny in Lockdown Reggaeton superstar Bad Bunny, whose real name is Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, appears on our June cover from his rented home in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where he has isolated himself during the pandemic. When assistant editor Suzy Exposito began reporting this story in early March, she could not have predicted that traditional interviews would be replaced by Zoom sessions, FaceTime calls, and playlist swaps. Despite the physical distance, the result [“Bad Bunny in Captivity,” RS 1340] is an intimate look at the personal and political influences shaping Bad Bunny’s career, which inspired impassioned responses from readers. ”This is a groundbreaking moment for Latinx visibility,”…

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haim's brave new world

‘I DON’T KNOW if I’m giving too much away right now, but fuck it,” says Este Haim. “We made puzzles out of our record!” Este, 34 — the eldest Haim sister and the only one who’s turned on her camera for this Zoom call — holds up a laptop-size jigsaw puzzle of the cover art of Women in Music Pt. III, the San Fernando Valley, California, trio’s third album. The image, shot by their friend Paul Thomas Anderson, shows off their cheeky sense of humor: The sisters stare blankly out from behind the counter at Canter’s, their childhood deli, unfazed by the comically large salami hanging behind them. Above their heads, the ticket dispenser reads NOW SERVING 69. (Nice.) Haim were set to promote Women in Music Pt. III — or WIMPIII…

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rs recommends

MOVIE 1. ‘Hamilton’ Director Tommy Kail’s filmed evidence of the original-cast production of Hamilton, shot in 2016, is most people’s first chance to see the groundbreaking rap musical. It was meant to debut in theaters next year, but somebody smart thought we needed it now. ALBUM 2. Lady Gaga, ‘Chromatica’ After the folksy contemplation of 2016’s Joanne and an Oscar for A Star Is Born’s “Shallow,” Lady Gaga returns to the dance floor, deepening her disco and house euphoria with hard-won introspect. BOOK 3. ‘Under the Red, White, and Blue’ In his new book, critic Greil Marcus explores F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, incorporating signposts from Lana Del Rey to Lincoln, as he asks readers to re-examine our shared American dreams and burdens. ALBUM 4. Run the Jewels, ‘RTJ 4’ Killer Mike and El-P are the most politically potent voice…

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ask croz

I was a Bernie supporter like you, but I don’t know if I can bring myself to vote for Biden. I live in a swing state, but I just disagree with him on too many issues, and I want to write in a candidate. Would I be wrong to do that? —Maureen Kadish, MI I voted for Bernie too. I think he would have been a much better candidate. That’s over. Ask Bernie. It’s done. We have to get this madman out of the office, and the guy who’s going to do it is Biden. He’s imperfect, and I understand that. But he’s 1,000 times better than this sick person who is screwing our country. So get a grip. Put your Bernie to bed. Not only is our country at stake, but…

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the uncertain road ahead

BUDDY GUY I HAVEN’T PICKED up the guitar since they canceled me in Arizona. I was born on a farm down in Louisiana, and this is a flashback, because this time of year we were sharecropping in the fields all day. There wasn’t no one near you to talk to you, just mules and horses. So I grew up distancing. But this is the longest I’ve been home in 50 years, maybe a little longer — even before I got the chance to make a living playing music, I was driving a tow truck. I want to get back out there. People are so mad at the world, but when I play music, I see them smiling. My next birthday, I’ll be 84, so when you get up to that kinda…