Stylist June 30, 2021

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“let’s make the most of the highs when we can get them”

I don’t think I’ve ever been affected by the weather as much as I have been this year. I have become a human barometer – my mood directly influenced by the change in air pressure. As the humidity rises, my hair grows and my smile sinks... but swing back to sunshine and it’s like Tigger has come to stay. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always felt the mood-shifting effects of our British seasonality, and it’s not gone unnoticed that I’ve always had cat-like skills for spotting a shaft of sunlight and manoeuvring into it so I can bask in its heat. But I hadn’t realised until this year that I’m really as basic as a plant, although admittedly one in reverse. This ‘summer’ (if you can call it that) has…

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dr anne-marie imafidon, stem pioneer

A ONE-DAY DIARY FROM FLAT WHITE TO LIGHTS OUT Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon, 31, is the co-founder and CEO of Stemettes, a group that supports young women and non-binary people in Stem careers. She lives in east London with her partner My alarm goes off… At 7am. I go for a quick 30-minute run around my area first thing. Once I’m back, I’ll shower and check my email to see if anything urgent has cropped up overnight. Part of the work I do involves lots of speaking, so if I have to make a keynote speech over Zoom that day, I’ll put on some make-up and a nice top. Then, I head to my shed-turned-office at the end of my garden to start work. I’m responsible for… Running Stemettes, a social enterprise that supports young women…

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“i’m learning how to say no”

words: billie bhatia A ‘yes’ woman to my very core, my infamously easy-as-rubber-to-twist arm has been a constant companion for 30 years. If my diary wasn’t full, what was the point of even having one? As we raced out of the Covid blocks, double-jabbed (to a false start, as it turns out), I was thrilled to be adding events back into my calendar. People! Places! Meals I don’t have to cook or clean up after! I was saying yes to fun quicker than I was signing up to my second vaccine. I sped from 0mph back to a hectic 100mph, as if the out-of-training blip in the middle of lockdown had never happened. And as predicted, it was so much fun. I knew I had missed life outside of the four…

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try our new 15-minute mobility workouts at the strong women training club

STYLIST ADVERTORIAL Whether you run or strength train, what you do on your rest days is important. Rather than increasing stiffness by staying static, start your 14-day free trial at the Strong Women Training Club and discover our new series of 15-minute mobility workouts. Suitable for all abilities, these sessions focus on flexibility, reduce future risk of injuries and help towards improving strength training PBs. As well as video workouts, a membership to the club is complete with training plans, exclusive offers, how-to-videos and premium fitness content all made by women, for women. Visit for more information or to sign up today…

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“you have to keep protecting yourself”

aisling bea As the second series of This Way Up hits our screen, it’s creator and star Aisling Bea talks sibling relationships, maintaining boundaries and the value of mini-friendships Words: Helen Bownassphotography: BILLIE SCHEEPERSfashion: polly knight “If series one was trying to make a comedy about loneliness, then series two is about communication and when we miss each other. How you can miss words trying to say the same thing and get each other wrong, whether it’s phones or Zooms or anything.” Aisling Bea is describing series two of her tender-hearted and witty comedy This Way Up. But she could just as easily be talking about the past 15 months of life on planet Earth. (Somewhat ironically, despite the fact we’re shooting her, I’m chatting to her over Zoom as the NHS app…

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the podcasting agony aunts you need to know about

feature The Receipts Podcast helps women navigate the peaks and troughs of life with wit, candour and a dose of tough love. Stylist’s Meena Alexander joins them with some questions of her own Walking into a room with the women of The Receipts Podcast, I experience a moment of cognitive dissonance. Their voices, their catchphrases, even their laughs are intensely familiar. When they make in-jokes, I laugh along as if I’m part the group. I know it’s weird – these women have never even met me before – but I feel like I’ve known them for years. In a way, I have. I call this The Receipts Effect: a sense of sisterhood formed through five years of listening to these three vibrant women share their thoughts, opinions and life experiences week in,…