Runner's World Issue 3 2021

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inside knowledge

JINGHUAN LIU TERVALON Runners Alliance, p.24 Running is a journey of your own (you shouldn’t compare your progress against others’) and of a community (your achievements are only possible because of the community standing behind you, supporting you). ALSO: Consistency is the most important thing in running. It’s what sets apart world-class runners from everyday runners. ANSELM LEBOURNE Run Forever, p.44 My favorite workout is three sets of 3x200 in 31 seconds with one minute rest, and five to six minutes between sets. Whenever I’ve done this workout and can finish the last two in under 31 seconds, I know I’m ready to run fast. ALSO: My favorite piece of gear is training flats. They make me feel faster and run faster. NANCY ROLLINS Run Forever, p.48 When a run gets tough, I remind myself that staying with…

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my running life

CONTRIBUTING WRITER I END EVERY LONG RUN WITH A DOUGHNUT PRODUCTS I’M USING RIGHT NOW 1 / Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit $160 I don’t typically run in Nikes, but I’m currently hooked on these—I love how supersoft and springy they are. 2 / Suunto 7 Smartwatch $399 I used to be no-frills when it came to my watch, but after trying this GPS model, I’ll never leave home without preplanning my route. 3 / Lululemon Fast and Free Shorts $68 I need longer shorts, or my legs chafe. And I can’t run without pockets, so the Fast and Frees are my spring and summer running staple. FAVORITE WAY TO CROSS-TRAIN Taking indoor cycling Peloton classes (virtually) with friends. NOBODY SAW THAT, RIGHT? On a wintry run, I decided to try to hop over a guardrail in a (thankfully…

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my running life

ASSOCIATE FEATURES EDITOR NOT EXACTLY THE FLASH PRODUCTS I’M USING RIGHT NOW 1 / Think! Creamy Peanut Butter Protein Bar $17 for 10 Rich but not too sweet, with the texture of a chilled Reese’s cup. 2 / Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands $16 These brought gains to my squats and deadlifts—and opened my hips enough for me to bear a child. 3 / Mizuno Wave Rider 23 $95 The steep 12mm drop feels great during speedwork. DREAM RUNNING PARTNER Conan O’Brien, my hero in hair. BIGGEST WAY RUNNING NEEDS TO CHANGE Dudes need to do more to make running safe for women. Favorite Way to Cross-train Weighted carries—a total-body move with virtually no injury risk. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT My shorts fell down on a group run in high school—the track girls saw my dinosaur boxers. My Power Playlist I have an emo one…

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my running life runner’s world+ member

NARBERTH, PENNSYLVANIA YOU DON’T KNOW UNTIL YOU TRY PREFERRED POSTRUN SNACK This varies, but right now it’s a banana matcha smoothie with some flaxseed and almond milk. Headphones or Inner Voices? Inner voices. There’s a lot to sort out in the world. MY BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT Accomplishing the Abbott’s World Marathon Majors over the years from 2014 to 2018 following my hip replacement. ON THE BUCKET LIST I’ve always wanted to do the Cape Town Marathon in South Africa. TRAIL OR ROAD? Trail. I grew up on a farm in Great Offley, Hertfordshire, U.K. I love to run around the local footpaths and bridle paths. There’s nothing like running without boundaries or limitations. WEDDING WARMUPS In 2016, my partner, Shannon, and I hosted a 5K for our close friends and family the night before our wedding. We called it the “Just Say Yes 5K,”…

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my running life runner’s world+ member

CHESHIRE, CONNECTICUT DON’T THINK, JUST RUN! BIGGEST CHALLENGE I’VE FACED Confidence. But I overcame my self-doubt by encouraging myself and repeating self-affirmations to myself while running. This helps me to keep pushing myself and never give up or lose hope. GROUP OR SOLO? I’m a solo guy. My running is my “me time.” I breathe, relax, and push my pace without others in my ear. I also listen to my music and sing. I’m not a singer but I am a musician, so when I hear my playlist, I join in with the artists by adding in my amazing vocal abilities to theirs (lol). I really don’t care who hears me—it’s my run. SPEEDWORK OR MILEAGE? Mileage, mileage, mileage! I love my speed/tempo days but in marathon training, building your legs to handle the miles is more…

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the inside lane

BY THE TIME you read this, I hope to have a shot in my arm and a fire under my butt. I’m ready for this pandemic to finally be under control because I’m really itching to race again. That’s why I threw 200 bucks at a race entry for the Pikes Peak Marathon in late August. I haven’t pinned on a bib since December 2019, when I raced with my Central Park Track Club masters teammates at the USATF National Club Cross Country Championships. It was a mudfest on the local XC course at Lehigh University. I had a blast splashing in puddles like a 4-year-old kid. Little did I know those memories would have to tide me over for so long. But here we are, 18 months later, and I’m…