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Small Space DecoratingSmall Space Decorating

Small Space Decorating

Small Space Decorating

Whether you live in a one-bedroom apartment or a multibedroom home, all of us have at least one small-space room that we want to look stylish while enhancing its functionality. That’s where Small Space Decorating steps in to showcase tips for dressing up every type of petite space—from bedrooms and baths to kitchens and living rooms. One section covers how to tackle outdoor rooms such as patios and decks. Each issue is packed with 100 of the best small-space decorating and storage solutions from Better Homes & Gardens’ family of magazines. Striking photos and pulled-out pointers will help inspire you to make the most of your coziest rooms—indoors and out.

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from the editor

Small is mighty.With the right decor tricks, you can make magic happen in a small space. See for yourself: We filled this entire issue with our tips, ideas, and solutions for the most challenging pint-size spaces. Have an area off your front door that turns into a shoe-coat-drop-zone nightmare? Fix it with our entry problem-solvers in “Make an Entrance,” page 20. Looking for a way to add depth to tiny rooms? Paint the ceilings dark colors! I know you’re thinking that’s crazy, but check the dramatic results in interior designer Kristin Jackson’s home in “Style Stretch,” page 50. Think a 250-square-foot studio is bound to feel as crowded as a dorm room? Not when you reach vertically to tuck in creative storage in every nook and cranny—while still keeping an…

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visual tricks

SLIM DOWN“Be mindful of visual weight when you have a small space. Try a pedestal table for a dining room instead of something with four bulky legs, or a sofa that has exposed legs versus a skirt.”—Camila Pavone, Effortless Style InteriorsLOOK UP“Consider using color on the ceiling. I love to paint the ceiling plus the top 1 to 2 feet of the walls a color that’s a shade or two lighter than the lower wall color—this keeps the ceiling feeling light and bright (and tall!).”—Elyza Brillantes, HavenlyUNIFY YOUR FLOORS“Stick with a consistent flooring material. If each room in a small space has a different type of floor material, it feels broken up and scattered. One material throughout feels more cohesive and makes the space feel bigger.”—Taylor Jacobson, Taylor Jacobson Interior…

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staying power

point of entryAnna Forkum fashioned an on-the-wall drop zone near her front door, opposite, by spraypainting a piece of tree bark gold and outfitting it with teacup hooks to hold keys. A message board and mail holder round out the grouping, which unabashedly incorporates the light switch.250 SQUARE FEETCHALLENGES: Creating separate spaces within the open garage to give it the feeling of a home. Getting plumbing into the space in the most cost-efficient way, which dictated where the kitchen and bath could be placed.BEST-LOVED FEATURE: An alcove that creates a cozy sleeping space.KEY SMALL-SPACE HACK: Using mirrors to reflect windows and bounce light.Create your own right-size desk. Top legs from a home center with a piece of plywood.bright movesAnna wanted the elements in her apartment to be whimsical. She set…

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make an entrance

bench pressStep inside and drop your stuff on a bench made from a set of deep drawers, this photo. Combine the bench with a set of partitions to create open lockers for each family member.catch the curveCapitalize on corner space by bending a set of lockers to fit, left. And don’t let square footage under a window go to waste—tuck a lidded bench under it. Top the bench with a cushion for a soft landing pad for pulling shoes on and off. Use the interior to store bulky seasonal gear or footwear.Ready-Made Combo to TrySHUTTER POLAR WHITE HALL TREE$499 (74×42×16.75 inches), The Home Depot; homedepot.comCORAL THROW PILLOW BY KTPARKINSON$30 (16×16 inches), Society6; society6.comMORAVIAN STAR CEILING LIGHT$239, Shades of Light; shadesoflight.comFABRIC DRAWER$6, ClosetMaid; walmart.comPAINT CHIP MICRO HOOKED WOOL RUG$690 (5×8 feet),…

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10 small-space problems solved!

1 PROBLEMMy children share a bedroom. How can I create a cohesive room theyÕll both enjoy?SOLUTIONTwin beds to the rescue! “A pair of twin beds is a classic for a reason,” says Megan Pflug, an interior designer and fine artist based in Brooklyn, who prefers the timeless duo over often-clunky bunk beds. “Place one on each side of a large nightstand with a pair of matching lamps, and then let the kids have fun with bedding and artwork.” Yes, it’s OK for those pillowcases to not perfectly match. When it comes to a color palette, interior designer Andrew Howard of Jacksonville, Florida, is quick to remind how far we’ve come. “Nowadays color is much more gender-neutral—don’t feel like you have to stick to ‘traditional’ shades. Blue can work just as…

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bungalow cool

550 SQUARE FEETCHALLENGES: Limited space for storage and furniture; any amount of clutter or mess feels amplified.BEST-LOVED FEATURE: Vaulted ceilings that make rooms feel spacious.KEY SMALL-SPACE HACK: Using a few large pieces of furniture rather than several small pieces.patch jobBrittany Stiles and Kyle Henderson may live in a rental with their daughter, Eve, above, but that hasn’t stopped them from settling in and making every inch feel like home. When a fireplace in the living room severely constrained seating options, the couple opted to remove and store the mantel. They then drywalled over the firebox opening (with their landlord’s permission) to create a flush wall where the sofa now sits, left.In terms of decorating, many people view rental homes as the equivalent of a hot stove burner: Don’t touch it.…