Stylist May 12, 2021

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“deciding whether to have a baby or not is never simple”

There are some things in life that you feel like you need to have a strong opinion on: political parties, football teams, whether you put the cream on before or after the jam on a scone. It goes without saying, deciding whether to start a family or not is pretty near the top of that list. For most of us it’s the biggest decision we’ll ever make. We are brought up to believe that, one day, a lightning bolt will strike and we will just know that we want to have a baby – or indeed that we won’t – and the rest of our lives will fall into line, but I have yet to meet a woman to whom this has happened. For me it was more of a…

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josephine philips, app founder

A one-day diary from morning latte to lights out Josephine, 23, is the founder of fashion tailoring app, Sojo. She lives in west London with her sister and friend My alarm goes off… At 6am. I’m pretty good at not hitting snooze. The first thing I do is move to the living room, where I’ll check my emails on my laptop in my pyjamas. At around 8am, I’ll eat breakfast with my sister and flatmate at the kitchen table, usually Weetabix with oat milk. I’m responsible for… The success of Sojo, the UK’s first and only clothing alterations and repair app. This includes everything from liaising with seamsters to coming up with business and marketing strategies to sourcing future investment for when we want to expand our reach. While millennials and Gen Z are really…

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“vaccination guilt is real”

words: billie bhatia In the same week as getting my second Covid vaccination, I overheard my dad make frantic phone calls to relatives in India. While my mind raced to the places I could holiday with a double dose of Pfizer coursing through my body, my extended family members didn’t have enough oxygen to breathe. As the number of daily Covid deaths in the UK dropped to below double digits, with some regions reporting no deaths over the past couple of weeks, celebrations of hope and freedom have become increasingly more visible on the horizon. However, the Covid crisis in India is so desperately hideous that it is impossible to grapple with: the country has recorded more than 20 million Covid cases, on 30 April it was reported there were 400,000…

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refocus your mind at our mental health awareness week event

stylist advertorial Introducing the Strong Minds Summit: a digital event taking place on 11 May that will empower you to improve your mental wellbeing by immersing yourself in the natural world and nurturing your physical self in partnership with fitbit Mental Health Awareness Week has grown to be one of the biggest awareness weeks across the UK, and this year Stylist’s Strong Women is getting involved once more to connect with our audience. The theme for Mental Health Awareness Week this year is Nature – something everyone has made a powerful reconnection with over the last year, and something that is vital for the nourishment of our physical and mental health. On 11 May, we will be joined by a team of expert wellness practitioners who will deliver sessions on how to reap…

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maybe, baby: the rise of motherhood ambivalence

feature If it were all down to choice, is deciding to have a baby always a simple yes or no? Of course not, argues Amelia Tait, as she explores the growing honesty around motherhood ambivalence Everything changed when my fiancé caught the flu. For a couple of days, my schedule transformed – wrapped itself around him like sweaty bedsheets – as I brought him food, drink, medicine, wet flannels, anything and everything he needed until he felt better. He was so grateful. It was the gratitude, actually, that did it. As he thanked me profusely for everything I had done, I was hit by a sudden realisation: I don’t want kids. My logic went a bit like this: having a child, I reasoned, would be like those two days on repeat; constantly…

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gran designs: how your nan’s interiors got cool

interiors Clashing florals, gaudy wallpaper and vintage china – Stylist explores 2021’s most nostalgic homeware trend words: kiran meeda It began in January. I was browsing @dominomag – my go-to Instagram account for all things homeware, along with their 1.3 million other devoted followers – when I spotted it: white, pink and green floral wallpaper pasted on the ceiling of a bathroom, bright enough to make your eyes hurt. An uncharacteristic splash of chintz amidst the marble kitchens and Scandi minimalism that otherwise filled my feed. I began to wonder how I, too, could bring some gaudy florals into my life. A feature wall? Some cushions? Bedding, maybe? More to the point, why was I suddenly into interiors once found only in the cosy time warp of my grandma’s house? You’ll have seen…