Stylist November 17, 2021

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“being a dog parent has    become an identity”

The first few weeks of life with my puppy were a lot like the first weeks after bringing my first baby home: sleepless nights (including one lying on the floor by her so she wouldn’t cry), a pile of self-help ‘how the hell do I do this?’ books, an obscene number of 3am Amazon orders of gadgets that promised to help her sleep/toilet train/stop chewing things, while photo spamming every social-media platform and person I know with news of our ‘new arrival’. Hell, I even carried her around in a puppy sling and sang her songs... I had inadvertently brought a cockapoo-shaped baby into our home, one that I soon discovered was happy being wheeled around in a toy pram by a two-year-old, too. Humans have long anthropomorphised animals –…

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shannon tebay, head bartender at the savoy’s american bar

A ONE-DAY DIARY FROM FLAT WHITE TO LIGHTS OUT Shannon Tebay, 35, is the first American head bartender at the American Bar, and The Savoy’s senior mixologist. She lives with her husband in central London My alarm goes off… At 7.30am. The nature of bartending means I often work late, so I always make a coffee to help myself feel ready for the day. As I sip it, I’ll go through all the emails that have accumulated overnight. Working in a hotel means we’re on a 24-hour cycle, so I like to get ahead and work out what I’ll need to prioritise when I get to my desk. I usually skip breakfast during the week, so I’ll dress, shower and be on the Tube by 9am. I’m responsible for… All of the ‘creative content’ for…

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elevated luxury in a devon forest

into the woods With everything from your own private hot tub to a fully stocked gin bar, Yggdrasil Treehouse in Morebath is the extraordinary escape you’re looking for words: shannon peter There’s something about Yggdrasil Treehouse that makes you feel like you’re walking onto the set of The Lord Of The Rings. I should note: I’ve never actually watched the films or read the books, but with the cute wooden gate, the impressive fences handmade from piled logs, the balcony railings built from salvaged branches from the woods below and the metres of fairy lights twinkling around the grounds, it’s all very mystical and magical. But then again, I guess that’s exactly what you’d hope for from a stay in an actual treehouse. Once you climb the wooden staircase, pull back the bi-fold…

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“unshackle yourself from cuffing season”

words: billie bhatia You can feel it in the air – no, not the autumnal chill blowing in from the north – but the single-person-panic-partnering as we enter the winter months. Cuffing season has arrived. At this time of year, ordinarily contented single people suddenly hook up with someone they have lukewarm feelings towards (and probably would never have given a second look during hot girl summer) so they can down warming reds and roast dinners and Netflix and chill their way through the colder months, until the sun sets them free again in spring. Cuffing season is an internet sensation birthed over 10 years ago by millennial bible Urban Dictionary. The phrase had a glow up in 2017 when it was shortlisted by Collins Dictionary for word of the year,…

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join our new barre x strength workout series with the strong women training club

STYLIST ADVERTORIAL We’re thrilled to announce the new Strong Women partnership with the UK’s leading barre workout group, Barrecore. Join us for a series of unique strength-infused barre workout classes hosted at Barrecore’s Chelsea and Mayfair studios, led by their head trainer, Emily King. Even better, we’re offering our members an amazing 20% off these studio classes. To book a session for £20 instead of £28, simply sign up to the Strong Women Training Club and check out our latest offers. Or if you’d rather work out from home, Emily will also be leading a series of live-streamed classes at the training club. Join her every Wednesday morning at 8am throughout October and November to start your day in the most energised way possible. To take part in the live-streamed classes or get…

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the rise of the puppy parents

yappy families There’s been a post-pandemic pet-baby boom as more and more of us are doting on our new furry families. Christobel Hastings investigates the ‘fur baby’ phenomenon It’s an ordinary Wednesday night and I’m scrolling through Instagram, looking at photos of a glossy-haired Cavalier King Charles spaniel. There are shots of it swaddled in blankets, and again being pushed on a swing. It poses with a pink-frosted birthday cake – presumably its own – and frolics in a paddling pool. The picture that holds my attention the most, however, is one of the dog rolling through the park in a pushchair like an actual baby. It’s captioned ‘They see me strolling’ and it’s seriously adorable. The star in question is Coco, aka @littlemisscoco_thecav, a pup with an enviable wardrobe and thousands…