Sparkle Buds April 2021

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Hello Friends, We feel so relaxed, as exams are over, and now it’s a fun time! Time to learn and explore new things. This time we’re here with some exciting stories, puzzles and games, and some DIY activities, too. Do you know that 21st April is celebrated as World Creativity and Innovation Day? Yes, it’s true. Every year 21st April is observed globally as World Creativity and Innovation Day to raise the awareness of the role of creativity and innovation in all aspects of human development. The main objective of the day is to encourage people to use new ideas, make new decisions, and do creative thinking, as “Creativity” is what makes the world go round. So, let’s get creative & get going! Happy exploring! Warm regards Bobo & Robo…

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let’s get fit!

Let’s see who can do the most squats in one day. Challenge your family to get fit and have fun. After accepting this challenge, post your results and videos on the Sparkle Buds Facebook page! Make it into a game by counting how many you can do in 30-second intervals while keeping proper form. Knees should be kept in line with feet and not bent too far. Why Squats? Your legs have more muscle than the rest of your body combined! When we exercise our body breaks muscle down, burning calories and building stronger muscles. You don’t need a gym; you can do your squats anywhere.…

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the donkey in the lion’s skin

One day, a donkey found a lion’s skin. Oh! Look at that! It’s the lion skin. Let me put it on. He put it on and looked at his reflection in the river. Wow! I look just like a lion! No one can say that it is me. I must take advantage of this. The donkey wore the skin and marched into the village. Seeing a lion in the village, the villagers got scared and started running helter-skelter. They left their stores and kiosks open. The women dropped baskets full of hay and fruits on the road, grabbed the children and locked themselves indoors. This is so much fun! The villagers have left their food and belongings out here in the open for me to feast on. The donkey ate as much…

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sparkle stars

Ms. Charlotte Carter Pride of Britain Award Charlotte Carter showed courage and initiative beyond her years when she found her dad John drowning in the bath after falling into a diabetic coma. Charlotte, aged just five, was alone at home when she realised something was wrong. Her dad had been away for ages after saying he was going to have a bath. She went upstairs and found him unconscious in the tub and in danger of drowning. Charlotte was not strong enough to lift his head out of the water, so she did the next best thing - and pulled out the bath plug to drain the water away. Then, realising that an open window she couldn’t reach was making her dad cold, she wrapped him in a towel. Again Charlotte didn’t panic. Nobody had…

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crown of earth

I saw from above and Saw a beautiful blue planet Crammed with people Like seeds of a pomegranate I literally squinted my eyes To find some trees The ozone was hollow Like holes in the cheese Couldn’t fathom why the humans Couldn’t hear the plea of nature They continue to make the same mistakes Like an amateur chess player Hope they understand their actions Of making Earth barren as Mars I searched the multiverse with Hubble To look for a place this beautiful, in the stars Let’s make every day an Earth Day To celebrate our Earth And put bandages in the form of trees For they are like emeralds in the crown of Earth If your child has a poem, please send it to us and we will be happy to feature it.…

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life skills for junior stars

Advocate for yourself Dear Children, How many times has your teacher told you, “Call your parents to school. I need to speak to them”. Well, this needs to stop. You need to be the one to talk to your teacher respectfully and advocate for yourself. And if they look at you in horror, say, ‘I can do it; I know I can do it. The only way to learn is to get out of your way and do it.” Also, prepare yourself to listen well to what the other person is saying and understand it might not go your way. “Many times you won’t get the outcome you desire, and it’s ‘Well, ‘I tried.’ And you come home, and you learn to cope with it because not everything in life will go your way.” Bravo You…