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Zdravo friends, Yeah, you guessed it right. This month, you will get familiar with few phrases of the Serbian language. Excited? Have you heard of glowing water? Hmmm... not yet? Surprise your friends and family on this International Friendship Day with glowing water. Find out how to make it inside! The 13th of August is marked as International Left-Handers Day to celebrate the uniqueness and differences of left-handed individuals. Lefties are only about 10 per cent of the population and score higher, when it comes to creativity, imagination, daydreaming, and intuition. They are also better at rhythm and visualization. Isn’t it interesting? If you are left-handed, share your unique stories/experience with us on Keep reading, keep smiling. With lots of hugs & kisses,…

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let’s get fit!

A Burpee or Squat Thrust is a full-body, strength training, aerobic exercise. Because it involves your full body, it is beneficial for all of your muscles. How to do: Burpee • Stand up straight. • Now squat down, place both of your hands on the ground, and lay down on the ground in a plank position. • Next, do a push up from the plank position. • After the push-up, return to the plank position and then stand up again. Why Burpees? Burpees benefit your whole body without the need for any equipment. The burpee is the ultimate full-body exercise. Just one simple movement tests both your strength and aerobic capacities.…

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cocoon and the butterfly

A man, who had a passion and love for butterflies, decided to help the butterfly. He got a pair of scissors, tweaked the cocoon to make a larger opening for the butterfly, and removed the remaining cocoon. The butterfly emerged without any struggle! The butterfly looked no longer beautiful and had a swollen body with small and withered wings. The man was happy that he had made the butterfly come out of the cocoon without any more struggles. He continued to watch the butterfly and was quite eager to see it fly with its beautiful wings. He thought that the butterfly might expand its wings at any time, shrink the body, and the wings could support the body. But unfortunately, neither did the wings grow nor the swollen body reduce. The butterfly just crawled around…

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sparkle stars

Ruby was on her way to visit her Grandmother with her mum and baby brother. Ruby’s mum felt unwell and called Ruby to tell her that something wasn’t right. She then fell to the floor having a seizure. Ruby’s mum lost feeling from the waist up; as a result, and she let go of the baby’s pushchair, which rolled towards rush-hour traffic. Ruby ran back and managed to catch the pram before it fell into the busy road. She brought her baby brother back to her mother and then continued to reassure her. Finally, Ruby took her mum’s phone and called her Grandmother, all the while continuing to reassure her mum that everything was okay. Whilst all of this was going not one of the many people passing stopped to help, but eventually,…

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life is simple - tips

What to Do in a Fire Dear Friends, Fire drills are a big part of being safe in school: They prepare you for what you need to do in case of a fire. But what if there was a fire where you live? Would you know what to do? Talking about fires can be scary because no one likes to think about people getting hurt or their things getting burned. But you can feel less worried if you are prepared. DID YOU KNOW? If your clothes catch fire, don’t run! Instead, stop, drop to the ground, cover your face with your hands, and roll. This will cut off the air and put out the flames. An easy way to remember this is: Stop, Drop, and Roll! Home Fire Drills Having a fire drill at home gives everyone…

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the amazing creatures!

Giant Panda COMMON NAME: Giant Panda SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ailuropoda melanoleuca TYPE: Mammals DIET: Omniuore SIZE: 4 to 5 feet AVERAGE LIFE SPAN IN THE WILD: 20 years A giant panda is a black and white bear. That’s right the giant panda really is a bear and is classified in the bear family Ursidae. It’s easy to recognize by its black and white patches. The panda’s eyes, ears, legs, and shoulders are all black, and the rest of its body is white. Giant pandas live in the mountains in Central China. They like dense temperate forests with lots of bamboos. Right now, scientists think that around 2000 pandas live in the wild in China. Most of the pandas that live in captivity live in China. There are roughly 27 giant pandas that live in captivity outside China. Giant pandas are…