Runner's World Issue 5 2020

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inside knowledge

Sylvia Jimerson Running for Resistance p.34 I met with a run coach, Aaron Burros, who told me to think of each distance run in small, two-mile chunks. He actually told me to train with two-mile runs, which also usually coincides with water stops for the longdistance races. So my brain just thinks, Run to the next water stop, walk through it, take a drink, and keep going. ALSO: I was a little late knowing how important it is to get a gait analysis and proper shoe fitting. OMG, shoes make the difference in everything.…

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my running life

ELENI ARPINO SENIOR DESIGNER I RUN SO I CAN EAT LOUKOUMADES PRODUCTS I’M USING RIGHT NOW 1 / Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit $160 My arches typically hurt a bit in shoes, but these delay the pain, if I get any at all. They’re also super lightweight and springy. 2 / MUD\WTR $40 It’s made with 1/7th the caffeine of coffee and all-organic ingredients known for their performance benefits, giving me natural energy and focus. 3 / Undersun Resistance Bands Set $99 These neon bands help tone and improve muscle strength—and they’re the closest I can get to a gym during quarantine. Who Inspires Me Michael Jordan. Along with the rest of the world, I was like a giddy schoolgirl watching every minute of The Last Dance, in awe of Jordan’s mentality and work ethic. Part of his…

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my running life

ADRIENNE DONICA TEST EDITOR HERE FOR THE GOOD AND HARD RUNS PRODUCTS I’M USING RIGHT NOW 1 / Salomon Sonic 3 Balance W $130 They’re firm, fast, and push me to keep pace when I’d rather slow down. 2 / Fitbit Charge 4 $150 I’m addicted to the Workout Intensity Map, which shows how my pace and heart rate change during my route. 3 / Eddie Bauer Multiclava $13 At this point, running without a mask would probably feel like running naked. LISTEN UP Best Advice I’ve Received as a Runner I was horribly out of shape but joined a group run anyway. A running mentor of mine was kind enough to walk part of the way with me, and told me I would get my fitness level back one day. I think about that anytime I’m lacing up…

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my running life

RUNNER’S WORL D+ MEMBER DAVID FULLER, 4 5 SAN ANTONIO JUST KEEP MOVING WARMUP OR COOLDOWN? THE WARMUP. IT GETS ME MENTALLY PREPARED FOR THE RUN. CURRENTLY RUNNING IN Brooks Glycerin 16. I only run in Brooks. I was introduced to them a few years back, and it was a match made in heaven. Their cushion and sole are perfect for me. TRAILS OR ROADS? Trails! My favorite time to run is early morning, but I also run a lot in the afternoon. The San Antonio area has a lot of very good trail-running routes, but my favorite is the 7-mile Blue Loop Trail at McAllister Park. It’s quiet, peaceful, and makes me feel free and at ease. My Running Style in Three Words DIRECT, FOCUSED, STRESS-FREE. What Motivates Me Feeling like I can accomplish the impossible. It satisfies my yearning…

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my running life

RUNNER’S WORLD+ MEMBER KELLI NIELSEN, 38 WESTFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS IF IT WERE EASY, EVERYONE WOULD DO IT CURRENTLY RUNNING IN New Balance 860s. I tend to pronate, and these shoes provide stability while having a nice, large toebox. They’re not as stylish as some other brands, but I’ve never been accused of being fashionable. DISTANCE OR TIME? Distance. I don’t think I’ll ever be fast—I don’t really want to be. I will get faster, but that’s not my goal. I joke that anyone who finishes a 5K in 25 minutes doesn’t really get to enjoy the race. I’ve completed a 10-miler, which I used to think was impossible, and I want to run a half marathon. Distance shows grit and determination that I never knew I had. It’s addicting and rewarding. FAVORITE PIECE OF RUNNING GEAR My Apple Watch. It’s…

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the inside lane

RUNNING IS, I’D argue, the most democratic sport. Anybody can do it, anytime, anywhere. You don’t need to field two teams of nine players on a Sunday. You don’t need access to frozen ice rinks. And you don’t even need any pricey, specialized equipment. Just lace up a pair of shoes, head out the door, and you’re a runner. But, for a large percentage of our population, it isn’t that simple or accessible. Ahmaud Arbery’s killing shook the running community, forcing white runners like myself to acknowledge the privilege and safety afforded us simply because of the color of our skin. And recent protests and activism have brought into clear focus the systemic racism and social injustice that affects everyday life for Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC). But it’s…