Runner's World Issue 1 2021

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inside knowledge

JOHANAN SOWAH How We Can Break Down Barriers, p.32 I’d been running competitively at a high level for eight years, and then in 2019 I sustained my firstever injuries, two sudden unrelated back-to-back problems that kept me out of running for a year. Take care of your body; nobody is invincible. ALSO: When it’s terribly cold outside, I sometimes prefer wearing socks or mittens on my hands instead of gloves because they’re more effective at retaining body heat. LAKOTA GAMBILL 2021 Fitness Awards, p.48 As part of a virtual marathon relay, I recently ran a 5K in my hometown, Salt Lake City. It was 36°F, with bad air pollution, at about 4000+ feet altitude. I’m now an East Coaster and no longer used to that, so it sucked. The whole time I was just telling…

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my running life

WILL EGENSTEINER ASSOCIATE TEST DIRECTOR *BARELY PERCEPTIBLE HEAD NOD* PRODUCTS I’M USING RIGHT NOW 1 / Brooks Ravenna 7 Shoes $110 These are a few years old, but they fit my wide, high-arched feet so well, which is good for when I just need to get out and plod for a few miles. 2 / Headsweats TruckAir Hat $26 It’s rare for me to find a hat that fits on my big ol’ head. The TruckAir does, and its wide mesh lets sweat evaporate better than any other lid I’ve tried. 3 / Saxx Pilot 2N1 Shorts $65 Any guy who’s run in Saxx boxers or shorts knows the level of support they afford. The BallPark pouch naming is a little corny but appropriate. COFFEE OR BEER? Beer. Coffee is preparatory; beer is celebratory. I’m partial to Sierra Nevada Otra Vez,…

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my running life

DANIELLE ZICKL HEALTH AND FITNESS EDITOR AT THE END OF THE DAY, RUNNING SHOULD ALWAYS STILL BE FUN PRODUCTS I’M USING RIGHT NOW 1 / Tracksmith Brighton Base Layer $88 Perfect to wear under a vest, jacket, or sweatshirt. It’s so soft, comfortable, and breathable. 2 / Brooks Formation Crop Leggings $85 Thick enough to keep me warm on chilly runs, but not so thick that I’m totally overheating. 3 / Adidas Ultraboost Shoes $180 These got me through my first half marathon, and I’ve since bought a couple more pairs. I’m not in any rush to fix what’s not broken. My Soul Route Anywhere on a boardwalk or by a beach. The crashing sound of the waves and the salty smell of the air really makes me feel like I’m in my element and could keep going…

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my running life

RUNNER’S WORLD+ MEMBER HAIJUN STAMATIS RAMOUNDOS, 25 VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA STAY FOCUSED Wave or Nod? Wave. Often runners, including myself, are very focused while running and end up missing what’s around them. Waving not only brings attention to myself, but also serves as a “wake-up” for me: Mentally, I’m forced to notice and enjoy my surroundings, and physically, I’m able to move my arms in a motion other than just swinging at my sides. DREAM GEAR The NormaTec compression boots or the LightSpeed Lift body-weight support system. I put a lot of value in recovery and rehab so I can continue running at a high level. MY SOUL ROUTE Prospect Park’s loop in Brooklyn, NY. The feeling of home cannot be understated—it eliminates a lot of anxiety that comes from running in unfamiliar environments. I feel connected with the…

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my running life

RUNNER’S WORLD+ MEMBER AMY ALLARD, 30 PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND ONE MORE MILE COLD OR WARM? Cold. The heat zaps my energy much quicker. MY 2021 RESOLUTION Run five days a week and compete in a half marathon. My Running Style in Three Words CALM, CONSISTENT, NEON. Why I’ve Embraced Solo Runs While I do miss large group races, it’s been very freeing not having to run according to a training plan. I like waking up each morning and deciding how far or fast I want to run based on what my body is telling me in that moment. I can feel myself getting stronger and faster because of this approach. MY ROUTES: THE USUAL AND THE NOT-SO-USUAL Cemeteries, because they are always so peaceful and beautifully landscaped. If you run at the right time (dawn or dusk), the sunlight is amazing. But…

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the inside lane

AFTER THE YEAR we’ve experienced, I’m ready to turn over a new leaf. And I know I’m not alone. Pandemic. Work from home. Job losses. Election stress. Homeschooling. Holiday cancellations. There were a lot of external forces that would cause a runner to take a zero. Lord knows I have a fair share of blank days in my 2020 training log. I had some highs, but also plenty of lows—it was my lowest annual mileage total since 2012, when my child was born. But for all those same reasons, a lot of you stacked up big miles as a means to escape from it all or because of newfound free time. Likewise, some of you picked up the sport for the very first time. If that’s you, welcome. But if you’re expecting…