Runner's World November/December 2019

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inside knowledge

Addie Pulley “How Injuries Helped My Running” p.38 Be relentless. In all aspects of running and life, being willing to put it all out there—and not give up—changes everything. Also: When a run gets tough, I always start repeating mantras. My go-to ones are “I am strong” and “Head up. Knees up.” Gina Lucrezi “Runners Alliance” p.64 My favorite workout is one I consider a game. I call it my “Jumble Run,” as it has a jumble of random speed pickups. I run a route I’ve done before (and enjoyed) and choose five to 10 two-minute speed pickups. I just do the pickups whenever I want throughout the run. Some are downhill, some are flat, and some are uphill—but the purpose is for it to feel playful. Also: Never count yourself out. You never know…

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what we’re running

AMY WOLFF PHOTO DIRECTOR IF IT SUCKS, DON’T DO IT 1 / Haribo Gold Gummi Bears $8 for 3lb bag Gummy bears are my favorite snack for a quick boost of energy pre- and post-workout. Plus, they’re shareable, fun to eat, and don’t melt in the sun. And sure, you can buy smaller-size bags, but why would you?! 2 / Nike AeroLoft Women’s Running Vest Sold Out The plus side of cold-weather runs? Ditching a run belt and gaining a layer with pockets. I’ve had this Nike vest for a few seasons, and it’s my absolute favorite, both in style and comfort. It’s totally packable and warm, and its reflective details keep me visible in the dark. 3 / Santa Maria Novella Arnica Cream $76 When I started to feel sore before a half, my friend handed me…

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what we’re running

JESSICA COULON ASSISTANT EDITOR CAN’T OUTRUN MY CAT (YET), BUT AT LEAST I HAVE THUMBS 1 / New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon 2 $120 My first pair of running shoes were New Balance, and these new ones remind me of everything I loved about them—and then some. These have the same great fit, but with even better cushioning and upper construction. 2 / Janji W’s Compass Singlet in Las Caras de Carrera $32 I run mostly for cross-training, so I don’t have much running-specific gear. This is the first singlet I’ve owned, and it’s awesome. It works better than any other tank top I’ve used, and I even wear it on mountain bike rides. 3 / TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller $35 With my chronically tight IT bands and hip flexors, foam-rolling is a must. After experimenting with a…

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the inside lane

ON A RECENT WORK TRIP to Boston, I did what I always do when I travel: dropped my bag at the hotel and immediately headed out for a run. The popular Charles River Path, usually bustling with runners and cyclists, was growing quiet as daylight faded, but I had to get in my second run of the day. As a dude, I’m fully aware that I have it easy as a runner. I pay no mind to my own safety before heading out the door. Dark streets in a big city? I’ll still wear headphones. And, on this evening, I did, streaming NPR as I cruised along for nine miles. Toward the end of that run, however, I came across something that broke my rhythm. Not far from the Longfellow Bridge, an…

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the test zone

Saucony Carrera XC4 / $110 Although I ran competitively in high school and college, I never wore spikes because, in all honesty, I didn’t see the point (pun intended). To test if they are truly more effective than the light-weight shoes I usually race in, I ran 400s at a local track, rotating between the Carreras and Saucony’s Kinvara 10 after each lap. There wasn’t much of a difference in my times (proof that shoes don’t make you faster), but I did stride more confidently on straightaways wearing the Carreras, and I wasn’t making wide arcs around corners, thanks to the six-pin grip. The shoe is also extremely lightweight (4.3 ounces) and incredibly snappy. There’s this XC course with a steep stretch, called Snake Hill, that terrorized me in high school.…

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for strength and speed, you need to lift—here’s how.

To run longer and faster, you have to run stronger. Adding tempo runs, long runs, and speedwork to your routine will help, but strength-training is key, too. Yep, runners need to lift weights. “Strength work accomplishes three big goals for runners: It prevents injuries by strengthening muscles and connective tissues; it helps you run faster by improving neuromuscular coordination and power; and it improves running economy by encouraging coordination and stride efficiency,” says Jason Fitzgerald, USATF-certified running coach and founder of Strength Running. Many fear that lifting will build bulky muscle, which will slow you down. While it’s true that putting on loads of muscle won’t benefit you on the roads, unless you’re lifting very frequently and eating tons of extra calories, you’re unlikely to put on weight that would impair your…