Stylist September 1, 2021

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“we all need to learn to have more grace”

Resilience. Grace. Graciousness. Over the past two weeks I have had several conversations where these words have been used to describe someone new to me, and each time I have found myself longing to be more of all of them. It struck me that these words are completely different to the descriptors we so often use when talking about our role models or loved ones; ‘inspirational’ and ‘empowering’ having dominated so many of our conversations over the past few years. Yet even these words of positivity have an implication of pressure – to inspire or empower suggests a leaning to greatness. And who wants that when they’re lying on their sofa eating Monster Munch while binge-watching The White Lotus? Grace, resilience and graciousness are words that describe how we choose…

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kai kaimins, florist

A ONE-DAY DIARY FROM FLAT WHITE TO LIGHTS OUT Kai, 25, is the owner of florist My Lady Garden in Dalston. She lives in northeast London My alarm goes off… At 6.30am. I get up straight away to make myself an oat milk latte and then check my phone. My parents live in Australia and will text me overnight, so I’ll reply to them and then I’ll scroll through my Instagram feed for a few minutes. Working with flowers is quite a messy job, so I’ll tend to get dressed in something comfortable and practical, like an oversized dad shirt, crop top and jeans and walk 10 minutes to the studio. I’m responsible for… Having final sign off on everything from floral arrangements to managing my team of two. As the head florist and owner…

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“i’m more invested in celebrity relationships than my own”

words: billie bhatia This summer I have fallen in love. Not with a tall, slightly nerdy cowboy as planned (if you’re reading this and you fit the bill, my DMs are open), but with a series of unexpected celebrity couples that have left me more invested in their relationships than my own. It started with Kourtney and Travis, or #Kravis. As individuals, I couldn’t care less about them – I have never been a Kardashian fan and the last time I listened to All The Small Things (Travis Barker, for those not in the know, is Blink-182’s drummer), I was 12 at a school disco. When Kourtney, the oldest Kardashian sister, Instagrammed a video of herself tattooing the phrase ‘I love you’ on to Travis’s inner forearm back in May, my…

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“i’ve had to fight tooth and nail to be the woman i am today”

munroe bergdorf Stylist speaks to Munroe Bergdorf about turning trauma into triumph words: Meena Alexanderphotography: Sam Neill I didn’t expect to feel lighter after spending time with Munroe Bergdorf. Though I knew from seeing her speak on TV and reading her words in magazines that she was sharp and witty, I also knew her roles as a model, influencer and activist in the public eye over the past five years have seen her face a torrent of darkness and vitriol that would leave many of us defeated. Not to mention the fact that, like all of us, she’s lived through the trauma of a global pandemic and got the weight of an increasingly chaotic world on her shoulders. But Bergdorf is a person who finds the light. That’s not to say she’s all…

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the musical revolution

feature All-singing, all-dancing musicals are here to save cinema – and your autumn viewing words: helen bownass As the entertainment director of Stylist, I pride myself on my up-to date Spotify playlists that include everything from Dave to Arlo Parks and Phoebe Bridgers. But over the past 18 months, the thing that has brought me the most musical comfort while working from home – dreaming of arguments over whose turn it is to refill the office printer or who left their unwashed porridge bowl in the sink – has been my weekly ritual of listening to Elaine Paige On Sunday on BBC Radio 2. For those not in the know, it’s a two-hour celebration of songs from musicals, hosted by the musical theatre legend herself. It’s a little bit cheesy, slightly old-fashioned and…