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Shooting Times September 2020

Every issue of Shooting Times brings you exciting, authoritative coverage of guns, ammunition, reloading, and the shooting sports. Written for the experienced and novice gun enthusiast by focusing on new product developments and activities in the shooting industry.

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easy way to measure racking weight

IN THE EXCELLENT REVIEW OF THE NEW WALTHER CCP M2 IN THE June issue, Jake Edmondson said he had no way to measure the force required to rack the slide of the pistol. Well, I do, and it’s simple. About 30 years ago, I needed to measure the force required to rack the slides of a number of autoloaders. Having no proper tools, I improvised by using a kitchen/garden scale and a cleaning rod. Simply insert the cleaning rod into the muzzle of the pistol, press it down against the scale, and watch the arrow point to the numbers. The attached photo shows how to do it. This setup is a little shaky and not as accurate as a proper tool, but it is capable of giving reasonable results. No doubt, with…

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nighthawk custom trs comp

THE NEW 9MM TRS COMP 1911 FROM NIGHTHAWK CUSTOM FEA- tures a double-stack frame with a full-length dustcover, a monolithic slide, a match-grade 5.0-inch barrel, and an integrated compensator. The solid trigger has a striated flat face. The front sight is an 18-kt. gold bead, and the rear sight is an all-black Heinie Ledge. Magazine capacity is 17 rounds, and the finish is black nitride. Instead of traditional grasping grooves, the slide has a unique dimple pattern, and the same dimple pattern is repeated on the grip. TRS stands for Tactical Ready Series. MSRP: $4,599 nighthawkcustom.com XS Sights Second Generation Offset Iron Sights XS Sights has unveiled its new second generation XTI2 DXS Ember Standard Dot 45-Degree Offset Iron Sights for AR-15 rifles. These sights comprise a close-quarters, secondary sighting solution for rapid…

4 minutos
ask the experts

Franchi 20-Gauge Instinct L Patterns? Q: I ENJOYED THE RECENT REPORT ON FRANCHI’S FLAGSHIP INSTINCT L 20-gauge over-under shotgun written by Layne Simpson. It looks like a fine gun, and I’d like a little more detail on how it patterned. What can you tell me? Willie Washington Via email A: Yes, the Franchi Instinct L is a very nice over-under. I was so impressed with Layne’s report that I decided to buy the gun he used for that article. He kindly put together the following chart showing how the gun patterned with five different Remington loads. Joel J. Hutchcroft Two-Tone Colt Vest Pocket Model 1908? Q: I read with great interest Joel Hutch-croft’s reply to Mr. Black’s inquiry about his Colt .25-caliber Vest Pocket Model 1908 pistol in the June issue. I, too, inherited one of…

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winchester model 74

INTRODUCED IN 1939, THE WINCHESTER MODEL 74 is an intriguing self-loading rimfire. The receiver is built on an 8.5-inch-long steel tube. An inch in diameter, the tubular receiver houses a simple blowback-operated bolt and is fed by a tubular magazine housed in the buttstock. Unlike most vintage semiautomatic rimfire rifles, the Model 74 allows the bolt to be removed from the rear of the receiver, enabling easy maintenance and allowing the bore to be cleaned from the rear. These rifles can be spotted from a distance because of the squared-off rear of the action, which gives them a look nearly akin to the “humpback” appearance of the classic Browning Auto-5 shotgun. Uniquely, the safety is a flat, knurl-ended crossbolt dovetailed into the top of the receiver. A petite charging handle rides in…

5 minutos
tubular magazines and bullet shape

FOLLOWING MY RECENT COLUMN ON THE .35 REM- ington cartridge, I received an astute inquiry from a reader about the safety of centerfire cartridges and tubular-magazine rifles. His thoughts were triggered by my mention of the old 150-grain pointed softpoint factory loads. I’ve read the cautions about pointed bullets and tubular magazines since I was a pup. The concern is that the recoil of normal firing can bounce the cartridges against each other end to end. In theory at least, a pointed bullet acts as a firing pin for the cartridge in front when recoil rattles the cartridges together. Today, having worked as a firearms professional for nearly 50 years, including investigating many alleged accidents, I can put this in context. I never worked a case that was suspected of being a…

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just good enough is not okay

LIKE CURRENT TV ADS THAT PORTRAY A COM- petitor’s services as “just good enough” while the advertiser’s services are superior, safe handloads are much better than “just good enough.” Reloading is relatively simple to accomplish, but a properly planned and executed handloading process is required. The process begins with assessing whether a fired case should be reloaded, and that requires careful observation and evaluation. Questions to ask include: Was the fired case difficult to extract from the gun’s chamber after it was fired? Is the primer in place? Is it pierced, cratered, or flattened? Is the case head partially or fully cracked above the rim? Is the neck split? Is the shoulder dented? I’ve seen every one of those conditions too many times to count in nearly 50 years of reloading. If…