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Shooting Times

Shooting Times July 2020

Every issue of Shooting Times brings you exciting, authoritative coverage of guns, ammunition, reloading, and the shooting sports. Written for the experienced and novice gun enthusiast by focusing on new product developments and activities in the shooting industry.

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show the other side

THE TAURUS TX22 DETAILED IN THE APRIL issue looks to be a nice shooter. But I sure wish you would have shown at least one photograph of the right side of the gun. All the photos in the article were of the left side. Mike Sanderson Via email Forming 7.62x52 Tokarev Cases Mr. Acri’s information that 7.62x52 Tokarev brass can be formed from 5.56x45 brass is correct. However, both Mr. George C. Nonte Jr. in Home Guide to Cartridge Conversion (1961) and John J. Donnelly in The Handloader’s Manual of Cartridge Conversions (1987) explain how to form Tokarev cases from .38 Special brass. Mr. Donnelly also explains how to form Tokarev cases from 5.56x45 brass. My first experience with this cartridge was some 30 years ago when commercial cases were unavailable and little or no loaded…

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wilson combat edc x9s

THE NEW SUB-COMPACT 9MM EDC X9S IS AN EXTENSION of Wilson Combat’s popular EDC X9 family of high-performance personal-defense pistols. The X9S features a trim, lightweight grip frame machined from a solid billet of 7075-T6 aluminum and a 3.25-inch barrel. It’s smaller than most comparably sized pistols, but it accepts a 10-round, double-stack magazine developed jointly with industry leader Mec-Gar. The X9S weighs 30 ounces loaded and is 6.75 inches long, 1.25 inches thick, and 4.5 inches tall. Many optional features are available. MSRP: $2,695 (base price) wilsoncombat.com Remington Model 700 PCRE Remington’s new Model 700 PCR Enhanced chassis bolt-action rifle has a threaded, 24-inch, free-floated barrel with 5R rifling; a removable M-LOK hand-guard; a Magpul pistol grip; an oversize bolt handle; and an adjustable buttstock. It is chambered for 6mm Creed-moor, 6.5 Creedmoor,…

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ask the experts

Original Colt Python Production Dates? Q: I see that Colt has brought back the .357 Magnum Python double-action revolver with some significant changes to the design. What were the production dates of the original Python? What else can you tell me about that classic revolver? Randall Clayton Via email A: The original Python was produced from 1955 until 1996. It has a medium-size frame and a six-shot cylinder. The barrel has a full-length underlug and a ventilated rib on top. The full-length underlug, which is actually the hollow ejector rod shroud, was designed to help reduce recoil and to make the revolver point better during fast double-action fire. The vent rib was designed to help dissipate heat during long strings of shooting. The revolver has an adjustable rear sight (either a Colt-Elliason sight or an…

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winchester model 52 “b”

INSPIRED BY RETURNING WORLD WAR I SERVICE- men’s interest in bolt-action rifles, Winchester commissioned R&D gurus Frank Burton and Thomas Johnson to design a new bolt-action smallbore rifle for competitive target shooting. Originally dubbed the G22R, six prototypes debuted at the 1919 National Matches at Camp Perry and earned five individual event championships as well as the Dewar Cup team competition. Wide acclaim followed, and before long Winchester’s Model 52 was dubbed “the king of the .22s.” Many small refinements were added in the following years, often but not always accompanied by a fresh letter designation after the serial number on the receiver. Early versions incorporated a ladder-type rear sight and a military-esque barrel-band fore-end. Both features went away eventually. Although most Model 52s were manufactured as repeaters and shipped with a…

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developing effective handgun shotshells

MY PREDECESSOR AT SPEER, THE LATE DAVE Andrews, used to hunt upland birds in the Snake River Canyon with his buddies. An Idaho state pistol champ, Dave usually packed a custom Colt Government Model, but one day he showed up with an “entry-level” S&W .38 Special revolver on his hip. In camp, Dave finished a soda and conspicuously examined the empty can. When he had everyone’s attention, he tossed the can in the air, whipped out the revolver, and fired. The can sailed away, obviously hit. His friends tried to play unimpressed. About 20 minutes later, Dave repeated the feat with another can. Someone found the cans. They were peppered with little holes and dents. The then-new CCI/Speer handgun shotshell line had gone public. Centerfire handgun shotshells were neither new nor effective and…

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.38 wcf for rifles

SHOOTING TIMES EDITOR IN CHIEF JOEL HUTCH- croft and I often share common interests in firearms. When he learned I’d recently acquired three early 20th-century .38 WCF rifles, he suggested I use them for a handloading column. One is a lever-action Marlin M94 with a 24-inch barrel. One is a pump-action Remington Model 14½ with a 22-inch barrel. The third is a lever-action Winchester Model 1873 with a 24-inch barrel. Several years after the .44 WCF cartridge was introduced in 1873, it was necked down to create the .38 WCF. The “.38-caliber” designation is a gross misnomer because the actual bullet diameter is 0.400 to 0.401 inch. The .38 WCF was originally loaded with 40 grains of fine-grain blackpowder; consequently, it is often referred to as the .38-40. The original cartridge cases…