Runner's World Issue 2 2021

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coree woltering

Heartland Hero, p.38 Before I started running, I wish I had known that I would enjoy it so much. In college I swore I would never run a marathon, and eight kilometers for cross country seemed so long. Now 100-milers are “fun.” ALSO: When you run 10 to 15 hours a week, and race 100-plus miles, plenty of things will go wrong. That’s the fun of it: problem solving on the go. My worst day was probably spending miles/hours throwing up at Superior 100 Mile, but I just kept putting calories/fluids in until my stomach settled.…

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kit fox

SPECIAL PROJECTS DIRECTOR YOU MISS 100 PERCENT OF THE SHOTS YOU DON’ T TAKE.—WAYNE GRETZKY, —MICHAEL GARY SCOTT, —KIT FOX 1 / Asics MetaRacer Tokyo $200 These shoes feel fast—really fast. So I save them for track workouts because they put me in a swift mind-set. 2 / Ruffwear Trail Runner System $70 A stretchy, hands-free dog leash that sits around my waist and teaches my new running buddy, Mose, to stick by my side. 3 / Janji Swift Tech Mock Neck $66 I run hot, so I don’t like a ton of layers. This is not only supremely comfy, but the perfect base layer whether it’s freezing or just cool. A RUN I’LL NEVER FORGET I finished my first-ever 5K when I was 8 years old, vomiting with less than 100 meters to go (there’s…

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abby fisher, 29

MINNEAPOLIS JUST DO THE DAMN THING SHOE STORE OR ONLINE? I like to visit a store when I can because the conversations and energy make me feel like I’m with my people. I always support small running stores. My favorite is Blue Ox Running in Eau Claire, Wisconsin—they’ve done so much to bring the local running community together. Biggest Running Achievement (So Far) I once thought I could never run a half or full marathon. So while I’m proud of having crossed those finish lines, I’m most proud of the journey. It doesn’t happen overnight. Running is a constant lesson on patience, dedication, trust, and gratitude. STYLE OR FUNCTION? Definitely function. Why sacrifice quality for style if I’m going to look like a hot mess after a run anyway? MY DREAM RUNNING PARTNER: ROBIN ARZÓN. Robin’s Peloton classes are…

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berkley hudson, 69

CHAPEL HILL, NORTH CAROLINA LET THE NECK BE FREE My Advice to New Runners Find a running group and people who will support you—virtually or in person. Subscribe to Runner’s World+. Go to a running camp. Ignore people who tell you you can’t run. Keep a training log. Pay attention to injuries—walk or swim when injured if you can’t run. WHY I STARTED RUNNING I started in 1965 on the junior high track team in hot Mississippi. I was too slow to run well on the 880 relay, but I loved running in hand-me-down, red and white leather spikes a friend gave me. It felt so freeing to hear the crunch of my footfalls on the track. My favorite part were the warmups and cooldowns between our school and the track across town. MY DREAM RUNNING…

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the inside lane

PEOPLE WHO KNOW anything about me know this: I never wear the same pair of shoes on consecutive runs. Heck, it’s rare for me to wear the same shoes twice in a week—I typically test more than 100 pairs of running shoes over the course of a year. Back in 2017, I attempted to run in different shoes every day. In September, after 257 days, that quest got derailed for various reasons, but I ended that year having worn 285 different shoes. So, it may come as a surprise to learn that I recently ran in the Hoka One One Mach 4 exclusively for six weeks. We got the Mach in for testing in early October, just as I was packing to move to a new house across state lines. Since…

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do your miles feel aimless? let’s build a training plan!

A few weeks ago, one of the runners I coach reached out. She felt discouraged. Her running was unstructured, inconsistent, and, she felt, pointless. She genuinely loves running; she just felt stuck. Like most of us, she’s had no races to train for. I estimate 99 percent of the runners I coach only follow a training plan if there’s a race at the end of it. In the Before Covid Times, this was fine. They’d train, race, and recover—then repeat. But it’s been a year without most major running events, so I imagine you have also felt similarly discouraged. But here’s my little secret: You don’t need a race to follow a training plan! Races don’t have to dictate your training. Plans serve many objectives, and you can simply follow one to bring…