Runner's World Issue 4 2021

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inside knowledge

AMANI TERRELL RW+ Member, p.36 To run faster, you’ve got to run slow. When I first started running, I would do all of my runs at the same (too fast) pace and ended up not only getting injured but also not getting much faster. Now I do most of my runs at an easy pace and have had significant improvement in my speed and endurance. ALSO: Set your own personal goals and stop trying to compare yourself to other runners. There’s always someone faster or slower, and getting hung up on comparisons sucks the joy out of running. KYLIE RODRIGUEZ Heart-Rate Training, p.48 I don’t really eat much before I run, but after, I love something cool, refreshing, and filling. I usually make myself a delicious açai bowl with lots of fresh fruit and, of…

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pat heine

VIDCEO PRODUCER I DON’T EVEN LIKE TO DRIVE AS FAR AS I RUN PRODUCTS I’M USING RIGHT NOW 1 / Salomon Ultra Glide $140 This new maxcushion trail shoe is so comfortable and stable that the first time I wore them, I kept them on for 75 miles. 2 / Garmin Enduro Watch $900 On a recent 327-mile FKT run, this was dead-on for distance, and I only needed to recharge it once over six days. 3 / Gu Roctane Drink Mix $30 for 12 servings I’m a very salty sweater. The extra concentration and calories of Roctane has finally made summer miles tolerable. IF IT’S GOOD ENOUGH FOR BABIES Use diaper-rash ointment to prevent chafing. It costs less than a lot of anti-chafe products, stays on well while sweating, and heck, if it’s good enough for someone to use…

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molly ritter beck

HEALTH & FITNESS DIRECTOR WORLD’S BIGGEST FAN OF #SEXYPACE PRODUCTS I’M USING RIGHT NOW 1 / Lululemon Enlite Bra $98 So comfortable and supportive without being too snug. You forget you’re even wearing it, which is all you can ask for, really. 2 / Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen SPF 30 $11 I never run without SPF. This one is lightweight, doesn’t sting, and blends in evenly. 3 / Nike Zoom Fly 3 $150 I’m fortunate to have tested many shoes for my job, and I love this pair so much. They have just the right amount of plush cushioning, but still feel snappy, light, and fast. FAVE WAY TO CROSS-TRAIN Bikes! Cycling completely transformed my running performance. I prefer to cross-train outdoors, but most days, I end up on my Peloton. “Slow” Is a 4-Letter Word I wish runners…

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alexander forseth, 26

LOVELAND, COLORADO NEVER GIVE UP WHY I STARTED RUNNING I started running for soccer in high school, but my dad nudged me into trying indoor track as a 400m runner. I ended up switching to distance and discovered that I really enjoyed it. SWIFT OR STRONG? Strong. I’ve never really had a lot of speed while running, but I definitely have some endurance that helps out in longer races. WHAT AN INJURY TAUGHT ME In 2018, I sustained the worst running injury of my life. While out for an easy run, my left foot suddenly felt like it “popped.” It was determined that I likely had a stress reaction. During a year-long hiatus, I reflected on what running truly means to me. I was in a rut and grew arrogant—I wasn’t taking care of myself. I never…

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linda sadler, 71

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE RUN THE MILE YOU’RE I N GREATEST RUNNING ACHIEVEMENTS Being more knowledgeable about the sport, becoming an RRCA-certified coach in 2014, finishing over 200 races of various distances, and placing in my age group in 60 percent of them. INSPIRATION FROM MY SHERO My most special run/walk was the first time I attempted a distance of more than 13 miles. I joined my running “shero,” Angela Ivory, who walked 44 miles for her 44th birthday while battling breast cancer. I accompanied her for 22 of those miles. If Angela could do this, I was going to be there with her. ADVICE FOR NEWBIES Learn the sport and determine what works best for you. There’s more to running than just running. It also helps to join a club or a Couch-to-5K training program. My local Black…

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essentials that go the distance

Run Strong Programs Whether you’re a beginner or a lifelong runner, take your training to the next level with our comprehensive age-based guides tailored to help you prevent injuries and make the most out of every run. Run Faster DVD Unlock the power to run harder and faster with a best-in-class cross-training program from Chris Lee, head strength trainer for pro-running team Tinman Elite. Runner’s High T-Shirt Wear your passion for running with pride in a classic tee inspired by a vintage Runner’s World design straight out of the ‘70s.…