Stylist September 15, 2021

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“is marriage still relevant in 2021?”

When I was growing up, I never thought I’d get married. I cherished my independence and autonomy, I couldn’t really understand why a legally binding contract would improve a relationship, and I balked at so many of the outdated sexist traditions that were still part and parcel of many ceremonies and traditions today. But 12 years ago (to the month, in fact), I turned my back on those doubts and tied the knot. I don’t know if I was swept along by the friends who had all married before me, or just by the process of falling in love, but suddenly part of me wanted that commitment, that extra connection to create something more. I shunned a traditional big do for a party in a pub, but I did wear…

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kazvare knox, illustrator

A ONE-DAY DIARY FROM FLAT WHITE TO LIGHTS OUT Kazvare, 35, is a writer, illustrator and the owner of stationery, homeware and accessories brand Kazvare Made It. She lives in south London with her husband and two daughters My alarm goes off… At 6am, when my two young daughters will come into my room. Once I’ve got them ready, I’ll spend 10 minutes or so reading a chapter from the Bible which puts me in a peaceful mood for the day. I’ll shower, make a redbush tea and eat some toast with peanut butter, then head to my living room table which I’m currently using as my WFH desk. I’m responsible for… Everything to do with my homeware, greeting cards and accessories business, Kazvare Made It, from the designs themselves to managing the production and…

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“sarah harding’s death was a painful moment of clarity for us all”

words: Meena Alexander (billie bhatia is away) It was a particularly blunt obituary about Sarah Harding that made the tears spill over and my heart leap into my throat last week. All business, it matter-of-factly set out her material successes, high-profile relationships and, inscrutably, her Instagram follower count. A list of the things she did, rather than who she was. A whole life, ripe with potential, flattened into a few hundred words. As a journalist, on some level I understood it was serving a purpose. As a person, it made me deeply sad. It goes without saying that any death, particularly of one so young, is tragic, and when you’ve touched as many lives as Sarah Harding did, an outpouring of sorrow is only natural. She was a force, a pop…

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the marriage divide

marriage Like so many areas of our lives, marriage is in a moment of unprecedented flux. Stylist explores what the institution means to women today words: hannah Keegan When Catherine Marr, 26, got engaged last September, there was more to consider than getting giddily swept up in wedding plans. “I’d always dreamt of getting married in Italy, but when was I going to be able to fly all my friends and family out there in a pandemic?” she says. “Needless to say, there are no plans for it to happen any time soon.” Dashed hopes have been a repeated motif in the world of matrimony this past year and a half – weddings postponed time and again as couples weigh up ever-changing restrictions versus a wish to get married life underway. “You have…

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“to me, buying a house and having a baby together is commitment enough – why get married?”

MARRIAGE For Lucy*, 38, culture and tradition aren’t good enough reasons to tie the knot I wasn’t always anti-marriage. In my 20s, I presumed that one day I’d do it, but as time went on it started to feel less and less relevant to my life, despite being in a long-term relationship and watching my friends and family get married around me. On their big days, I would feel genuinely thrilled for them, but also reminded of how it didn’t mean anything to me: walking down the aisle, the merging of names, the rings. Growing up, my parents didn’t have a marriage I aspired to, which I think probably contributes to my point of view. They’ve been husband and wife for 50 years, a feat thought of as ‘marriage goals’ by most,…