Stylist May 5, 2021

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“we need to learn how to get dressed again”

Spending 100% of my social time outdoors this week has thrown out a challenge I wasn’t expecting: there is simply no good way to dress for this new social world, nor the alpine-like weather we seem to be having. In the past week alone, I have sunburnt my forehead and managed to get sunglasses tan marks, been so cold I had to borrow several garments of clothing from my friends to get through a garden birthday night out, had my hand welded to my wine glass by a bitterly cold wind, been so hot I went paddling in a stream while wearing a heavy knit and – perhaps the most foolish of them all – worn a dry-clean-only coat to sit around a very smoky fire pit. I am sartorially…

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ellen evans, tv editor

A one-day diary from morning latte to lights out Ellen Evans is the first female editor of children’s TV show Blue Peter since 1988. She lives in Manchester with her two sons My alarm goes off… At 7am, but I’m woken up by my two children, who are 9 and 11, coming into my room to give me a hug just before my alarm, which is nice. I then get up and ready for the day pretty quickly; breakfast is usually a latte and a croissant with ham. At 9am, I take my children to school and do a quick 10-minute walk around my neighbourhood to get back home in time to start work. I’m responsible for… The overall editorial vision of Blue Peter, as editor of the show. This includes overseeing the research of…

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“fashion, why won’t you love me back?”

words: billie bhatia We are in the midst of the big return to retail. Shops manoeuvring mannequins to look their glistening best, remerchandising windows to tempt willing shoppers in with a refreshed new look, and serving us a much-needed hit of sartorial serotonin with shopping bags sealed with a perfectly tied bow. I didn’t need tempting, the newly styled mannequins, not even the bow (although Dior’s raffia version went straight in my hair), I was ready to run back to the shops arms wide open shouting, “I missed youuuuu.” I don’t know whether it was our time apart, or 12 April optimism coursing through me, but I had convinced myself that the shops would have missed me too. Maybe just maybe, they would have thought about me. Reconsidered their offering and…

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refocus your mind at our mental health awareness week event

stylist advertorial Introducing the Strong Minds Summit: a digital event taking place on 11 May that will empower you to improve your mental wellbeing by immersing yourself in the natural world and nurturing your physical self in partnership with fitbit Mental Health Awareness Week has grown to be one of the biggest awareness weeks across the UK, and this year Stylist’s Strong Women is getting involved once more to connect with our audience. The theme for Mental Health Awareness Week this year is Nature – something everyone has made a powerful reconnection with over the last year, and something that is vital for the nourishment of our physical and mental health. On 11 May, we will be joined by a team of expert wellness practitioners who will deliver sessions on how to reap…

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“i’m not going to lie, i was overwhelmed”

Feature Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the wee donkey, it’s Shalom Brune-Franklin: the true star of Line Of Duty. Here, she gives Stylist the inside story on that finale (spoiler alert!) WORDS: Helen bownassphotography: MATT HOLYOAK While everyone around her was getting involved in suspicious shoot-outs, inadvisable affairs, painkiller addiction, reg 15s and the threat of retirement, there was one member of AC-12 who kept a level head, worked quietly and diligently, and ultimately solved the whole series of Line Of Duty: DC Chloe Bishop. The anti-corruption unit’s newest recruit joined DI Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) and Superintendent Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) when DI Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) left to work on Jo Davidson’s (this season’s wonderful guest star Kelly Macdonald) team. But she also turned out to be its most valuable commodity. She…

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“why psychedelic meditation is my new friday night”

Feature We used to want to be ‘in the moment’ – now, after living through a pandemic, we want to escape it. Stylist investigates the next-level wellness trend Words: Hannah keegan The room is dark. My head is resting against a pillow, a blanket pulled up to my chest. My arm is outstretched in front of me, phone in hand, and my eyes are closed, though I can still see the screen pulsing manically through my eyelids. Then, I am bathed in a white light. There are shooting stars. Ripples of colour. Trance-like music. The feeling is akin to being high: disorientating and dazzling. There are also questions, direct and probing. “When was the last time you felt a feeling of contentment or happiness?” asks a slow, calming voice. I’m supposed to picture…