Stylist June 9, 2021

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“we’ve found a foodie kindred spirit”

Food is one of our favourite topics at Stylist HQ. In the days before working from home we would spend more hours than is appropriate in an office discussing our lunch and dinner plans. Recipes would ping from phone to phone, elaborate leftovers would appear for lunch (Gemma, the editor of Stylist Loves, once famously brought in a homemade pie with the pastry topper packaged separately to maintain its crunch), enthusiastic restaurant recommendations would see us all heading out to the same place for dinner and we would crowd around the jars and packages that were sent in, samples of all sorts of weird and wonderful (and delicious) foods, with an enthusiasm usually reserved for lottery winners. One of our digital writers once nipped out to buy bags of chips…

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your summer reading list sorted

stylist advertorial Don’t miss the Stylist Literary Festival this month for must-watch events with all your favourite authors including Lisa Taddeo, Matt Haig, Taylor Jenkins Reid and many more Great books were the constant that kept us sane in lockdown, and for the whole of June, we’re celebrating the most hyped book releases of 2021 at the Stylist Literary Festival. From legendary DJ Annie Mac, bestselling author Matt Haig and Three Women’s Lisa Taddeo, we’ve got 40 amazing authors talking through everything from modern love to the tangled history of racism. So come and listen, learn, and find out what you need to be reading next. Your book club will be jealous! We’re offering a £20 festival pass that will get you access to all 20 author events – the perfect present…

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jordan mitchell, chief culture officer

A one-day diary from morning latte to lights out Jordan, 35, is the co-founder and chief culture officer at PR company Good Culture. She lives in Kent with her husband and three children My alarm goes off… At 6am. I’m up quickly so I can get my three kids ready for school and have time to do a 30-minute online Frame workout after they’ve left. Once I’m showered, I grab some breakfast, usually Weetabix with milk, and head to my eldest daughter’s empty room – now my makeshift office – to start my working day. I’m responsible for… The overall management of the public relations company I co-founded, Good Culture. We represent brands and individuals (or talent, as we call them in the business) such as make-up artist Lisa Eldridge, fashion brand Skims and presenter…

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“i’ve lost my ability to flirt”

words: billie bhatia Ranking right up there with penne arrabbiata and playing catch, flirting is one of my very favourite things. Young Billie (you would have liked her, she was lol) excelled at it. There were few things that I did actually excel at (certainly not law school), but an ability to raise a smile to just the right level of coy, or employ a playful retort to a sexy French waiter, pas de problème. Before you boost me to Casanova status (if only), the main benefactor of my flirting wasn’t my sex life, but my personal entertainment. Talking to people of the opposite sex – despite regularly being the least attractive member of the friendship group – was easy for me and, more importantly, it was enjoyable. A lash flutter…

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“i think about dinner when i’m eating breakfast”

feature Singer and podcast host Jessie Ware sits down for lunch with Stylist to talk food memories, heartbreak and the joy of being greedy Words: helen bownassphotography: Jack Grange “Do you mind if we order quite quickly? I’m starving!” Mercury-nominated musician and podcast host Jessie Ware is exactly the type of person I want to go out for lunch and/or dinner with: speedy; open-minded – “I will eat pretty much everything even if it’s got a bad memory associated with it. I'll give it another go”; amusing – when I tell her one of the last people I interviewed face-to-face was Normal People star Paul Mescal, she says, “I nearly bought an Argos silver chain for my husband. He was like, ‘Babe, you need to chill out’”; fuss-free – “Oh I’ve got rice…

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can craftivism save the world?

feature Making a difference has taken on new meaning. Needle and thread in hand, Nell Frizzell explores the world of gentle protest Sitting on the floor of my kitchen, cutting out letters from scraps of fabric picked up in Ridley Road Market in East London and my mother’s airing cupboard, I wonder: has anyone ever saved the world through sewing? Craftivism is defined as a creative practice that engages with political or social causes. It’s knitting, embroidery, upcycling, weaving, stitching, crochet and myriad other forms of work made by hand, all done with the intention of making the world better. An age-old form of change-making, it has come to the fore this past year as tumultuous world events have collided with a rise in hobbies that busy our hands, take us away from…