Runner's World Issue 3 2020

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inside knowledge

James Henson #RWRunStreak p.39 Truck drivers look at me like I’m crazy. Probably I’m 1 percent of truckers that get out of their truck, get up early in the morning before driving, or get out on a 30-minute break—right now I’m about to put on my running clothes and go running, because it’s a physical, demanding job. ALSO: I like lifting weights. Curling weights and tricep curls. I do sets up of 25 situps, 25 pushups, and bicep curls and tricep curls. Mylen Morales #RWRunStreak p.38 Earlier this year I ran the Strip It to Give It 10K in Charlotte, NC. My best friend and her husband bought me this race for Christmas. You run a normal 10K wearing clothes you want to donate. Every half mile you stop, strip down, and throw in a…

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my running life

BRIAN DALEK DIRECTOR OF CONTENT OPERATIONS IT’S BETTER TO MOVE FORWARD SLOWLY THAN TO STOP COMPLETELY PRODUCTS I’M USING RIGHT NOW 1 / Buckwheat Yoga Bolster Pillow $79 I use this when I meditate with the Headspace app, and when I do my stretches for physical therapy. 2 / Skechers GOrun Razor 3 Hyper $205 The Hyper Burst midsole provides some extra pop when my legs feel tired near the end of a run. 3 / Rabbit Strong Sleeves Top $51 It does a fantastic job of keeping my upper body warm without feeling extra bulky. THE GREATEST RUN OF MY LIFE… Negative splitting the Big Sur Marathon in 2018. …THE HARDEST RUN OF MY LIFE My high school cross-country course still kicks my ass. That hilly 3.1 miles in West Virginia feels harder than a half marathon. One Runner Who Inspires Me Molly Huddle…

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my running life

LAKOTA SKY GAMBILL PHOTOGRAPHER YOU GO, I’LL CATCH UP PRODUCTS I’M USING RIGHT NOW 1 / Hoka One One Evo Speedgoat $160 Consider these lightweight bad boys the holy grail for trail runners. 2 / Lagunitas Daytime IPA $8 for 6-pack Low in cals, high in hops. Need I say more? 3 / OS1st FS6 Performance Foot Sleeve $40 I tend to overtrain (bad, I know) but these ease the moments when I push too hard. LISTEN UP The Biggest Way Running Needs to Change The “run bod.” I’m channeling my inner Latoya Shauntay Snell here, but run for you. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not a runner because you don’t fit their idea of the “typical physique.” BEST THING ABOUT RUNNING That midway point when you’re mentally and physically drained but feel absolutely unstoppable. BUCKET LIST RUN Boston Marathon. As a previous Allston…

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the inside lane

AS COVID-19 UPENDED our world, it also radically altered the world of running, from the racing calendar getting wiped out to the way we get in our daily jog. There are far more serious implications from the virus than its impact on running—amid the mass casualties and economic impact, you may be struggling financially or know those who are, or may have fallen ill yourself or have a loved one who got sick or passed away. But we also need to honor how important running is to those of us who love it. The Runner’s World team began working from home early in March, to do our part to slow the spread of coronavirus. Fortunately, because the risk of transmission is low if outside efforts are limited to easy laps around…

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the carb-loading benefits are real. follow these new rules to crush big races

The advantages of “carb-loading” have long been clear: When British researchers tracked more than 250 runners before the 2009 London Marathon, those who carb-loaded before had 13.4 percent faster overall finishing times and better maintained their running speed during the race than those who didn’t, regardless of age, gender, weight, training volume, or experience. Though carb-loading is a no-brainer, how to optimize carbohydrate consumption is far less straightforward. Scientific understanding has evolved since carb-loading became a thing back in 1967, but it’s hard to keep up-to-date on the latest and best practices. To help you out, here’s a definitive guide for maxing out your carb storage for peak performance. WHY CARBS COUNT You know carbs are important, but here’s a quick refresher on the science of why: The moment you spring into motion,…

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liquid carbs

Top off the tank before and during an event with carb-dense drinks. MAURTEN DRINK MIX 320 / $48 FOR 14 80G SERVINGS Used by Eliud Kipchoge and Desiree Linden, it delivers 80 grams of carbs that form a slow-dissolving hydrogel in the stomach to avoid GI distress. SIS BETA FUEL /$38 FOR 15-PACK The 2:1 malto-dextrin-fructose blend increases max intestinal carb absorption from 60 to 90 grams without stomach upset. TAILWIND ENDURANCE FUEL / $36 FOR 50 SERVINGS This blends glucose and sucrose to get more carbs into your system. Three scoops in a 24 oz. bottle provides 75 grams of carbs. SKRATCH SUPERFUEL / $40 FOR 8- SERVING POUCH This new, high-carb mix is made of cluster dextrin, which research shows is absorbed more easily than glucose or malto-dextrin, causes less GI upset, and may improve performance.…