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Southern Lady Southern Gardens 2020

Southern Lady celebrates, delights, and inspires women who live in the South - and those who are simply Southern at heart. Every issue features home design inspiration, recipes, and elegant entertaining ideas, Southern travel destinations, fashion, and much more and now you can enjoy every single page on your tablet.

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no place like home

Sometimes when you look for your heart’s desire, you find it in your own backyard. Linda and Jeff Stone thought about moving from their home in a busy but very desirable Birmingham neighbor-hood, and even looked for a new house to replace the one they already had torn down to the foundation and rebuilt. In the end, they decided to undertake a second redo, and this time, a verdant English garden was born. “We have lived here for 28 years,” says Linda, a recently retired pediatrician who raised three children in the abode. Fifteen years after they built the first house, the couple’s needs had changed. “We needed a little more closet space, bar space, study space,” she says of the second project. “That’s also when the garden was laid out.” A…

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reclaiming the past

Strolling through Frances and Miller Gorrie’s garden is like a visit to a first-rate museum with rooms of artifacts that whisk you to places and events far and near, including a historic presidential visit to Alabama’s Magic City. When time began to take its toll on the outdoor space, the couple turned to landscape designer Troy Rhone to guide the restoration and add a new section. “One of the biggest roles I played was to help fluff and get the garden looking the way it’s supposed to look,” says Troy, whose firm is based in Birmingham, where the Gorries live in a spacious 1929 Tudor home with grounds to match. “We revamped everything.” The garden’s elements, many of them installed decades ago, are intertwined with Frances’s passion for outside accessories and Miller’s…

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grounded in memories

Once a setting for the imaginative adventures of little girls, a charming playhouse in Leila and Bill Brazeal’s backyard holds fast as the cornerstone of their flourishing garden, Leila’s labor of love for the past 20 years. “The work is worth it, because when I sit on my screened porch and look out at that, it just makes me happy,” says Leila, whose devotion to her yard’s flowers and foliage began when she and her husband purchased the woodland property in 1999. Bill had constructed the cottage for their two daughters at their previous home years earlier, and when he and Leila realized they had plenty of space for the quaint structure on their new acreage, they brought it along. “The girls were still young enough to enjoy it, and Bill had…

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hushed serenity

From the street, it is a handsome, well-kept brick home in an upscale residential neighborhood. But once you enter the garden through an unpretentious white wooden gate, you feel like Alice exploring her ever-changing looking-glass world. Surprise after surprise takes your breath away as landscape architect John Golightly Wilson has crafted a wonderfully cohesive space of elegant outdoor rooms that reveal themselves slowly, in a most dignified manner. “We tried to make garden rooms and to pull the architecture from the house out into the garden,” says John, founder of Golightly Landscape Architecture, who has worked with the homeowners since they refined the backyard design during a major home renovation in 2008. “The clients wanted a more formal tone to go with their house. Before, it was kind of meandering; there were…

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outdoor fancies

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garden parties