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Shooting Times June 2020

Every issue of Shooting Times brings you exciting, authoritative coverage of guns, ammunition, reloading, and the shooting sports. Written for the experienced and novice gun enthusiast by focusing on new product developments and activities in the shooting industry.

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greatest rifle of all time

I REALLY ENJOYED JOSEPH VON BENEDIKT’S “THE SHOOTIST” COLUMN IN the November 2019 issue on his Pre-’64 Model 70 in .300 H&H. I got mine in 1964 from a friend, in preparation for a someday-move to Alaska (finally did it in 1976). My rifle was built in 1937 and had been punched out to .300 Weatherby, which was okay by me. Anyway, I always liked to view my rifle as one of Roy Weatherby’s early conversions before he started manufacturing his own rifles. It is the one rifle that I have never sold and always keep as my personal hunting choice. Thank you for a great column about the greatest rifle of all time! Name and Address Withheld by Request Don’t Be Misled At the ripe old age of 49, I have been blessed for being…

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new guns & gear

Hornady Subsonic Ammo HORNADY’S SUBSONIC AMMUNITION IS NOW OFFERED IN BOTH RIFLE and handgun calibers. New offerings this year include .30-30, .450 Bushmaster, .45-70, 9mm Luger, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. The Subsonic Handgun ammo is loaded with Hornady’s famous XTP bullets, while the Subsonic Rifle ammo is loaded with the Sub-X bullet used in Subsonic Rifle that features a lead core, a flat profile hollowpoint, long grooves in the gilding metal jacket, and the patented Flex Tip insert. MSRP: $25.85 to $45 depending on caliber hornady.com SK .22 LR Flatnose Target SK Ammunition’s new .22 LR Flatnose Target ammo has a 40-grain semiwadcutter-style target bullet and was designed for shooters seeking extreme accuracy. According to the company, like the SK Flatnose Match ammo, Flatnose Target cuts a clean hole for easier target scoring but…

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ask the experts

Colt .25 ACP Pocket Pistol? Q : I inherited a small Colt .25 ACP pistol when my dad passed away. It has “COLT AUTOMATIC CALIBRE 25” on the right-hand side of the slide and “COLT’S PT. F.A. MFG. CO. HARTFORD CT. U.S.A. PAT’D AUG. 25 1898 APR. 20, 1897 DEC. 22, 1903 JAN. 25 1910” on the left-hand side. What can the experts tell me about this gun? Jerry Black Via email A : I have that same Colt pistol, and it is an interesting little gun. Officially, it’s called the Vest Pocket Model 1908 Hammerless. It was designed by John M. Browning and produced by Colt from 1908 until 1946. About 420,700 were produced by Colt. Fabrique Nationale also produced the pistol as the FN Model 1906, and an improved version was manufactured…

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sako m39 mosin nagant

SEVERAL YEARS AGO I REVIEWED A VALMET-MADE M39 here in “The Shootist.” It performed superbly, and I was rather sure I’d never find a Mosin Nagant I liked more. Then I found the Sako version reported on here. It is without doubt the nicest Mosin Nagant I’ve had the pleasure of handling, at least in terms of build quality and retained condition. Engineered by the Finnish Civil Guard and adopted by the Finnish Army on 14 April, 1939, the M39 is a much-improved derivative of the Russian-designed M1891. Importantly, every M39 is built using an M91 action. According to Brent Snodgrass and Vic Thomas’s excellent article “The Claws Of The Lion: The Model 1939 Rifle,” “The bolt, magazine assembly and portions of the trigger were [also] retained….” However, the barrel, stock, and hardware,…

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7mm-08 remington

IN THE SECOND HALF OF THE 20TH CENTURY, REM- ington laid claim to the commercial 7mm rifle cartridge market with the .280 Remington in 1957 and the 7mm Remington Magnum in 1962. Both cartridges required full-length rifle actions. Winchester saw an open door for short actions and entered the 7mm universe in 1963 with the compact .284 Winchester. It used a case with a rebated rim and a loaded length the same as the .308 Winchester. The .284 Win. struggled with acceptance, but it hung on. However, things were afoot among silhouette competition shooters that would challenge that cartridge niche. Rifle metallic silhouette competition requires top accuracy, enough power to knock heavy steel targets off a rail 500 meters away, and mild recoil for sustaining long firing strings. Their focus was on…

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new reloading products

BECAUSE THIS ISSUE OF SHOOTING TIMES FOCUSES on new guns and gear announced at this year’s SHOT Show, I’m happy to take a look at some of the newfor-2020 handloading products. There are plenty of new items for those of us who enjoy reloading our own ammunition. Hornady 120-Gr. FTX for the 7-30 Waters When Hornady introduced the .30-30 FTX bullet with its semi-rigid polymer tip several years ago, handloaders no longer were limited to loading only roundnose bullets for safe use in a lever-action rifle’s tubular magazine. Plus, FTX bullets have improved BCs, so trajectory is flatter. Five years ago, I suggested that Hornady should develop an FTX bullet for the 7-30 Waters. My effort intensified when the company introduced one for the .25-35 WCF. It shot great, and I argued that…