Runner's World Issue 1 2020

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inside knowledge

Phil Crews RW+ Member I recently had a really cool run! It was my first day back from an injury, and I met Des Linden while running along the Seattle waterfront. I watch videos of her win at Boston for motivation. She was super nice! ALSO: On my first day of chemo, I met a guy who has become a great friend. Jim has stage IV lung cancer, but not a week goes by that he doesn’t send me a note to encourage me. And my buddy Joe was only 32 when we lost him to esophageal cancer. He was kind and gracious and inspired me to be a better person. When I’m having a tough run, I think of these two amazing guys and do my best to live up to…

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my running life

AMANDA FURRER TEST EDITOR YOU’RE NOT CHASING ME, I’M RACING YOU PRODUCTS I’M USING RIGHT PRODUCTS I’M USING RIGHT NOW 1 / Tracksmith Van Cortlandt Shorts $60 They’re so light, comfy, and retro. I have four pairs of them. 2 / Triggerpoint Massage Ball $12 I stashed this in my carry-on and a TSA agent asked if I play softball; I’m lucky if I score at beer pong. 3 / Brooks Transcend 6 $160 The first cushioned shoes that didn’t feel like I was slogging while running. WHY I RUN You know flying dreams? That’s what it feels like when I get a good surge. Soaring. ON THE BUCKET LIST THE WORST RUN OF MY LIFE… Back when I was living in Boston, I was running one evening and a car backed into me. I wasn’t badly hurt, but the driver was…

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the inside lane

THE LATE ANTHONY BOURDAIN had a few clear rules for his staff when they were in the field filming his television shows: You never eat on an airplane. You never eat at the hotel. You never order a salad. The chef and storyteller knew that nothing slows down production as quickly and completely as a stomach bug. Those same invisible parasites can thwart your own PR plans, too—or even just wreck an otherwise lovely tour-by-two-feet of a new city. So heed his guidelines when you take flight for your next running adventure. (See page 32 for our list of the best races worth burning vacation days on.) Whenever I travel, I also have a few hard and fast rules. They’re not food-related—after all, I ate a brisket sandwich the night before the…

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fake meat is getting scary real—but is it actually healthy?

Sage Canaday, a long-distance runner for Hoka One One and plantbased athlete, eats meat alternatives about once a week. He finds them more accessible on the road than other plant-based foods, like tofu or tempeh. “When I’m traveling and eat out at restaurants, or even fast food, these are always great options for me,” he says. New options, like the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat, have made this easier for vegetarian runners. You can’t miss the Burger King commercials showing off how people can’t believe the “Impossible Whopper” isn’t made from meat. Even McDonald’s is testing a Beyond Meat burger in Canadian markets, and KFC experimented with vegan fried chicken, which sold out in less than five hours at one Atlanta location. While faux meats are easier than ever to find, it…

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when the going gets tough, gratitude keeps you going

I think it’s safe to say no one ever embarks on a marathon intending to be negative about it. But as my friend Peter always says, “The marathon is too far and too fickle to be tamed by your intentions.” If you’ve already covered 26.2, then you’ve probably already confronted that moment when it feels like everything is crashing down around you and that voice in your head is saying, “I want to be done.” If you’re about to embark on your first marathon, then be prepared for that moment to come. I went to that dark place around mile 16 of the 2019 Boston Marathon. I’d played it smart during the first half, but after training through the winter in New York City, the weather wasn’t working for me. The heat…

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break barriers just like eliud kipchoge

This past October, the running world held its collective breath as the world’s most dominant marathoner, Eliud Kipchoge, staged his second attempt at running 26.2 miles in under two hours. After coming so close the first time in 2017—falling just 26 seconds shy on a track in Monza, Italy—Kipchoge broke the elusive barrier by clocking a time of 1:59:40.2 through the Prater, a park in Vienna. While Kipchoge’s time doesn’t count as an official world record for a number of reasons—like multiple sets of rotating pacers—his sub-2 accomplishment should serve as an inspiration to help you attain whatever goals you’ve set for yourself in the new decade. Even those marathoners who lack a team of sport scientists, the ability to log 140-mile training weeks, or access to heralded prototype shoes from Nike to…