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Sound On Sound USA

Sound On Sound USA

October 2020

Sound On Sound is the world's best recording technology magazine, packed full of in-depth, independent product tests, including music software, studio hardware, keyboards and live sound (PA) gear. Every issue also includes SOS's unique step-by-step tutorial and technique columns on all the leading DAW programs, as well as insightful interviews with leading producers, engineers and musicians.

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new romantics

Romance isn’t a concept often associated with music technology, but it definitely has a role to play. Only a true romantic could think about opening a high-end studio in today’s climate, yet new studios continue to be built. Nostalgia keeps us buying Minimoog clones and U47 copies, and what is nostalgia if not a romantic perspective on the past? One of the best things about our business, though, is that it’s not only artists and producers and engineers who are romantics. The manufacturers who keep our studios stocked with gear are romantics too, and they’re passionate about designing new and ever-better hardware and software. If you want proof of this, consider the role of the ‘flagship’ product. A synthesizer that fills a room and costs more than a house is unlikely to…

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valiant samples quartarone guitar reveries sample library

Hosted by NI’s Kontakt (full or free player versions), Quartarone Guitar Reveries is described as a cinematic electric guitar instrument that captures the avant-garde sound and personal sound palette of European composer and guitarist Claudio Quartarone. Split into Guitar, Pad and Keys sections with 50 presets per section, the instrument is, as its name suggests, based on sounds that originate from Claudio’s guitar, though these have been extensively ‘massaged’ to create a range of ambient, abstract and cinematic sounds, many of which belie their guitar-centric origins. The instrument works by mixing two sound sources, A and B, from a choice of 25 multi-velocity samples, each of which can be treated with individual effects before being sent to a master effects section. The sample set includes sustained sounds, tremolo guitar, muted…

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eventide shimmerverb pitch-shifted reverb plug-in

ShimmerVerb is the latest DAW plug-in to have been ported from Eventide’s H9 hardware platform. Essentially, it combines reverb with a dual pitch-shifter, delay and EQ, and it aims to replicate some of the more creative pitched-reverb techniques that were developed by studio engineers in the early 1980s, using combinations of hardware. While some shimmer reverb effects rely on pitch-shifting the reverb tail, this one places pitch-shifters in the feedback loop, resulting in a more complex sound. Authorised via an iLok account, ShimmerVerb can be used as Mono In/Out, Mono In/Stereo Out, or Stereo In/Out plug-in, and it supports all the common plug-in formats on Mac OS and Windows. At the heart of the plug-in is an algorithmic reverb, whose output goes directly to the plug-in’s output. However, this reverb output is…

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presonus px-1 cardioid capacitor microphone

PreSonus manufacture a wide range of products to meet the needs of the home studio owner, from interfaces, control surfaces and mixers to studio monitors. It makes sense then that they should offer microphones to complete the chain. Their PX-1 is very conventional, insomuch as it is a cardioid-pattern mic based around a one-inch (25mm) gold-sputtered capsule, with a 6-micron-thick, centre-terminated mylar diaphragm feeding into FET electronics, but it is attractively priced and has a respectable technical specification. Its appearance is also quite typical of this style of mic, with its slightly tapered body, matt silver finish and side-address basket/capsule. As with most microphones in this price range, the PX-1 is manufactured in China and its internal style of construction has become a familiar sight to those of us who review…

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orchestral tools junkie xl brass sampled brass instrument

The name Tom Holkenborg might not be as familiar in Hollywood film circles as that of Hans Zimmer, but based on the commotion Mr H has been generating in recent years, that may be about to change. Operating under the alias of Junkie XL (occasionally shortened to JXL to avoid offending conservative sensibilities), this affable Dutch musician has stormed the film world with dramatic, atmospheric and massive-sounding scores for blockbusters such as Tomb Raider, Mortal Engines, The Dark Tower and Terminator: Dark Fate, as well as collaborating with his erstwhile mentor Zimmer on several superhero-themed box-office smashes. Born into a musical family in 1967, Holkenborg began playing instruments when barely out of nappies, learned drums at the age of eight and fell in love with studio technology, synths and samplers as…

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orchestral tools junkie xl brass €749

PROS • Outstanding brass samples created by a leading Hollywood composer and a top European sample developer. • Recorded from seven mic positions in a classic recording venue. • Incorporates additional mixes by Alan Meyerson and Junkie XL. • You can buy single instruments at affordable prices and download only the mic positions and mixes you need. CONS • The full collection represents a considerable outlay — but do you really need that solo trombone? • No muted versions are included. SUMMARY Created by the dream team of A-list film composer Tom Holkenborg and sample wizards Orchestral Tools, Junkie XL Brass brings you a superb set of solo and ensemble brass instruments recorded from multiple mic positions in a great-sounding hall, with additional mixes providing the ‘instant Hollywood sound’. Massive 12-player ensembles, flexible section sizes and a consistent and…