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Shooting Times

Shooting Times August 2020

Every issue of Shooting Times brings you exciting, authoritative coverage of guns, ammunition, reloading, and the shooting sports. Written for the experienced and novice gun enthusiast by focusing on new product developments and activities in the shooting industry.

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United States
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john gallagher, gunsmith, r.i.p.

GUNSMITH JOHN GALLAGHER PASSED AWAY ON APRIL 14, 2020, AFTER an extended battle with cancer. Born and raised in West Texas, he became infatuated with guns and hunting. As a young adult, John moved to Montana to work on a cattle ranch and hunt in the nearby mountains and prairies. He also met and married his wife, Beverly, there and later moved to north Alabama, where I met him about 20 years ago. He always exhibited the most worthy characteristic of the typical cowboy—his word and handshake were binding. Respected as a talented pistolsmith, John was most interested in custom revolvers, especially Ruger single actions. In recent years, he, with son Isaac as apprentice, completed many projects for me. Several have been mentioned in Shooting Times over the years. The latest…

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mtm in-safe handgun storage cases

MTM’S NEW TRANSPARENT IN-SAFE HANDGUN STORAGE CASES KEEP HAND- guns organized, allowing users to quickly find their firearm in a crowded gun vault. Designed to optimize storage in the most popular size gun safes, these cases feature a protective base composed of soft, closed-cell foam pad; an attractive, slimline shape; and two snap latches. Users can maximize storage space by stacking the cases. These storage cases are also ideal for storing jewelry, coins, watches, birth certificates, passports, etc. Sold in three-pack units, the In-Safe Handgun Storage Cases are offered in two sizes: 9 inch for standard 1911 and smaller handguns (outside dimensions: 9x7x1.8 inches, inside dimensions: 8.5x6x1.6 inches); 12 inch for larger handguns (outside dimensions: 12x7x1.8 inches, inside dimensions: 11.5x6x1.6 inches). Made in USA. MSRP: $16.95 (9-inch 3-pack), $18.95 (12-inch 3-pack)…

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ruger lcp ii lite rack operation?

Q: I ENJOYED MR. HUTCHCROFT’S QUICK SHOT ON THE NEW RUGER LCP II Lite Rack .22 LR in the May issue. I was impressed by what looks like a delayed-blowback-operated .22. I cannot remember seeing a .22 with delayed blowback before. However, the article refers to the pistol as “straight blowback.” Since the barrel of this pistol recoils a short distance with the slide, I believe it is a delayed blowback. Am I right? Good article. Great magazine! Jerry Schlenz Spring Valley, IL A: It turns out, I made a mistake in my description of the LCP II Lite Rack .22 LR’s operation. After receiving your question, I contacted Mark Gurney, who is an engineer and director of product management at Ruger. He told me the gun is neither a straight blowback nor a…

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husqvarna vapenfabriks ab. mauser

A TRUE SPORTING MAUSER, MADE FROM THE ground up on a non-military action (there’s no thumb relief cut for loading via stripper clips), this Husqvarna Vapenfabriks AB. was made in Sweden. Vapenfabriks loosely translates to weapon factory or fabrications. The “AB.” designation is an abbreviation for Aktiebolag, which means “limited corporation,” similar to our LLC. A “.30-06 U.S.” caliber designation is rollmarked following the manufacturer’s mark atop the barrel. As is common on some European firearms, the serial number is rollmarked on the left side of the barrel just forward of the receiver. A tiny “Nitro” roll-mark and Swedish proof mark indicate the rifle is made for modern loads and properly proofed. Established in 1689, Husqvarna has made, through its colorful history, everything from blackpowder musket barrels to motorcycles, stoves, and sewing…

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how barrels are rifled

THE FIRST THING A ROOKIE FORENSIC FIREARMS examiner will learn is how firearm barrels are created. To understand and perform laboratory bullet comparisons and give fact-based testimony that can affect someone’s life, every examiner must be intimate with the rifled gun barrel. To make a gun barrel, you need a steel rod with a hole down the middle. For a couple of centuries, that hole has been drilled. There are four ways to turn that drill hole into a rifled barrel; two ways cut grooves into the steel, and two ways swage them under pressure. The earliest rifling was simple and intended to grip the cloth patch around a round lead ball, not to engrave the lead. This also eased the task of loading. Given the soft steels of the time, it…

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loading berry’s plated handgun bullets

I’VE BEEN RELOADING FOR NEARLY 50 YEARS, but until recently, I had never loaded plated bullets. I should have started using them years ago. Once rifled bores and smokeless propellants became the norm, shooters soon discovered the rifling and hotter gases damaged lead bullets, negatively affecting accuracy. It didn’t take long for strong copper, copper alloy, and mild steel bullet jackets to be developed to sheathe the softer lead core. The improved cup-and-core bullets meant firearms firing smokeless munitions could reliably and accurately provide much greater power and range. The monolithic copper and copper-alloy bullets of today have completely eliminated lead in many modern bullets. Jacketed bullets are complex, so they’re more expensive to manufacture. Plated bullets are like a hybrid version of a jacketed and cast or swaged lead bullet. The…