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hello friends

O hushed October morning mild,Thy leaves have ripened to the fall;Tomorrow’s wind, if it be wild,Should waste them all.The crows above the forest call;Tomorrow they may form and go.O hushed October morning mild,Begin the hours of this day slow, Make the day seem to us less brief.Hearts not averse to being beguiled,Beguile us in the way you know;Release one leaf at break of day; At noon release another leaf;One from our trees, one far away;Retard the sun with gentle mist;Enchant the land with amethyst. Keep reading, keep smiling. With lots of hugs & kisses, Bobo & Robo…

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two frogs with the same problem

Once, a group of frogs was roaming around the forest in search of water. Suddenly, two frogs in the group accidentally fell into a deep pit. The other frogs worried about their friends in the pit. Seeing how deep the pit was, they told the two frogs that there was no way they could escape the deep pit and that there was no point in trying. They continued to constantly discourage them as the two frogs tried to jump out of the pit. But keep falling back. Soon, one of the two frogs started to believe the other frogs — that they’ll never be able to escape the pit and eventually died after giving up. The other frog keeps trying and eventually jumps so high that he escapes the pit. The other frogs were shocked…

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sparkle stars

On December 31, 1998, six-year-old Nick Vézina saved his twenty-month-old brother from their burning house on the family farm in St-Félicien, Quebec. Nick was playing with his brother in the house while his parents were busy milking the cows. When he smelled smoke coming from the basement, Nick brought his brother upstairs before calling 911. Despite his young age, he followed the operator’s instructions. Guided only by his courage, Nick crawled about thirty metres through the thick smoke with his brother on his back, making it down the stairs and then to safety.…

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rhymey timey

Hello sir, how are you doing?What is in your mouth that you’re chewing,I asked you something, and you aren’t answering meThat’s very rude, you see. Hello, mr. I’m really fine,I chewing chewing-gum that tastes like slime!I am answering you, but you didn’t finish,And you seemed un clearest. I’m sorry for have scolded you,I give you my apology.Let’s go to my house too,Have a cup of tea! I’m sorry but I can’t come,I have a lot of work to do,At home, I have a lot of clothes,Some to wash and some to sew!…

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life is simple – tips

How to Handle an Emergency A medical emergency means someone needs care from a doctor right away. Let’s find out what to do if one happens. Calling for help is the most important thing a kid can do in an emergency. DID YOU KNOW? Even though you’re a kid, you can make a big difference by doing the right thing. If you make an emergency phone call, here’s what to do. • Take a deep breath to calm down a little. • Call 911 (or your national emergency number) • Tell the operator there’s an emergency. • Say your name and where you are (the exact address if you know it). • Explain what happened and how many people are hurt. (The operator will need all the information you can provide, so give as many details as you can.) • Follow…

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the amazing creatures!

LionFish COMMON NAME: Red Lionfish SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pterois volitans TYPE: Fish DIET: Carnivore AVERAGE LIFE SPAN IN THE WILD: Up to 15 years SIZE: 11.8 to 15 inches WEIGHT: Up to 2.6 pounds The Lionfish is a beautiful and interesting looking fish with long spines, flashy fins, and bright stripes. However, in nature sometimes bright and beautiful mean “dangerous” and that is the case with the lionfish. Its bright colours advertise its venomous spines. The scientific name for the lionfish is Pterois. There are fifteen different species in the Pterois Genus of fish. Lionfish are found in the South Pacific Ocean. They like to live in coral reefs, rocky areas, and lagoons. Amazing Fact! Some nicknames for lionfish include scorpion fish, turkey fish, and dragon fish. How venomous is it? The spines of the lionfish have stingers that are used for defence against…