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Shooting Times December/January 2020-21

Every issue of Shooting Times brings you exciting, authoritative coverage of guns, ammunition, reloading, and the shooting sports. Written for the experienced and novice gun enthusiast by focusing on new product developments and activities in the shooting industry.

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readers speak out

The Real “Rifleman” WHEN I READ THE “HIPSHOTS” COLUMN IN THE JUNE ISSUE, BEING A FAN of the old The Rifleman TV show, I quickly saw the parallels between the real Pink Higgins and the fictional Lucas McCain, who was also a rancher that helped maintain justice during rough times. Higgins’s prowess with his lever action obviously predated the TV character, but the similarities are striking. Perhaps Pink Higgins was the inspiration for The Rifleman in the same manner that old-time lawman Bass Reeves is thought to be the basis for The Lone Ranger. The column described Higgins using his cows to pair up with their rustled calves. I recall an episode of The Rifleman in which rancher McCain did the exact same thing to retrieve his stolen bull calf! In another…

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new guns & gear

RCBS Rebel Plus Reloading Kit RCBS HAS SEVERAL NEW RELOADING KITS, INCLUDING the Rebel Plus Reloading Kit. This new kit includes a solid-cast-frame Rebel single-stage press, a Uniflow III Powder Measure and Advanced Powder Measure Stand, 1,500-grain digital pocket scale, hand priming tool, Speer Handloading Manual Number 15, Pow’r Pull bullet-pulling kit, stainless-steel calipers, powder funnel, fold-up hex key set, accessory handle, case neck brushes, primer pocket brushes, deburring tool, case-loading block, Case Slick spray lube, six die lock rings, and six shellholders. MSRP: $649.95 rcbs.com Savage Southpaw Model 110 Elite Precision Savage has announced new left-hand versions of the Model 110 Elite Precision bolt-action rifle. Featuring MDT Adjustable Core Competition chassis, full-length ARCA rails, Savage blueprinted stainless-steel actions, titanium nitride bolt bodies, user-adjustable Accu-Triggers, AICS magazines, and more, these rifles are chambered for…

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ask the experts

Berry’s Hybrid Hollow Point Expansion? Q: I ENJOYED LANE PEARCE’S “THE RELOADER” COLUMN IN THE AUGUST issue on Berry’s hollowpoint plated bullets for handguns and his recommendation that they can be used for regular-velocity personal defense, but I have a question. He didn’t mention how well the hollowpoints expand. Is expansion adequate? Mike Barrett Via email A: I didn’t do any expansion testing for that column, but Berry’s Marketing and Sales Manager Justin Taylor sent me two expanded Hybrid Hollow Point bullets that were fired into ballistic gelatin. One is .45 caliber, and the other is 9mm. A pristine, unfired .45-caliber bullet has a measured diameter of 0.451 inch. The expanded bullet’s diameter measures 0.890 inch. For the 9mm bullets, an unfired bullet has a diameter of 0.356 inch, and the expanded one’s…

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winchester model 1906

WINCHESTER’S SMOOTH-FUNCTIONING AND reliable Model 1906 is distinctly more elegant than most other pump-action rimfire models, featuring slender dimensions and a light 4.5-pound weight. Winchester advertised the 1906 as an ideal youth rifle, but savvy adults across America cottoned on to the fact that the model offered unequalled responsiveness, point-ability, balance, and an extremely rapid rate of fire. Today, the Model 1906 is one of the most collectible rimfires on the market. Most examples display considerable use and the wear and tear that comes along with that. Even in rough condition, they bring close to $500, and those in prime condition command premium prices, sometimes four times that. Many have been refinished, which of course damages their collectabilityunlessthey were in dreadful condition when the work was commenced. The rifle shown,manufacturedin the latter…

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technical merits of pre-1940 metric cartridges

I SUFFER A FASCINATION WITH INTERESTING cartridges that exist just off the beaten path. Several are metric cartridges used in African colonies whose overseers were mainland Europeans, not English. I’ve found interesting ballistic considerations—and some survivors—among these pre-1940 cartridges. German, Austrian, and Dutch colonials were more likely to use magazine rifles rather than double guns, and the cartridges reflect this. I am a ballistician, not a professional big-game hunter. I look to technical merits. In researching, I found repeated references to hunter and author John Taylor. I’d owned his book Pondoro for years but not African Rifles and Cartridges that he wrote in 1948. To eliminate middleman interpretations, I found a very affordable facsimile copy that was reissued by Martino Press in 2014. Any hunting observations here are Taylor’s, not mine. Loaded…

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developing the .30 newton-prc wildcat

IF YOU’VE READ MY COLUMN FOR A WHILE, YOU know I’m fond of odd cartridges and enjoy handloading obsolete and wildcat rounds. The latest of which I’ve designated as the .30 Newton-PRC. The idea came about while I was reviewing the .300 PRC for Hodgdon’s 2020 annual reloading manual. One of the rifles included in that review was a one-off version of Montana Rifle Co.’s M1999 Extreme Tactical Hunter. Although it would readily chamber factory-loaded cartridges, the action and magazine were approximately 0.15 inch short. That minor issue was easily overcome by single-loading factory rounds and building my handloads to 3.5 inches COL. However, the Magpul vertical-stack magazine, which was designed to accommodate five .300 Winchester Magnum rounds, wouldn’t work with .300 PRC ammo. After inserting the third .300 PRC round,…